Friday, May 13, 2016

personalized notepads and candy bar wraps for teacher thank-yous

I'm so excited about the teacher gifts I've made this year!!  Heritage Makers is such a fantastic resource for things like this!  Personal publishing just can't be beat.

This year I chose to make personalized notepads with matching candy bar wraps (from a scrap page).
I found a template for the candy bar wraps from our amazing Template Gallery.  (see it at by clicking "template gallery" at the upper right).  I changed the design some, but I liked using a template because I didn't have to measure or figure out the right size to cover a candy bar.  I also ordered the page in "lite" instead of our regular thicker scrap pages.  I figured it's a little cheaper and would fold more easily around the candy bar anyway.  (I used template 124408.)

I used a template for the notepads, too (it's template 128889 if you want to type that into the search field in the Template Gallery--I obviously changed it around to match the candy bar wraps).

I just cut the wraps out of the scrap page and taped them around a Hershey bar.  I had left space on the wrap for my daughter to write a personal message, which ends up on the back.  She wrote on them before I wrapped.

It's SO simple and yet so fancy-looking! 
I also changed the image at the top of each notepad to make them fit what the teacher teaches--a globe for the history teacher, books for the English teacher, etc.  Isn't this a fun gift?!?!

TOTAL COST:  Notepads come in a set of 4 for $19 (Gold price), so that's a $4.75 each. A lite scrap page is about $2.50, and I got 4 wraps from 1 page, so that's $0.63 each.  Including the candy bar, the total cost for this gift is a little over $6, but it's something the teacher will see, use, and remember for weeks and months to come.  Pretty great, huh?

Just one more reason Heritage Makers personal publishing is amazing!!

UPDATE:  Here's a video tutorial showing how to make the notepads!