Monday, December 3, 2018

Heart & Soul LinkUp #4

I can hardly believe it's already December.  Seems like a great time to take a break from the busy-ness and sit down with some blog posts that are good for the heart and soul.  Well, I can help you out with that today.

Bloggers will be leaving links to their great blog posts all day today and into the evening, too!  Scroll down to find these posts today or tomorrow, then let us know what your favorites are by voting tomorrow (Tuesday).

But first let's look at the favorites from last week's linkup, Heart & Soul LinkUp #3.


from Flossie at Super Mom Hacks


from Jen at Midday Mornings
I truly think this post is a must-read for every mom!  It's much too common for moms to get caught up in everyone else's lives and neglect the self-care, example, and personal growth and satisfaction that come from personal hobbies, talents, and interests.   If you missed this post last week, read it again here.  (Link above.)

from Cary at CaryMacArthur
This short-n-sweet post gave me a lot to think about.  Looking for things to be grateful for and intentionally having gratitude in EVERYTHING is a challenge.  Cary's suggestions for PRACTICING gratitude are excellent.

from Andrea at The American Moms
I know--what blog doesn't have a list of gift ideas this time of year?  But this one is so different!  Definitely don't miss this one.  From a Thomas Jefferson decoder and Women Who Dared blocks to an absolutely gorgeous family tree print, these are ideas you really won't see anywhere else.  Check them out!

Thank you, bloggers, for sharing your posts!  If you were featured, show it off on social media.

Now let's find some more great blog posts!  Bloggers, be sure you read the rules for participating before you drop your link at Heart & Soul LinkUp #4.  (They're at the end of {this post}.)

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