Thursday, June 29, 2017

Don't let your babies grow up to be jpegs. - Expert Interview with Jenni...

I was interviewed on Tuesday by The Social Media Advisor!  This fun, 30-minute interview covers how powerful Heritage Makers can be in both personal and business use, and gives you 3 ways to move forward if you haven't been preserving memories and photos for a while.  Don't miss it!

Monday, June 26, 2017

imperfect photos?

Are you an amazing photographer?  Or are you like me?  The one on the sidelines with a ratio of about 5 average (or below average) shots to 1 pretty good shot, and the rare Amazing One somewhere along the way?

There are a lot of photography tips and pointers out there (in fact, I pin a lot of them {here}), but I hope we never lose sight of the purpose of photography:  recording memories and moments.

Don't worry about taking photos that aren't perfect.  In the end, your photos are simply a record of your living.  They're for you to love and enjoy, and for those who come after you to love and cherish.   

Thursday, June 22, 2017

crafting with Heritage Makers: perpetual calendar blocks

#tbt   Because you're essentially designing your own scrapbook page, you can do some REALLY COOL crafting with Heritage Makers!  I love this tutorial that shows how to make perpetual calendar blocks:

These make a fun, easy, desktop gift for someone who has everything.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Four memory-keeping MYTHS, busted in four minutes!

Have you ever heard the myths surrounding preserving photos and memories?  "I'm not creative," or "I don't scrapbook" or "I don't have time"?

But if everyone takes photos and everyone has memories and stories, wouldn't it make sense that everyone should be able to preserve them?  Why would preserving photos and memories be limited to certain people or certain interests?

See 4 common memory-keeping myths busted right here in 4 minutes.

Change the way you think about preserving your photos and memories.  It's important and it's do-able.  Don't let false ideas stop you.

This is a quick look at these four busted myths.  For more details, information, and solutions, see the "mythbusting" tab in red at the top of this page.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

video tutorial: creating stand-out flyers for business

If you're a small business owner looking to stand out from the rest, this is one easy and impressive way to do it.

I normally show off high-quality and gorgeous ways to tell stories or preserve photos and memories here at LifeTalesBooks, but there are so many great products you can use for business that they're really worth mentioning (and showing off!), too.

I love creating my business flyers with Heritage Makers for 4 reasons:
  1. They're gorgeous.  They make me stand out, and I can really draw attention to what I do and what I have to offer.  All the digital art you see there (background papers, embellishments) IS INCLUDED in the Heritage Makers software, too.
  2. They're high-quality.  These are thick, slick pages.  They have a very professional feel and look.
  3. I get exactly what I want.  All Heritage Makers products are like this--the drag-n-drop system means I can place anything anywhere on a page, putting as much text or as many photos on my flyers as I want.  I can tell the whole story.  Flyers also come as double-sided or single sided.  AND since I can create the pages exactly how I want to, I can even do half-size flyers (as shown in the photo above), or even quarter size if that fits my needs best.  FLEXIBILITY.  It's the name of the game.
  4. The price is right.  Flyers come in a pack of 30 for about $13-$20 depending on if they're single-sided or double-sided and on the discount you choose.
I have spoken with several people recently about using Heritage Makers flyers to tell their personal stories of their WHYs--why they are in the business they're in.  Stories really connect people, and I think that's a brilliant use of flyers!  You could also use flyers to give an overview of your business, advertise specials, or even just list your favorite products.  Flexibility is one of my favorite Heritage Makers perks.

I walk you through the basics of creating Heritage Makers flyers right here, showing you how to make a flyer using a template and how to create one from "scratch" in Heritage Makers' Studio program.  It's just a 30-minute watch:

Remember, you can create anything you want on Heritage Makers flyers (I've done Christmas letters!), so the sky's the limit.  And remember, too, the "contact me" tab at the upper left at this blog if you have any questions.  I'm here to help!

Monday, June 12, 2017

photos are a gift... with power

How true is this for anything else we spend our time and money on?  Not very!

The reason I love photos so much--and the reason I think they're one of the most valuable things we will ever own--is because of my own experience.  I think of so many moments that have passed and people I don't get to be with any more.  When I have photos of these moments and people, I actually get them back to the fullest extent possible.

In fact, I de-stress from today by {visiting yesterday}.  And it works!!

Preserving photos with their stories (our memories) is such a gift and has inherent power to increase happiness and self-esteem, heal hearts, and strengthen relationships.  It has a grounding, centering effect and even reduces stress.  It's the ultimate in self-care.

Don't wait for these benefits--get started right now at the "how to get started" tab in red above.  You'll thank me, I promise.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

two impressive ideas for swag bags

Do you know what a swag bag is?  It's a little gift you get when you attend an event.  It's a nice touch and fun to receive.  I recently created TWO items for swag bags that are UNIQUE and FUN!  I love how much these make me stand out!  These are great for business (which is what I'll be showing you here today), but these are also fantastic ideas for goodie bags for birthday parties or any other gift bag occasions you have.

I go to a couple of networking groups that have swag bags that I can contribute to.  Since I can't give away a true sample of my business like a book of your vacation to Florida or your grandma's life storybook, I wanted to come up with just a little something that would be a taste of my business to go inside the swag bags.

IDEA #1:  goodie bags with chocolates
  • Business cards.  I actually have three business cards--a regular one, a social media one, and an events one.  They're all double-sided (made with Heritage Makers).  The social media one gives people who haven't heard of my business before a chance to really SEE what it's about through their chosen method--my YouTube channel, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, etc.  The events one is an invitation to my local "bring your laptop and work on Heritage Makers projects" events.  (I have online events, too, BTW!)
  • Specially-made chocolate labels.  These serve as a sample, advertising, and a treat.  :)  You can put pictures, logos, anything you want on these!  They're made with Heritage Makers, too.
  • 4x3 bags.  Everything goes in these bags.  Available at craft stores.

I think they're adorable, but I also love that they're not that expensive!
  • Business cards:  The double-sided cards are around $5 for a pack of 50.  That's 10c each, so for my three cards, just 30c per bag.
  • Labels:  The address labels I used for the chocolates are about $2.70 for a set of 54.  That's about 5c each.  For my three labels, that's 15c per bag.
  • Chocolates:  A bag of Hershey Nuggets is around $3.50.  I counted about 33 chocolates inside, so we'll call that 10c each, so 30c per bag since I'm giving 3.
  • Bags:  I got 100 for $2 at Walmart, so that's 2c each.
The way I did the bags, this comes out to 77cents per bag.  If you did one chocolate and one business card, that's 27 cents per bag!  They're impressive and completely personalized for your business, yet very inexpensive!

By the way, if you missed my tutorial video on how to make the chocolate labels a few months ago, you can see it here.  Chocolate labels are one of the most fun and impressive things you can create using Heritage Makers.  They're great for wedding favors and all kinds of things.

IDEA #2: recipes from playing cards

  • Playing Card Deck.  I LOVE everything you can do with a playing card deck from Heritage Makers.  You can certainly create traditional {family playing cards} or even {family stories playing cards}, but these have business information and a message on one side and a RECIPE on the other!!  Isn't that cool?! 
You'll create the backs once (they'll be the same on every card), like this:
 And, yes, the card deck comes in this plastic case.

The fronts of the cards can be made different (like a regular deck of cards is), but for this one I wanted them all the same, like this:
I turned these sideways when I was making them so they would print this orientation.  Because I wanted them all the same on the fronts, I created this once digitally and then used the "duplicate" button to recreate the exact same card to fill the deck of 54.  (If you need help with that, just ask!  It's SO EASY!)

These are great because once you create these digitally and submit them for publishing, there's NO work to package them or do anything more!  PLUS they come out to about 33c-40c each, so pretty inexpensive for an impressive bit of swag!

I do have a tutorial video that walks you through all the steps of making a deck of cards.  You'll obviously have to adapt just a little for swag.  :)  Playing Cards are such a fun and unique idea for swag or goodie bags.
If YOU make goodie bags or swag bags with these ideas, I'd love to see them!  Send pictures to and tell me what fun and amazing thing YOU did!  I'd love to feature you and your business or event here.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

video: Heritage Makers Class 2017

If you've wanted to know all about Heritage Makers, here's your chance!  I've recorded an introduction to Heritage Makers, products, pricing, benefits, inspiration, and more--even WHY memory-keeping is really good for you!  It's a little more than half an hour, and you'll come away with some great inspiration, knowledge, and ideas!

If you'd like to HOST a class like this one, contact me so your order can be part of a group order and you can get some benefits/freebies.  Otherwise, you can follow the steps {here} to get started creating with Heritage Makers.

Don't forget--you don't have to be a scrapbooker in order to be able to preserve your photos and memories.  Scrapbooking started 20 years ago.  Photos have been around for 200.

Find something that is do-able for YOU right here at this class!