Monday, November 26, 2018

Heart & Soul LinkUp #3

I hope you enjoyed Thanksgiving!  As I mentioned at Heart & Soul LinkUp #2 two weeks ago, here at LifeTales Books we believe in #familyfirst and #socialmediafourthorfifth.  ;)  So we took last week off and didn't have our usual LinkUp.  We're back in business this week, though, and you finally get to see the favorites from LinkUp #2 AND find more great blog posts at today's LinkUp #3.

As promised, here are the favorites from our recent Heart & Soul LinkUp.  Here are the readers' favorite and my three favorites.


from Lori at Choosing Wisdom


from Jen at Midday Mornings
I have mentioned before that I've been on the receiving end of grief several times in the last few years (here and here), so this post spoke especially to my heart.  It can be so hard to know how to really help someone who is grieving, and these eight suggestions are wonderful.

from Flossie at Super Mom Hacks
These are just some doggone great ideas!  I love how Flossie talks about what didn't work for her and then has some creative ideas that DID.

from Anna at Confessions of Parenting
The thing I love about this post is that it really applies to ALL moms!  My youngest is in high school, and Anna's #4 tip is my favorite--and one I'm still learning (but have gotten WAY better at over the years).

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Let's dive right in to more blog posts that are good for the heart and soul.  Look around and see what inspires you this week.  Remember, blog posts are added all day long on Monday.  You can see all of them on Tuesday and vote for your favorites that day, too.

Do you know a blogger whose posts you'd like to see here?  Invite her to share them!

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And now here's Heart & Soul LinkUp #3!

An InLinkz Link-up

See you next week for more inspiring posts!

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