Friday, October 18, 2013

clever Christmas card/letter idea!

I know, it's SO early!!  I saw this idea on Pinterest a few months back and thought what a clever Christmas "card" it would make!  So I created this Annual Report as my Christmas card this year!  And it's only October, I know, but it was pretty easy and fun.  So, yes, I'm done with my Christmas cards... with plenty of time to order them from Heritage Makers.

These are done with Heritage Makers flyers.  A pack of 30 flyers is 20 publishing points (so $13.33-$15.00, depending on the discount you choose).  That's obviously less than 50 cents per "card."  I love how fun this is!
This is actually in the Template Gallery, which means you can put this very item into your account and then personalize it and change it around any way you like.  If you don't already have a (free) Heritage Makers account, go to to set one up--just click "login" at the upper right.  You can find this flyer in the Template Gallery by typing 114391 in the search box (that's the project number). 

How fun, right?!

UPDATE:  Here's a video tutorial I made showing how to make impressive Christmas cards or letters that are different from all the usual ones you see floating around.  Enjoy!