Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Life Tales Books Personal Publishing ~ 4 Ways to Connect on Facebook

Have you seen my Facebook groups and pages yet?  There's a lot of inspiration, ideas, and things you'll love happening there!  There are FOUR opportunities for us to connect on Facebook--two groups and two pages.  See which ones sound like a good fit for you. 

1.  GROUP:  Jennifer Wise's Heritage MAKERS
If you haven't joined my Facebook group yet, that's the first thing you'll want to do!  This is where I hold quarterly digi-crops where you can set aside time to work on Heritage Makers projects and work with me no matter where you live.  I post upcoming specials here, classes, and other information, but the most fun thing is when we share pictures of completed projects!

Join my Facebook group {by clicking right here}.

2.  PAGE:  LifeTales Books Powered by Heritage Makers (and a bonus!)
Believe it or not, after 13 years as a Heritage Makers consultant, 8 1/2 years with this blog, several years on other social media (scroll down at see the right sidebar for all of them), a Facebook page was the last thing to happen.  Go figure.  On my page, LifeTales Books Powered by Heritage Makers, I don't post a lot of specific things like Heritage Makers sales and such, but you'll find lots of encouragement and helpful articles from many sources--tips and tricks for preserving your photos, photo organization, how to write your story, time management, etc.

Like {my Facebook page by clicking right here}...

...AND AS AN EXTRA BONUS, the first 100 people to "like" the page will be entered in a drawing to win a Heritage Makers-made item from me!  So be one of the first 100, and share with someone you know who would love the tips on memories, photos, and stories.

3.  GROUP:  (local) Heritage Makers Workshop Club
I also have a Facebook group for those in my area (Colorado) who would like to work on Heritage Makers projects in a group!  I announce all the workshops (2-3 each month) in the group.

You can join {Heritage Makers Workshop Club by clicking here}.

4.  PAGE:  Crafts with Heritage Makers (My Heritage Makers Shop)
If you're looking for craft ideas (or gift ideas that look like you were crafty), I bet you'll like my Crafts with Heritage Makers page, too.  This page is different from the other page and the group because here you'll find home decor and gift ideas for sale!

You can "like" {Crafts with Heritage Makers by clicking here}.

 See?!  There are lots of pretty amazing things waiting for you in my Facebook groups and pages!  Come along.

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