Friday, December 9, 2016

get the word out: flyers

Flyers from Heritage Makers are such a beautiful, professional-looking, yet simple way to get the word out about your business.  (Though they make really cool Christmas letters, too! {see one example here})

I just made some of what I call "mini flyers" to show off some of the OTHER things you can do with Heritage Makers personal publishing besides the all-important memory-keeping and telling life's stories.

Here's what they looked like when they arrived at my door.  You can see why I call them "mini."  These are, of course, the regular 8.5x11 flyers, only I created two per page to just save a little $$$.  Flyers come in a pack of 30, so I got 30 of TWO different kinds of flyers this way.  A pack of 30 single-sided flyers is around $14.  (A tad more for the double-sided ones.)

See?  All I need now is a paper cutter...

And there's my "mini" flyer about what Heritage Makers personal publishing can do for your business.

And here's my "mini" flyer full of ideas to make a special event even more special through lots of creative and unique invitation, decor, and gift ideas.

Remember, all the digital art is just part of Heritage Makers--it comes with your product--so you can really create, create, create to make flyers that are YOU!  Use the "how to get started" tab above in red to start your own.