Friday, June 3, 2016

TIP: finding a photo or digital art from a past project AND how to copy a page from one project to another ("import page")

THIS IS SUPER, DUPER COOL.  And I don't say that lightly.

Let's say that you are working on a book or scrap page or other Heritage Makers project.  You leave it for a few days and come back to work on it later.  When you come back, you can't remember the art collection (the matching background papers, embellishments, word art, and alphabet) you were using before.  WELL!!  You can find it in your "my projects" button at the bottom of the page in your editing window. 

Here's how (just the first minute):

Wanna know something even cooler about that "my projects" button??  You can actually move a page from one project to another.  It's called "import page."

So let's say you find this page in the Template Gallery.  It's a 12x12 scrap page, but you think it would make a great cover for your family yearbook.  Here's what you do.  First get this template into your account.
Then find it as shown above in the video using the "my templates" tab.  Then just import it from the scrap page to your family yearbook project.  You can resize as necessary, change the name or font or anything you want.  (I LOVE how you get exactly what you want with Heritage Makers!!)  This video shows you how to import a page, step by step--watch for about three minutes:

Both of these capabilities make Heritage Makers projects SO CONVENIENT and easy!!  It's personal publishing YOUR WAY!

If you don't already have a Heritage Makers account, open one at by clicking "sign up" at the upper right.  Accounts are free!  Then click the "Club HM" tab above to learn how to get the best prices.  (And even though it's called "club," it's free, too!)