Monday, February 11, 2019

Heart & Soul LinkUp #12

Welcome to our newest linkup--a place where bloggers leave their latest and greatest blog posts (and sometimes #throwbacks, too).  You'll be able to find a variety of posts that are good for the heart and soul as bloggers leave their links all day today.

ANNOUNCEMENT:  The linkup program I use, InLinkz, has made some changes.  Unfortunately, we can no longer vote on favorites by clicking the little heart in the top right corner on Tuesdays.  InLinkz says they are working to bring back this feature, but from now on, in order to vote for your favorite blog posts (which determines the Reader Favorite to be highlighted the following week), you will need to comment on THIS blog post to tell me which of the posts left today are your favorites (up to 3).  I think the Reader Favorite is an important feature, so let's give it a go!  We love your votes.

Before diving in to new blog posts to love, here are the favorites from last week's linkup.


We again had a 2-way tie for Reader Favorite this week!  I can see why--these are both fantastic posts.  As usual, I'm adding links directly to the posts here so you can read them today if you missed them last week.

from Flossie at Super Mom Hacks

from Cary at Cary MacArthur: Personal Power Coach


from Marsha at Markets of Sunshine
I love Marsha's Adult Reward System.  I'm doing her Organizational Challenge this year but I need to better incorporate this reward system that goes with it!  I had never thought of something as simple as spices and citrus boiling in a pan to fill my house with lovely smells.  Aromatherapy goes a long way for me.  :)  

from Lori at Choosing Wisdom
We all have one, don't we?  I think sometimes that must be the way God intended it so that we can learn some things!  Lori asked 7 of her blogger friends to write a little something about how they overcome this difficulty, and I thought there were some great suggestions here.

from Penelope at Penelope Silvers: Writer
There are some great quotes and suggestions for fueling your inspiration through creativity.  This post spoke to me because I believe very strongly in the power of creativity and that EVERY PERSON is creative!  In my own work, some people think they can't preserve their photos and memories if they're "not creative," and not only is the thought false but the premise is, too.  I loved the suggestion here at Penelope's blog post about "cross pollination" and how learning a new skill or trying something new boosts creativity.  

Thanks to everyone who shared their posts last time.  If you were a favorite, celebrate on social media (or your blog) using this image.

Are you a blogger who would like to share your posts here?  You're welcome to--just check out the rules for participating (leaving your own links below) at the bottom of {this post}.

Let's see what our blogger friends have to share this week!  It's time for Heart & Soul LinkUp #12!  Don't forget to vote for your favorite posts in the comments below.  

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  1. You're welcome, Debbie. Thanks for sharing your blog posts at #heartandsoullinkup :)

  2. Thanks for hosting each week and I love the party.

    Brian @ Hilbert's Mazes

  3. Just dropped in to check out your linky. I’m posting a tablescape.

  4. Jennifer,
    Thanks so much for stopping by and for taking the time to leave such kind comments!!

  5. Thanks, Brian! I'm so glad. Thanks for sharing your amazing work here at the linkup.

  6. Welcome, Kristie!! I can't wait to see it. Thanks for sharing here!

  7. Thanks for your wonderful comments on my blog and for faving my post! I love sharing Henneke's drawings. They are so colorful and inspired. Wishing all a blessed week. :)

  8. Discovered your blog and linkup today via another linkup. THANK YOU.

    I love meeting new bloggers.

  9. Welcome, Nylse! Thank you for sharing your post with us today--it was wonderful!! Very inspiring. I'm so glad you found us, and I hope you'll be back Monday to share another post at our next linkup. :)

  10. thanks for hosting! Sorry I missed the party this week! I am struggling with the new inLinkz with my party, too! Why do they think they are fixing these things? My party, Celebrate Your Story is open all week! Come on by and share a link or two!

  11. Absolutely, Chloe--it's my pleasure to host. :) I was sorry you missed it, too, but hope to see you next week. I did just come by and share links at your linkup--thanks so much for that. I put off switching over to the new InLinkz until I got a notice that said it would automatically be changed if I didn't just change it myself, so I relented. I feel the same way--it's not an improvement. I'm not loving it so far, but maybe after the kinks are worked out. ;) Hope to see you here next time. Thanks for commenting.

  12. My favorite post this week is your post on being more creative than we think we are, and how EVERYONE is creative! You are so right. I guess I'm a diehard fan of The Artist's Way, but I firmly believe that each of us IS creative, and so many people think that creativity = magic lightning strikes rather than showing up and doing the work. I love how you break it down in a different way in this post, so that it's equally accessible to all :)

  13. YES! I love what you said, Flossie, about people thinking creativity is magic lightning strikes. It's not--it's something each of us does all the time. From creating a plan to creating a home, we all create, always. Thanks for reading, commenting, and voting! :)

  14. There were so many good articles, it's hard to choose just three. Well, here goes. I picked #8 "Tapping Out and Letting Go," as I can relate to the paring down our personal effects to move to the next step in our lives. #11 "How Gossip Can Wreak Havoc," as so many have been hurt by this malicious behavior, and finally #13 "If you ever sit down to practice." Calligraphy is so beautiful and these were great tips on how to get yourself ready if you plan on giving it a shot. #heartandsoullinkup

  15. Thanks for your votes, Penelope. I am having a hard time choosing my favorite 3, too! So many great posts this week. I loved the ones you mentioned, too. :)

  16. Thank you--and thanks for stopping by.

  17. This so the most awesome opportunity each week! Thank you for hosting!

  18. I'm so glad, Cary. I can't tell you how much I appreciate you sharing your posts at the linkup every week. They're always inspiring and uplifting, which is exactly my vision for the linkup. I'm thankful you're here! :)


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