Thursday, October 25, 2018

Four Meaningful Christmas Gift Ideas Under $35

There's something great--and I mean GREAT--about getting started on Christmas gifts before Thanksgiving.  If you think about it, it's really the perfect activity to do while you're thinking about being thankful.  But mainly it makes December a whole lot easier.

I love bringing meaningful gift ideas to you every November at LifeTales Books!  Rather than being desperate on December 22, I'm arming you with ideas that you'll be excited to give and that recipients will absolutely love.  Gifts from the heart are always that way.  Truly personal gifts are always that way.

So today I'm sharing four meaningful Christmas gift ideas--and they're all under $35, too!  Everything I'll show you is top quality.  Where you purchase it matters.  It's great to have an inexpensive gift, but you don't really want a CHEAP gift.

Because these products are all created first and then ordered, I always suggest submitting these items for publishing before December 5 or so.  (If you'd like to hire me to make any of these items for you, I can do that, too.  Details are here.)

If you're looking for simple neighbor gifts, visit my two 12 Days Of Christmas Gift Idea posts from last year:  {part one here} and {part two here}.  Or if you're looking for a creative gift for a crafty friend or family member, {this post has 10 crafty gift ideas} that are pretty out-of-the-ordinary.

#1:  Photo Puzzle ($19)

I made puzzles this year for my father and father-in-law for their birthdays.  All it takes is a favorite picture and about 4 minutes.  These are 8x10 100-piece puzzles from Snap2Finish, and I love that this is a fun, meaningful gift that can be enjoyed over and over!

To make your high-quality Snap2Finish puzzle, follow the directions at the bottom of {this post}.  You can use more than one photo, add text, and more.

#2:  Playing Card Deck ($23)

I know I've posted this before, but I just can't get over the playing card deck from Heritage Makers!  It continues to be one of my favorite gifts EVER.  Peruse the Template Gallery {at Heritage Makers}, too, because there are family matching decks, traditional playing card decks, Go Fish decks, and all sorts of creative, unique possibilities.  Use pictures of lots of family members for the front, or just use one favorite photo on the back.

Since you probably have zero experience making a playing card deck, I've recorded a video tutorial for you that walks you through step by step!

As with all Heritage Makers products, the software is free to use, the digital art ("stickers" and "papers") is free, and use of templates is free!

#3:  Family Calendar ($21)

I have made a family calendar for my extended family members every Christmas for about the last 6 years!  These calendars by Heritage Makers are printed on 100-lb. coverstock archival quality paper, so the pictures are really beautiful!  There are lots of templates in the Template Gallery to choose from, or you can create your own--like all Heritage Makers products.  There's a nifty "swap" feature if you want to use a template.  I show you how that works {right here}.

By the way, there are five sizes of calendars (at varying prices), so if this isn't the size or style for you, not to worry.  There are larger ones that don't fold in the middle like this one, desktop ones, even a Now and Later one where you can tear off the photo section and it will become a 12x12 scrap page!  Look at "products" then "photo gifts" at the {Heritage Makers} website.

#4:  Cork-Backed Photo Coasters ($33)

Yeah, COASTERS!  If you're looking for a clever, unusual gift, this is it.  They come in a set of 4, and each coaster can be created differently.  Because these are Heritage Makers coasters, all the same great things I mentioned in #2 and #3 apply:  you don't pay for all that adorable digital art, you can customize it 100%, etc.  The Coasters are glossy with a cork bottom, and each one measures 3.75 square (with rounded corners).  Get started making your coasters {right here}.

I've made one set of coasters, and guess what--I didn't actually use them as coasters!  I saw a clever craft project using these personalized coasters and made a beach-themed wall hanging for my bathroom from my coasters.  (You can see my {DIY project step by step} at that link.) 

Having never seen Heritage Makers coasters before, I should tell you how very impressed I was with the quality of the photos when I got my coasters back in the mail.  They are SO sharp and beautiful!  I obviously didn't do anything with digital art for my coasters, but that's the beauty of Heritage Makers--you get exactly what you want!

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So which one is your favorite?  Which meaningful (but still inexpensive) gift do you like the best?  Comment below and let me know.  Happy gift-giving!


Amy said...

The cork backed photo coasters are a great idea! I think I would have to make a pack for myself for Christmas too! #heartandsoullinkup

Jennifer Wise HM said...

Ha! :) You wouldn't believe how often I do that, Amy--I make one for a gift and then need one more for myself. :) I love the photo coasters. I think they're a great gift for someone who has everything (like grandparents), too. Thanks for stopping by.