Wednesday, February 23, 2011

COOL FEATURE #3: cropping and rotating (more impressive than you think!)

I LOVE this feature in Heritage Makers!!  It is fantastic!

Last time I showed you what "Tools" (in the "Tool Box") does if you're working with text.  "Tools" does something else entirely if you're working with pictures or creative elements (like a bow or flower, etc.).

Now I've dragged a picture onto my project.  I've clicked on it, so it has a green border around it.  (A green border means it will print at highest quality--if I enlarge that picture enough, the green will change to yellow and eventually red which means I've lost quality.  Only print with green borders.  Yellow only if you are desperate.  Never red.)

Now that my picture has been clicked on, I don't have font and color and size options under "Tools"--I have a crop button instead.  If I click that "crop" button, here's what happens:

I get a blue rectangle.  I can drag that rectangle anywhere in the picture, and I can change the size of it, too.  Then click the "done" button there at the left.  And here's what I get (after resizing the blue rectangle like I want to):

I can enlarge this more, drag it around to anywhere I want it on my page, etc.  BUT!  This is the cool part!  What if I remember, "Wait!  The heirloom gift from Grandma was in the background of this picture!  I should include it!  But I've already cropped it out!"  Heritage Makers has you covered.  All you have to do is click that button at the left (here above)  that says "adjust..."

And you get your whole picture back!!!!!!!!!  (Try doing that with a photograph and scissors!)  The place where I'd cropped it before is shaded red/pink, as you can see, but I can just readjust that blue cropping box however I'd like!  Amazing, huh?!

To rotate the picture, I simply move my cursor over that blue circle above the picture:

Can you see that my cursor has become a two-way curved arrow?  Here it is closer:
You can just rotate it now with your mouse.

One last thing about cropping a creative element.  It's the same as a picture.  Let's say I found this cute element to use on my card, but I don't want to use the whole thing.  First I select it (I click on it) so it's green, and so the "Tools" tab will bring up the crop button.

After clicking "crop," I get a blue rectangle which I can resize to the area I want to crop.  See how it's blue (below) only around the "I [heart] U"?  When I'm ready, I'll click "done."

Just drag it around until it's where I want it to be.

And those are the Cool Features of "crop," all the while keeping your original picture (or original creative element) if you ever need it back!

Stay tuned for Cool Feature #4...