Friday, July 8, 2016

Pocket Scrapbooking (or, easy peasy scrapbooking)

A little while ago, I told you about a GREAT solution for doing something with photos that are already printed that you don't want to scan.  It's called Pocket Scrapbooking, and {you can read all about it here}.

Well, I decided to try my hand at Pocket Scrapbooking by Anthology to see what it's like.  (You can do Pocket Scrapbooking with Our Memories For Life products, too, for Creative Memories fans, but since that's a special strap binding that I've never used before, I went for the 3-ring Anthology stuff.)

You can certainly use any album you want to with Pocket Scrapbooking, but I wanted to see the Anthology Albums.  (Plus, they were on sale!!)  Anthology Albums come in 4 or 5 colors and in the 12x12 size as well as a 6x8 size.

But what Pocket Scrapbooking is REALLY about is getting photos you've printed into albums fast.  The main ingredient is the Pocket Page Protectors.

You can use any kind of paper, but I chose to try out one of the Pocket Kits from Anthology.  This one is called Family Time.  The cards are pre-cut to fit inside the pockets.  You can choose to put cards in the pockets or pictures.  It's kinda cute to mix and match.  The kit comes in this DARLING box that looks like a book.  It's 8 1/2 inches high.  So all the components get stored inside, and you can just put it on a shelf!

This is the contents of the Family Time Pocket Kit.  There are "recipe cards" that show ideas on how to put things together if you want.  I didn't use them, but you certainly could.  There is washi tape, 3x4 cards and 4x6 cards, a small stamp set you can use (!), twine, some clear 4x6 plastic cards that have gold on them so you can overlay them on photos, some little quote pieces, word stickers, and more.  

I don't have physical photos to put in albums (I do all my memory-keeping digitally and use Heritage Makers products), so I had to go back a ways and pull out some old photos from my box of duplicates.  So the photos in these pages don't really go together except for the "family" theme!  But it will give you a good idea of what you can do.  This was SOOOOO easy.
By the way, I love the quality of the Albums as well as the Pocket Protectors.  That's some nice stuff right there!

You'll notice I didn't write on any of those pieces--that would be the next step.  There are places for journaling, which--don't forget--is the other half of memory-keeping.  If you don't write what's going on, who, when, and where, the story of your photos is lost!

I used a lot of the Family Time cards and elements in these pages.  You can use more or less, as you desire.  And again, you can use your own papers if you prefer--it doesn't have to be an Anthology Kit.  They're convenient because they are already cut to the right sizes and are easy to slip in, but if you want to use your own papers, go for it!

I tried out the 6x8 album, too.  I will be honest--I wasn't sure if I would like that size.  It's only 1-2 pages per page.  But I was totally surprised!  I actually liked this size a lot!  I take so many pictures I'd probably like the 12x12 for myself personally, but I think the smaller size is so nice for fewer pictures.

The Pocket Protectors here allow 2 landscape-style photos or 1 with two 4x3 pockets (shown below).

Or 4 of the 4x3 pockets.  There are also just regular page protectors that are 6x8.

So this gives you a good idea of how to do Pocket Scrapbooking with Anthology products.  You can buy Albums and Pocket Protectors and Pocket Kits (as well as other Anthology products) at  Click "products" then "Anthology" and find the products you're interested in.  Place them in your shopping cart, and it's shipped to your door in a few days!

What a great solution for people who already have printed photos and need to do something great with them!