Monday, November 5, 2018

Celebrating 9 Years of Blogging with a LinkUp!

Yup, 9 years.  I've been blogging here for 9 whole years!  What started as a fun way to keep my Heritage Makers clients across the country updated and informed through tutorials and DIY ideas has expanded wide!  This blog now includes time management tips, inspiration on making connections through photos and stories, easy ways to preserve your memories, meaningful gift ideas, why memory-keeping matters so much, helps to get started writing your story, fun uses for Heritage Makers personal publishing, and much, much more.  My posts have changed a little over the years based on the needs I see and the inspiration I want to share, but there's always been an overall theme of taking time to do something special to make connections. 

One thing I learned this past blogging year is how much fun it is to share the love.  

There are some great blogs out there, and some great content.  A LinkUp is the perfect way to find fantastic posts all in one place.  I have participated in a few LinkUps this year and really enjoyed "meeting" new friends.  Something I really like about LinkUps is that they have a theme, so I always know what type of posts I'm getting when I explore a LinkUp.

In celebration of my 9 years here at LifeTales Books, I've decided to start my own Blog LinkUp here:  The Heart & Soul LinkUp.  If you're a reader, you'll be able to find a lot of fabulous blog posts here.  If you're a blogger who fits the parameters I'll outline below, you'll be able to leave links to your latest blog posts and let new readers find you.  Each week four favorite posts will be featured--my favorite three blog posts from the previous week, and the readers' favorite, too!

Here's how the Heart & Soul LinkUp will work for readers.  It's easy!  Just drop by this blog every Monday or Tuesday and read all the blog posts you like!  (Keep reading to find our very first Heart & Soul LinkUp TODAY!

It's nice to show the bloggers some love when you're done reading if you possibly can.  Here are a few ways to do that:
  • Comment!  Comments are so appreciated!  At the end of your comment leave the hashtag #heartandsoullinkup so our blogger knows you'd like her to post here at Heart & Soul LinkUp again. 
  • NOTE:  If you click a blog post you didn't mean to, our blogging friend will appreciate it if you could stay about 10 seconds so Google doesn't view it as a "bounce."  Among other things, Google uses bounce rates to determine the popularity and value of a blog to make "better" ones easier to find in searches.  Not required, just nice for our blogger friends.
  • Choose your favorite blog post and either tell me about it in the comments below or come back to this post on Tuesday (the next day) and mark the little heart in the right hand corner of the post you love.  The following week, the most popular blog post will be featured here!
  • If you'd like to show a little extra love to blog posts you really like, Pin to Pinterest, Tweet on Twitter, or share on Facebook. 
BLOGGERS sharing their blog posts here at the Heart & Soul LinkUp have six rules to follow.  If this is you, you must scroll down to the bottom of this post and read all the rules for participating BEFORE you post your link in the LinkUp.  
I have invited some great bloggers to be a part of the Heart & Soul LinkUp.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!  If you know a blogger who would be a good fit for this LinkUp, invite her, too!  We'd like to have a wide variety of blogs to read each week and are looking to include about 30-40 bloggers regularly!

*drum roll*  Presenting: Heart & Soul LinkUp #1!


Pin and share!

Here's how the Heart & Soul LinkUp will work for bloggers who share their own blog posts here.  (These six rules will be posted each week as a reminder.)  Participating bloggers must:
  1. FOLLOW THE THEME:  The theme of the Heart & Soul LinkUp is "what's good for the heart and soul."  Therefore, all blog posts added to the Heart & Soul LinkUp must be about something that's good for the heart and soul.  This can include posts related to the home and family such as recipes, DIY, home decor, parenting, marriage, etc., or inspirational posts about hope, learning, growth, connections, etc.  Fashion bloggers, for example, would not be a good fit here.  ALL POSTS MUST BE FAMILY-FRIENDLY AND UPLIFTING.
  2. POST (when & how):  The LinkUp will open at 7:00am Mountain Time every Monday and close 24 hours later, 7:00am Tuesday.  To add your blog post to the LinkUp, click the blue "add my link" button.  Remember to add a direct link to the specific post you want to share, not your blog's home page.
  3. OBSERVE THE LIMITS:  Let's save room for everybody--submissions are limited to 3 blog posts per person on each weekly LinkUp.  This is calculated by URL, so if you write for multiple blogs or have guest-posted somewhere, it's possible to have more than 3 posts on the same week.
  4. SHARE THE LOVERead and comment on at least 3 other blog posts each week you submit your own post to the LinkUp.  This isn't a place to dump your links and run--we're here to help each other out and even make new friends.  When you comment, please use the hashtag #heartandsoullinkup at the end of your comment.  
  5. INVITE OTHERS:  We need everyone's help in inviting others to see this LinkUp, so each participating blogger must do two things:  #1 Put a link to this LinkUp on your own blog so that others can find us--sidebar works best, but a tab works, too.  Something visible is ideal.  If you prefer, you can save an image from this post and use it at the end of your own blog post saying, "Find me at the Heart and Soul LinkUp" with an included link.  Whatever works for your particular blog.  #2 After posting your link in the LinkUp, the InLinkz program will let you share the blog post you just added on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, or Google+.  You must share on at least one of those platforms each time you post your link at the Heart & Soul LinkUp.
  6. LET ME SHARE:  By participating in this LinkUp, you are giving me the right to share your blog posts on social media.  When you are chosen as a reader favorite or as one of my own favorite posts of the week, you allow me to share a link back to your blog post plus an image from your post here on my blog (which gives you additional visibility). 
Two more suggestions for bloggers who participate in this Blog Hop:
  • It's gonna be Monday again before you know it.  If you'd like a reminder to participate each week, {follow LifeTales Books on Bloglovin'} and be sure you're signed up to receive e-mail notifications.  Or you can subscribe to this blog by e-mail--just scroll up and find "subscribe by e-mail" in the right sidebar. 
  • When your post is featured as a favorite, show it off!  Use the image below to celebrate--post it on your own blog with a link over here so your blog readers can see where you were featured.

Thanks, blogging friends, for sharing your fantastic blog posts that are good for the heart and soul!

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