"Got my storybooks in the mail. Bawled my eyes out!! Even my husband was blown away and said he didn't expect the quality and design. Soooo grateful!"  ~Wendy B., Washington

"I really appreciate Heritage Makers in general because I can so easily share great memories through picture books with others from various events such as family reunions or rugby. My favorite thing, though, is being able to personalize special gifts for my children and grandsons where I can share my most precious memories and pictures with them. I love my consultant Jennifer Wise because she keeps me informed of all the specials and information from Heritage Makers, and she is always prepared to answer any question that I may have." ~Casey F., Washington

"Heritage Makers is more than throwing pictures in a book.  I love the flexibility to create what I want and record my family's moments throughout the years by creating a Yearbook Storybook each year.  I have done this for 8 years now and those books are priceless.  My husband and kids love them too!"  ~Marcie M., Utah

(from a paper scrapbooker, after her first time scrapbooking digitally with Heritage Makers)  "This is so simple!  I can still be creative.  I can do everything I can do with paper but faster.  I spend less time, and I don't have to go away for 3 days to work on scrapbooking.  I do it online for a few minutes when I have time.  I know there are so many people like me who would love this!"  ~Sherry P., Florida

"Heritage Makers makes scrapbooking both easy and affordable!  I no longer spend money on supplies I might never use or have my house covered in paper scraps and pictures.  Having everything conveniently on the computer to use when I have the time is just wonderful!  And Jennifer is the best consultant—she meticulously helps me with my books and projects to make sure they are the absolute best they can be!"  ~Janna W., Texas

"There's no denying it. Jennifer has her entire heart of gold in this! Her passion about not allowing her babies to grow up to be jpegs is inspiring. She is helpful, creative, and open-minded. I've lost count of the number of times she's assisted me by reviewing and editing my projects.  She gets me the biggest bang for my buck and has helped me with a forgotten password!"  ~Alena W., Virginia

(from a client who hired me to create something as a gift) "WOW!  Seriously - wow!  You are absolutely amazing.  The way you are able to take my ideas and create something SO Beautiful amazes me each time.  I appreciate you so very much!"  ~Elda D., Minnesota

"Wow, you have put so much love and time into everything you are sharing [on YouTube and on your blog.]  I really appreciate it.  Thank you for your passion for teaching others about getting photos organized!"  ~Vicki D.

“I have been able to create lasting memory books with Heritage Makers!  What other company can offer such nice looking books and excellent support?!!!  My consultant guided me through everything in easy and patient steps.  I highly recommend Heritage Makers and my consultant Jennifer Wise.  She is still supporting me across the miles.”  ~Karin M., New York

"I connected to the vision of Heritage Makers from the very beginning. Being able to capture the stories of our families' lives in an easy to read storybook, illustrated with actual photos is such a powerful idea!! I have been publishing with Heritage Makers for over ten years. Each project is a labor of love, and my home is filled with family memories."  ~Cary M., Utah

"I enjoy the flexibility of Heritage Makers. Preserving memories can be done on my time and without a lengthy set up or clean up.  It's great to have a friend to go to for help as opposed to contacting costumer support.  Talking to Jennifer is more personal, which is nice,  especially as I learned how to use the site."  ~Catherine C., New York

"Jennifer, I LOVE the way you work!  You are an inspiration!"  ~Yvonne D., Colorado

"Heritage Makers has been a blessing for me! Using it has allowed me to create beautiful and meaningful works of art for my grandkids and family with minimal use of my hands. I can still be creative even though I am disabled!"   ~Cassie B., Washington

"I have many thoughts to recommend others to Heritage Makers.  I have found it incredibly wonderful to use.  And I know I can rely on Jennifer to quickly answer my questions and walk me through how to import photos several times until I get it down in my memory!  I make books often, and they do stand the test of time.  I have found that the simplest idea can lead to a wonderful Heritage Makers project. Have a collection of old photos of family?  Make an anthology.  There are templates to help you get started.  I look at projects others have completed, and then use them to help me create one personalized to my family.  Heritage Makers is more than books.  I have made games, crafts, home décor, and calendars.  Now I'm working on a deck of cards!  I use Heritage Makers to pass on the best of my knowledge into the future. Heritage cookbooks on canning, Dutch oven cooking, and recipes from my immigrant forefathers have become irreplaceable links to the three new generations of family in the U.S.  Need an idea for your Scout Troop?  It's here!  Check out all the ideas for seasonal inspiration and holiday celebration.  My Cadette troop's favorite project?  Making a babysitters book!"  ~Sandy H., Pennsylvania

"Jennifer as my consultant has been a Wise choice for me.  She has helped me with many a project and she is an extremely creative person.  She can catch any of your “boo-boos” before submitting to print, too, when you ask.  Jennifer is always there for me and if she can't respond immediately, she always gets back to me soon and always has the answers I need."  ~Cindy D., New York

"I love Heritage Makers because it allows me to be a crafty goddess despite my busy schedule!  I refuse to let my babies grow up to be JPEGs.  And Heritage Makers has allowed me to make priceless gifts and memory keepsakes for my own family.  I LOVE Heritage Makers!" ~Dina K., Colorado

(from a new member of my Heritage Makers team)  "Thank you so much, Jennifer, for all your great encouragement!!!  I know it is just so natural for you but I will never be able to articulate properly how much I appreciate you!!!  :)"  ~Carol S., Nevada

"I have been using Heritage Makers for over a decade! I LOVE it! I love how I can make my own creation from scratch & how there are books that I can just plug my photos into. I have been making our High School Drill Team Yearbooks the last 10 years or so. This site just keeps getting better & better! Jennifer has been SO helpful! She is always so on the ball & quick to get back to me with whatever info I need. I highly recommend Heritage Makers to anyone wanting to preserve memories!" ~Heidi T., Utah

"I can call Jennifer anytime and ask her the same question I've asked a million times, and she's always happy to answer. Sometimes as I'm working I get stuck, and I call her and she immediately tells me where on the screen to click, and where that will take me, and then what to do after that. She really knows her stuff, and she makes it super easy for me!"  ~Elin D., Utah

"Heritage Makers offers me ideas for layouts and projects that I would not have come up with on my own.  It offers opportunities for personalized gifts and unique cards and products. As a consultant, Jennifer provides help with the Heritage Makers program and its features, as well as project ideas and motivation. She is full of enthusiasm!"  ~Katie T., Colorado

"I appreciate working with Jennifer because she is so passionate about what she does!  She always helps you have a positive, creative and fun experience creating and recording memories.  I wouldn't be doing this without Jennifer!"  ~Emily D., Colorado

(from my friend and very first Heritage Makers consultant)  "I don't often get to spotlight a more amazing lady than my friend and Heritage Maker, Jennifer Wise.  She truly is a HERITAGE MAKER.  She shares her loves for preserving photos, memories, and stories on her blog and is always sharing great ideas and inspiring her clients and team!!  I love her passion for this amazing brand and I just wanted her to know!!"  ~Wendy M., Utah