Monday, May 9, 2016

individualized photo solutions and memory-keeping

Okay, memes are hilarious.  But this one also happens to be true!  I can help people find photo solutions and memory-keeping that works for them!

The key is in the product.  Heritage Makers just has a LOT of options.  I've been a Heritage Makers consultant almost as long as it's been around, so I have a lot of knowledge and experience.  Not only that, but I love the challenge of listening to a client and what they're looking for, then THINKING!  I love figuring out solutions.  Organization, classes, templates, and various products are some solutions I have.  Scrapbooking-for-Hire programs and video tutorials are others.

When you have a rockin' product AND a consultant working for you, you can't lose.  Believe me!

The initial consulting session is free, and I also give you an hour of my time to help you get going.

So let me help you get those photos and memories preserved!  Your family will thank you.  And since memory-keeping is actually therapeutic, you'll thank yourself as well!