Monday, May 16, 2016

SUPER FAST scrapbook pages

If you're one of those people who loves working with paper for your memory-keeping, you are going to love this super fast option!!

I've mentioned before that our Anthology line is for busy people.  Anthology products come in KITS.  That means much of the work is already done for you!

I recently tried out this layout kit called Happy Spring.  The layout kits are kits that make 2-page layouts.  This particular kit has lovely spring colors:

The scrap pages come in this kit.  When you open it, you get 8 two-page layouts, plus spaces to take notes when you plan out the pages.

Here are 4 of the two-page layouts in this kit.

Here are the other 4.  Each two-page layout comes in its own wrapping, complete with all the elements you need for that layout as well as a "recipe card" showing you an example of how to put everything together.  IT'S SO EASY!!!

So, listen!  I decided to time myself putting together these pages.  They really are a snap.  Everything is pre-measured and ready to go.  If you can punch things out of paper and use adhesive squares, you are good to go here.

Here are the pages ready for me to put together, including the elements for me to punch out and the recipe card down at the bottom.

This cute Dream two-page layout took me a total of 8 minutes and 14 seconds.  Just sayin'.

And I actually made this Family Times one while broadcasting on my Periscope channel so I forgot to actually time it, but I know it was similar.

This layout kit is on sale this month for $34!!  (You can purchase it at by clicking "products" then "Anthology" then "Spring Layout Kit".)  However, I priced it for you here at the regular price of $49:

$49 for 8 two-page layouts comes to $6.13 per two-page layout, or about $3 per page!  (And the cost is even less during May!!)   

Heritage Makers is all digital publishing, memory-keeping, and storybooking, but if you love the hands-on feel of paper and don't have much time, the Anthology line is your best friend!