Saturday, November 14, 2020

How to Create Unique (Professional!) Holiday Cards without Breaking the Bank

Here's the usual Christmas card quandary:  How do you send out beautiful holiday greetings that are inexpensive without looking cheap?  How do you find something impressive to share with loved ones that doesn't break the bank?

Welcome to the solution to your dilemma.

If you've been around this blog a time or two, you've certainly seen some of the creative, heirloom-quality ways you can preserve your photos, memories, and stories.  And I'm sure you've also see that those same high-quality Heritage Makers products can be turned into something else entirely!  For example, address labels can become chocolate party favors, and scrapbook pages can become nativity sets, and a DIY playing card deck can become recipe cards to share!

Today I'm going to show you a fun and creative use for DIY Heritage Makers notepads!  

That's right!  We're going to take personalized DIY notepads like this:

And turn them into something like this:

Here's what you'll love about Newsletters on DIY Notepads from Heritage Makers:
  • COMPLETELY personalize-able!
  • The quality is stunning.
  • The price is tiny.  (14-19 cents each for 120, plus shipping)
  • Your style.  (Not a locked-in template you're stuck with.)
  • Create them online using any computer without having to download anything!
  • All the creative elements you see (wreaths, background papers, etc.) are included right in the program.  
  • The notepads are professionally printed and shipped to your door.
Note:  Notepads are printed by Heritage Makers' specialty printer and can take 2-3 weeks to print and arrive at your door, so plan ahead.

I came up with this idea to use notepads as newsletters 3 years ago, and it is BY FAR my favorite method of Christmas card.  It's gorgeous and impressive, and nobody would guess they cost me very little!

I made you a step-by-step video so you can do it, too!

You're going to love sending unique and impressive holiday cards and greetings this way.  

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