Monday, January 21, 2019

Heart & Soul LinkUp #9

Welcome to our 9th linkup where you can find a variety of great blog posts all in one place.  Our blogger friends will be leaving links to their posts all day long.

You'll find new posts to love at the bottom of this post, but first let's highlight favorites from last week's linkup.  This way, if you missed these posts last week, you get a chance to visit them today!  The titles are linked, so just click them and you'll be taken right there.


from Lori at Choosing Wisdom


from Marsha at Markets of Sunshine
It's mainly the idea of an Adult Reward System that drew me to this lovely post, but it's probably that I often wish I were in Florida when it's January.  ;)  I enjoyed taking this little trip with Marsha virtually.  Most of all, it made me think I need to create for myself an Adult Reward System!

from Flossie at Super Mom Hacks
This is a fantastic, thorough list of suggestions for teaching your kids responsibility.  I wanted to tell you which one of the suggestions is my favorite, but I'm having a hard time--they're all so important.  Great things to think about here!

from Jen at Midday Mornings
It's always fun to see what someone else loves in case I'll love it, too.  I did really like a lot of Jen's favorite things, but her "Favorite Non-Things" were my favorite.  Several of them were very inspiring and thought-provoking for me personally.  Check them out if you haven't already.

Thanks to all the fabulous bloggers who shared their blog posts last week!  If you were a favorite, celebrate on your favorite social media platform (blog included) with this image:

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We're here every Monday, with the post collection completed by Tuesday morning.  (Bloggers who want to participate, be sure you know the participation rules.  They're at the end of {this post}.) 

Now it's time for LinkUp #9!  Let's see what will inspire us today. 


  1. Thanks for sharing my post about the Adult Reward System that goes along with my #2019OrganizingChallenge
    It really means a lot to me to know I am inspiring others to try new things.

  2. I have really been enjoying reading other women's blog posts. We can learn so much from others and reinforce that we are not that much different too. It's so fun to see how families operate to get things done from a place of love.


  3. Thanks for hosting this wonderful link up! Shared on Twitter and Pinterest. :)

  4. Marsha--of course! I'm happy to share. I'm glad you are enjoying reading the other blog posts as well. I enjoy them also, and I agree with you that it's great to see other people doing good. :)

  5. Debbie, you're so welcome! So glad you have joined us. :)

  6. Penelope, it's great to have you. Thanks so much for sharing on Twitter and Pinterest, too! The linkup is still new and small, so I hope to be able to attract other like-minded bloggers who share things that are good for the heart and soul. Sharing helps! :)

  7. Regine, I'm glad you enjoyed the linkup. Thanks for stopping by!


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