3 memory-keeping options

You have photos.  You have memories.  How would you like to preserve them?  What fits your preferences and needs best?  

Here are 3 high-quality ways to get your pictures off your phone and into your life.

Here are three Memory Keeping options--two digital and one traditional/paper--each with their own merits!  Click the links after reading the descriptions and see what you prefer!  

For more creative and flexible memory-keeping, I recommend Heritage Makers.  For super fast solutions, I recommend Snap2Finish or Pocket Pages by Our Memories For Life.  

Heritage Makers digital scrapbooking and storybooking  
Hardbound books and individual scrap pages, plus wirebound books, softbound books, posters, canvases, cards and invitations, playing card decks, car magnets, and much more.  All products are heirloom quality!  Hardbound books have a library binding with the pages stitched in using a metal stitching.  Softbound books use the superior {PUR binding} process.  (Books with glue in the binding will crack over time, causing the pages to fall out--but not PUR.)  Design your own Heritage Makers items or use pre-designed, fully editable templates to save lots of time!  Digital means you can make multiple copies with the push of a button.  With Heritage Makers, all your projects are saved in your account forever (unless you delete them) for re-ordering, or just for safe keeping, and all your projects are protected by {Heirloom Assurance}.  Just click "start a new project" and your selected project will open in Studio, Heritage Makers' design program.  Check out the red "tutorials" tab at the top of this page to find some video tutorials to introduce you to how it all works, or contact me with questions.  Or, click here for {five simple steps to get started using Heritage Makers}.

Heritage Makers is a great solution for digital photos or for books that you want multiple copies of (even if you have to scan the photos).  If you have old photos of grandparents (or parents) that you want to preserve, Heritage Makers is a great option for that as well since the photos are scanned and therefore protected from additional wear.  You'll find many products that make meaningful, heartfelt gifts.

Snap2Finish simple digital photo products
Create photo and memory books in a snap!  Get your photos off your phone and into your hands and heart quickly and easily.  Snap2Finish offers a simple, clean look for your favorite photos in higher-quality* products than you'll find with run-of-the-mill "online photobook" companies.  If you're a traditional scrapbooker, Snap2Finish is an easy way to order printed pictures, too.  Also from Snap2Finish:  puzzles, pillows, canvases, posters, mugs, tumblers, pillowcases, and more.  All the convenience of digital publishing in a simple format.

Snap2Finish is a great solution for making your digital photos into books in not a lot of time.  Easy solution for getting multiple copies.  Lots of fun  photo gifts, too.  You can see examples of what you can make with Snap2Finish (like puzzles!) at {this post}, or get all the information about setting up a Snap2Finish account (and using Heritage Makers publishing points for Snap2Finish) PLUS {A TUTORIAL HOW-TO VIDEO right here}.  You can even auto-fill your book with your pictures, then adjust as needed for a super fast finished product.  {This video shows you how.}  

*Snap2Finish is printed by the same printer as Heritage Makers, using the same quality products and binding methods.

Our Memories For Life traditional scrapbooking 
Designed by Rhonda Anderson, co-founder of Creative Memories, these products are in the vein of Creative Memories.  Papers, pens, coversets (binders), tape runners, border maker punches, cardstock paper sets, journaling cards, paper trimmers, etc.  All of these great scrapbooking products are available at {my website}--just click "products" then "Our Memories For Life" and add products to your cart.

Our Memories For Life is a great option for people who love paper scrapbooking--the papers, the embellishments, cutting, making borders, etc.  Many people who love and use this system are former Creative Memories users since the binding (strap binding) is what they're used to, but anyone could start with this system.  There are regular page protectors available, but there are also Pocket Protectors so you can just slide photos, journaling cards, and border strips in the pockets.  This makes your memory-keeping very quick and easy!  Learn more at:

Don't forget--you can use these products to preserve your memories (or to craft!), but you can do more!  Share your favorite Memory Keeping line (or two or three!) by hosting a class (I teach!) or just referring your friends--you can get free products that way.  E-mail me at jenniferwise4heritagemakers@gmail.com to set up a class and learn about host rewards, or learn about referral rewards.

Or make your passion your career by being a consultant-distributor of your favorite Memory Keeping line (or two or three!) in Team Wise.  E-mail me at jenniferwise4heritagemakers@gmail.com for more information, or join my team easily at www.heritagemakers.com/jenniferwise by scrolling down to the "join my team" link next to my photo at the left.

There's something for everyone in our Memory Keeping lines!