Friday, April 29, 2011

Sign up for Club HM without me!!!

THIS IS GREAT NEWS!!!  It used to be that you had to contact your Heritage Makers consultant in order to get any sale prices, discounts, "workshop pricing," or whatever.  And now, amazingly enough, you can get the BEST Heritage Makers price (Club HM) from the comfort and convenience of your own computer!  You don't need me to sign you up!  Hooray!

(If you need a refresher on what exactly Club HM gets you, there are links at the "very best price: Club HM" at the top.  Basically, Club HM is the best price and the most access.)

Look how easy this is.  Just go to  If you already have an account, login.  If you don't have an account, click "sign up" at the upper right (IT'S FREE!) and follow the instructions.  (it's easier to see on the actual website)

When you're signed in, you should see your name at the upper left under "Heritage Makers."  It will say "Basic member (modify)" next to your name.  Click modify.

(Here's the upper right corner, a little closer)

At the right, you'll see "Join Club HM."  Click that and follow the instructions.


Club HM is designed to help people continually publish--stay caught up on their photos--so it will automatically renew each month.  Joining Club HM requires a 3-month commitment, but you can cancel any time after the 3 months if you choose.  Rather than delve into a bunch of boring details about canceling, I will just say:  contact me if you'd like to know how to do that.

I am so glad that joining Club HM has become SO SIMPLE!!  Hooray!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

COOL FEATURE #11: address book (direct ship)

This is the LAST of the Cool Features segment.  Actually, #10 was supposed to be last, but I just thought of one more AMAZING Cool Feature!

The Address Book

Once you sign in, you are directed to this page ("my studio").

Over at the upper right, there is a link called "my address book."

Click on it and you will be able to enter the addresses of your friends and family and other contacts.  Then when you send out cards (Christmas cards, for example, but this also works with just one card like a birthday card), these cards will ship directly to the recipients!!  Isn't that amazing?  Isn't that a REALLY COOL FEATURE??  You don't have to use direct ship/address book, but it's an option if you want it.  (Direct ship requires an envelope, so cards and invitations can be direct shipped, but postcards can't.  The only exception to this "envelope" rule is that the new 5x5 cards can't be direct shipped because the post office requires them to be hand-canceled.)

Pretty great feature, huh?

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

COOL FEATURE #10: how to tell the REAL size of a font/picture

Not sure if a font is going to be too small (or too big) when you publish?  Not sure if you've made a picture so small that you can't tell who is in it any more?  Or wondering if that picture is plenty big and you might as well shrink it down so you can fit another picture on the page?

When you're working in Studio, it's very convenient to be able to zoom in on any object.  It's easier on the eyes. But sometimes you might not be able to tell clearly when something is too big or too small.

Here's a trick:  Above your project, in the middle, there are zoom buttons.  The magnifying glass with red makes you zoom out.  The magnifying glass with green makes you zoom in.  Between the two is a slider bar which you can slide up or down to zoom in or out.  If you drag that arrow on the slider bar, it will tell you if you're looking at your project at 85% or 150%.  Drag it until it says 100% (or something close), and then you will be able to get a better idea of exactly how big something is going to be when it's printed!

Cool Feature, huh?