Monday, September 26, 2016

*easy* Halloween and Thanksgiving home decor blocks

When I say easy, I mean EASY!

Every time I get a new canvas set for my Anthology Canvas Exchange blocks, I think, "I don't need to post this on the blog--I've posted about Canvas Exchange a couple of times already."

And then I got Canvas Set #4 this week.  And now I NEED to post it.  :)
These are the EASIEST home decor blocks you will ever see.  You just have to SEE how amazingly awesome they are:


Set #4 just came out this month and has Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Winter pieces.  As you can see, I've peeled off the last set I had on my blocks so they're now empty to use for these new holiday pieces.

As I mentioned in {my first post about these blocks}, those long strips just need to be cut in two with a paper cutter, and the you are ready to go.  Like Lisa did in the video above, I just peeled the Halloween set off and put them on my blocks.  This takes approximately 22 seconds.  ;)

Then I tried this cute Thanksgiving set:

And last the Winter set:

I just adore this Canvas Exchange idea.  It makes home decor simple and darling but SO easy! 

The blocks are sold separately or with Canvas Set #1.  There are 4 canvas sets so far, and more to come in the future.  To get your very own (or a set to give as a gift), go to and click "products" then "Anthology DIY" and scroll through to find your desired set(s). 

Happy fall, y'all!