Thursday, August 16, 2018

New 5.5x5.5 Softbound Book from Heritage Makers (perfect for Instagram photos)

I honestly love telling you about new things at Heritage Makers.  And this one is no exception because it's so much fun.

Drum roll, please!  Heritage Makers now has a 5.5" x 5.5" softbound book.  And it's only $9!

All Heritage Makers products can have a simple look or a digital-scrapbook look.  They are high-quality and come with {a lot of additional perks}.   

Heritage Makers uses a {drag-and-drop tool called Studio} (which is free) to design each page and the front and back covers of a book.  There are LOTS of tools, shortcuts, and creative options.  You can {use a template} (which is still completely editable) or start from scratch, a blank page and design away.  Either way, you'll get exactly what you want.

The 5.5x5.5 book is a bit different than the other books offered by Heritage Makers.
  • For one, it's a softbound book.  While other Heritage Makers books have a metal stitching, these pages are glued using the {PUR method}, the most durable book binding available for softbound books.
  • Another difference is that this new book comes with 50 pages (no more and no fewer).  All other Heritage Makers books come with 21 pages and you can remove pages to 17 or add pages to 99.  So choose your favorite 50 photos for this darling book, or add quotes or word art from the Heritage Makers art collection if you have a few pages to fill . 
  • And it's $9!!  Can you believe it?!  (That's one more difference about this book than the others Heritage Makers offers--this one has been priced so low that there isn't an additional discount for {HM Club} members like there are for other books and products.  This book is $9 across the board.) 

2021 UPDATE:  There are three platforms in addition to Heritage Makers Studio for creating heirloom-quality softbound books in a variety of sizes using the top-of-the-line PUR method.  Click here to see a video introduction to each platform to find what works best for you, from easy peasy to fully creative DIY!

Right after this book came out, I knew exactly what I wanted to use it for.  I collect Christmas ornaments, and have for years.  I have wanted to document my collection because the majority of the ornaments have special meaning, and I want to make sure their stories are recorded.  The tiny size and the tiny price of this new 5x5 Softbound book made it just perfect for this.  And from making Christmas cards and greetings with Heritage Makers before, I knew that there were some digital art collections that would be just perfect for my book.

And I just love how it turned out!!  See what I mean?  Just perfect.

I went for a fairly simple design since I wanted to showcase the ornaments more.  There's a small description of the origin of the ornament next to each one.

I wasn't used to being limited by the page numbers since pages in other Heritage Makers books are so flexible, but I have about 200 ornaments, so I thought it would work well, and it did.  I'm now working on my fourth volume of my Christmas Ornament Collection books--and did I mention how much I like the $9 price tag?! 

Because Heritage Makers' Studio is a drag-and-drop tool, you'll upload your photos into your Heritage Makers account and place them wherever you want on any page.  You can have an Instagram look with one picture per page, or you can create your own look with multiple photos per page.  It's up to you.  And there aren't limits on the amount of text or digital art you can use, either.  There are lots of fonts to choose from (about 25 new ones were added last summer!), so you're sure to find the style that is YOU.  That's one of the reasons I LOVE doing all my memory-keeping with Heritage Makers.

To open your Heritage Makers account (it's free), click the {"how to get started"} tab at the upper right of this page.  You're really going to have fun with this sweet, tiny book.



  1. Sometime I need to sit down and make a book of my garden photos. Would love to have that! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

    1. What a great idea, Jann! That would be so neat. And this book would be the perfect size (and price)!


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