Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Celebrating National Scrapbooking Day with a Sale!

Did you know that National Scrapbooking Day is always the first Saturday in May?  It's true!  In 2018, it will be Saturday May 5.  So let's celebrate!

Here at LifeTales Books, we know photos and memories do miraculous good for the heart and soul, no matter how exactly that memory-keeping is done.  It all counts.  You've probably noticed that most of the focus here is on digital storybooking and digital scrapbooking through Heritage Makers, but for this day of national celebration of our photos and memories we're sharing some sales on hands-on (paper) scrapbooking and memory-keeping--plus some fun bonuses sprinkled in that aren't necessarily scrapbooking-related.

Everything you see below is on sale from April 1 - May 31, 2018.  (Click the "sales" tab in red along the top of this blog to find monthly Heritage Makers publishing specials.)  All these items can be purchased at www.heritagemakers.com/jenniferwise by clicking "products."  After clicking "products," click either "Our Memories For Life" or "Anthology DIY," depending on which brand the item comes from.  

READY?!  Let's celebrate!  There are 30% off specials, 40% off specials, and even 50% off specials!

30% OFF

All Border Maker System Cartridges from Our Memories For Life are 30% off.  There are 15 to choose from.  (The Border Maker System itself is sold separately.)  These are so much fun and can be used for scrap pages, cardmaking, or even decorating gift bags.

Perpetual Birthday Calendar Kits from Anthology DIY are also 30% off.
This kit includes everything you need to make the perpetual birthday calendar.  Never forget a birthday!  I think this would make such a great Mother's Day gift!

40% OFF

All Canvas Exchange Sets from Anthology DIY are 40% off.   This sale is on the exchange-able canvas pieces only.  And the wooden blocks themselves are also on sale, so look for them in the 50% off section.  If you aren't familiar with Canvas Exchange Blocks, you are in for a treat!

You can get a better idea of how these Canvas Exchange Blocks work at this little 2-minute video from Lisa Bearnson who is the creative brain behind these sets.  They are the most darling and the most simple home decor!

All those canvas sets can be exchanged on just one set of wooden blocks for rotating seasonal decor!

Also 40% off are the Anthology DIY Scrapbooking Layout Kits.  These are scrapbooking pages that are practically done for you.  Everything you need is already included in the kits.  They come together in no time!  Just assemble the pages and add photos and journaling.

There are lots of different styles to choose from, too.

The last 40% off deal is paper scrapbooking collections from Our Memories For Life:  the Creme de la Creme collection

as well as the It's a Kid's World collection.

Remember, all these items can be purchased at www.heritagemakers.com/jenniferwise by clicking "products."  After clicking "products," click either "Our Memories For Life" or "Anthology DIY," depending on which brand the item comes from.  Sale runs April 1 - May 31.  

50% OFF

The block pieces that go with the Canvas Exchange pieces shown before are also on sale!  The blocks are already cut--you just sand a little and paint.  Everything is included, including the sandpaper and paint brush.

The 7" Personal Trimmer from Our Memories For Life is on sale 50% off, too!

Happy National Scrapbooking Day!  Don't forget--these sales end May 31!  Share with someone who will love you for it.  :)



  1. I can think of so many things to do with that personal trimmer and it is my favorite color too!

    1. It's a great little size! Most of the tools from Our Memories For Life come in that color, so you're in luck. :) Thanks for stopping by and for the comment. :)

  2. Wow! Some great deals going on! So many fun ideas!

    1. That's exactly what I thought! I don't really do paper scrapbooking any more, but I have the bordermaker with a couple of cartridges for cardmaking, and it's darling! I LOVE the canvas exchange blocks, so when I saw this sale, I decided I better snap up any of the canvas sets I don't have... only to realize I actually have them all! :) This is such a great sale! Thanks for stopping by and for the comment, Lori. :)

  3. Thanks so much for stopping by and for leaving such a kind comment on my post about my nephew and thanks for your prayers.....


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