Wednesday, December 28, 2011

new SOFT-BOUND books

One of the new items released in August was a Soft-Bound 8x8 Book.  I just made one for Christmas this year and was very happy with it.  These soft-bound books are half the price of their same-size hardbound counterparts.  This makes an affordable publishing option ($24.95 RETAIL--you'd get it cheaper with publishing points) for children's stories, cookbooks, and more.

Some people have been asking "What is soft-bound?"  I like to think of it the same way you would a library book--you can buy books in hard-cover or paperback.  Soft-bound is like paperback, but the pages are of a MUCH higher quality than your average library book and are more durable.  When these soft-bound books first came out, this description about the production accompanied the announcement:

Consultants are very excited about the recently announced soft-bound book. Here is some important information about our production process:

Heritage Makers is using a new method of perfect binding called "PUR" which is a hot melt adhesive manufactured with polyurethene reactive material. After the adhesive is applied, a natural chemical reaction occurs as it is exposed to moisture in the air. This reaction creates a superior bond within the fibers of the paper giving the product greater pull and flex strength. It also doesn't allow the adhesive to get brittle and crack (allowing pages to fall out) like traditional perfect binding components.

We are one of only a few PUR perfect binders in the U.S. and wanting this new technology was one of the reasons we waited to bring soft-bound books on as a product offering.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Short on time? Five QUICK gift ideas!!

IDEA #1:  Canvases!  
These are so popular right now, and I LOVE the quality of the Heritage Makers canvases.  They are GORGEOUS.  There's no other word for it.  These come together SO fast!  A few background papers and embellishments, a quote or title, and you're done.  Or use a template like these and you're done even faster!

Canvases are 50-140 points, depending on size.  You can also get them framed if you like, for additional points.

IDEA #2:  Playing cards!
These are so much fun!  There are TONS of ideas (and tons of templates) for playing cards, such as Family Go Fish (matching), Family Rook, Get-to-Know-the-Family (fact cards), and MUCH more!   

I just made these as a gift for my sister's family.  They are dinner conversation starters.  
(This was accepted into the template gallery!  Just go to the website,, and click "template gallery" at the upper right.  Search for item 77986, and you'll see this!  Get the template, go through and make sure you like all the questions, change the family name on the back of the cards, and you're DONE!  This would probably take you 10 minutes, start to finish.  Awesome.)

Playing cards are 25 points for a deck of 54.  You can add more cards to the deck, too, if you like, for50 cents per card.

IDEA #3:  Tiles!
A craft project made from Heritage Makers individual scrapbook pages!  Tiles are so popular right now, too.  

Both of these are ones I made (though some are copied from templates or ideas "stolen" from others!), so I can transfer these to you to use, too.  The first is one 12x12 page divided into four 6x6 sections.  I cut it up and put each one on a 6.5x6.5 tile.  EASY and FAST!  (And a cheap but cool gift!)

These are full 12x12 scrapbook pages, which I've seen on 13x13 tiles, but you could also just frame these in 12x12 frames like I did.  Scroll through to see all 5.

12x12 scrapbook pages are 4 points.  8x8 scrapbook pages are 3 points.  Both are printed on thick, high-quality paper.  Very nice.  You can also add a UV coating to scrapbook pages (something like 50 cents, I think) to make these into something like coasters, or be able to use wipe-off markers on them.

IDEA #4:  Calendars!
These are SO CUTE!  There are a LOT available in the template gallery so that you don't have to spend any time designing.  Find one you like, put your own pictures and special dates in it (birthdays, anniversaries), and that's it!

Calendars are 30 points for the 8.5x11 size and 35 points for the 11x16 size.  They're wirebound.

IDEA #5:  Gift certificates!
Good, old-fashioned gift certificates!!  Know somebody who takes a lot of pictures? wants to write a personal history?  Chances are good they would love Heritage Makers!  A gift certificate gives them an account with some publishing points already in it so they're ready to publish anything they like.  
Available in many denominations.