Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Heritage Makers Studio 201 - a video tutorial (beyond beginners)

Heritage Makers digital personal publishing is a powerful tool for memory-keeping, creating high-quality family yearbooks, digital scrapbooking, giving unforgettable gifts, and even creating your own business products!  The program you use is called Studio.  It's similar to other drag-n-drop programs like Photoshop, Canva, or Publisher, only with many more tools and included (free) digital art.

In September, I created a tutorial video called Heritage Makers Studio 101.  It's for anyone who has never used Heritage Makers before (or anyone who needs a little refresher).  It goes over logging in, uploading photos, how to place photos and text in your project, etc.  If you missed that video, you can find a link {here}.

Today, I'm sharing the follow-up tutorial video with you!  This one will show you several time-saving tricks, and some additional features (such as making a photo into a circle or oval) not covered in the more basic tutorial.  Enjoy!

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