Thursday, April 30, 2015

scrapbooking FOR you

I've made scrapbooks-for-hire for several years now, but in February I added a new option I call Personal Photo Manager.  I introduced that program {here}.  It's a more simplified idea than the Custom Books I've made for people in the past.  I still do custom work, of course, but today I wanted to explain the Personal Photo Manager program in a little more detail.

 The five steps below (under "here's how it works") explain how it works.

A few things to know:
  • Your photo book will be printed on Heritage Makers' quarter-of-a-million-dollar printing press and shipped directly to you!  (That means I can do this for you no matter where you live, no matter where I live.  Woo-hoo for technology!)  
  • You can check the progress of the book as I'm putting it together, right there in your own private Heritage Makers account.  You can make any suggestions you want on how I'm doing things, you can add your own text, etc.  It's really simple. 
  • If you'd prefer e-mailing me your photos and having me upload them to your Heritage Makers account, we can do it that way.  The idea is to give me one month's worth of photos at a time, whether you upload them or I do.
  • If you'd prefer stand-alone individual scrap pages instead of a hardbound book, Heritage Makers makes those, too!  I can transfer these book pages to individual scrapbook pages in either 12x12 size or 8.5x11.  Heritage Makers scrap pages are nice and thick (similar in weight/thickness to cardstock).  They are more expensive so if you choose this option I would need to charge $20/month instead of $15/month.   

Today I'd like to show you the six book options available to you.  Remember, these are hardbound, acid-free, library-bound (with a metal stitching) books--the highest quality on the market.  They are, like all Heritage Makers products, included in the Heirloom Assurance program--if anything happens to them (dropped in a swimming pool, burned in a fire, etc.), you can get a replacement copy at half price.  The books are saved in your account forever (as long as you don't delete them).

The books I'm offering in this Personal Photo Manager program are FAMILY YEARBOOKS, and they're arranged by month.  I love them because the organization really helps you sort your photos easily.   I'm including screen shots of the front covers, but be sure to click each link below to see a page-by-page preview of each of the books.  You can use the scroll bar at the bottom to scroll all the way through.  Click a page (thumbnail) to see it larger in the main section.

Here are the three 12x12 book options: 

12x12 Option A

12x12 Option B

12x12 Option C

If you decide to do these year after year, I can do the same style each year, or change out some of the art to make it fresh.  This is for return customers only.  :)  Otherwise, you might prefer the Custom Book creating I do.  It's $25/hour, and you can have me do as much or as little on your book as you want (you can do part, or use a template from our fabulous Template Gallery to save me time, etc.)

If you'd prefer the 11.5x8.5 style book, here are the options. 

11.5x8.5 Option A  (You might notice I used a photo from a book above as a placeholder on the front cover, but the inside design is totally different.)

11.5x8.5 Option B  (This book is the same style/design as the 12x12 Option B, but I redesigned it a little, adjusting for this size/orientation.)

11.5x8.5 Option C

So what does making a book using this Photo Manager Program look like?  How about an example!?  Let's say you want to make a family yearbook for 2010.  Today you contact me and let me know which book you want and send me a check for $15 (or if you want me to have them printed as scrap pages instead, $20).  You choose about 8-10 of your favorite photos from January 2010.  Either e-mail them to me, or upload them directly into your Heritage Makers account.  During this month, I will go into your Heritage Makers account and place those photos into your book.  (I'll have the password to your HM account, which you can change when I'm done with this project if you want.)  I'll contact you when I'm done with the photos, and you can go in any time to just type a little paragraph (as long or short as you want) telling the stories of your photos.  If you don't have that many photos for a given month, I can adjust the pages accordingly and resize things.  If you don't have much to say in your text, just give ages of the kids or location of the photos or any memory you have.  If you need more text, I can rearrange photos to fit.  Then the next month, we do the same thing with February's photos.  At the end of a year, you have a book!!  If you're trying to catch up on old photos, we can do two books at the same time!  ($15/month per book)   

Contact me and we'll get started!  Putting a family yearbook together is simple, especially if we work together!