How to Get Started

At Photo & Story Treasures, we only recommend heirloom-quality photo products (such as photo-memory books and pages) from companies that maintain private photo storage and don't reserve rights to share or sell your photos in their fine print.  

We also only recommend digital photo storage with companies that assure longevity--that you'll have those photos and digital projects for generations to come--and don't reserve rights to delete your account or your photos.  

Because of our high standards, we currently only recommend FOREVER where you can preserve memories in print, preserve and digitize photos stuck in old media (like VHS tapes), and own permanent digital photo & video cloud storage (with no monthly fee) that you can pass down to the next generation.

Just follow these 5 steps to get started.  Remember you can contact me if you have any questions!

  1.  Open your free Forever account at my website:  You'll get a $20 coupon (good for 60 days), so you could try out a mini book, mug, mousepad, etc. for free, or use it towards any other item.  
  2. Upload photos to your account.  You get 2 GB of free storage but you can purchase additional storage as you like.  (That means you OWN the storage, you don't rent it or have to pay upkeep or other fees.)  When you're logged in to the Forever home page, click "library" below your name at the right.  Here's a quick video about uploading photos from your computer, or just do it directly from your phone using the app.  Here's a more detailed video about organizing photos in Albums and Nested Albums in Forever:

  3. Choose a platform--click "Create and Print" from the home page.  You can choose between AutoPrint, Design & Print, and Artisan.  AutoPrint lets you click a button to auto-fill all your chosen photos into your project, then just adjust pictures as needed, add captions and a background color, and you're done.  Design & Print has beautiful pre-designed templates and page layouts you can adjust and personalize--drop pictures in designated spots and add your story (text).  It's digital scrapbooking in a snap.  For full creativity and flexibility, have a look at Artisan, Forever's powerful digital scrapbooking software.  Your project will be saved in your account, just like your pictures.   See the videos below to get an overview of each of these three different options.
  4. Learn about Forever Club.  It's free and it saves you an extra 5%!  Forever Club is like a savings account (Forever Club Dollars don't expire), and you can save up for larger items or multiple items easily, too.  There are 4 different levels to choose from, and you can join/leave any time.
  5. Before you place your order, check the Deals tab to see if your desired item is on sale.  Use the link to copy the coupon code so you can "paste" it in the coupon section before you check out.  Don't forget to apply your $20 coupon, too!  (When you open your account, you also get a referral link which you can share with others.  Anyone who opens a Forever account using your referral link gets a $20 coupon and so do you!  So you may have additional $20 coupons coming your way.)
Here, I explain the difference between the three different print platforms you can choose with Forever.  I love that there are three different ones because you can find whatever fits your available time and creative needs.

You can also see each of these 3 platforms individually for more information:

overview of AutoPrint by Forever (free, web-based)

overview of Design & Print by Forever (free, web-based)

overview of Artisan by Forever (purchased and downloaded; 30-day free trial available)

Don't forget that Forever has a unique photo storage service, too! 

If you're not sure how that compares to other, common cloud storage:

And be sure you know about the three ways to save on Forever products & services so you don't have to pay full price for any of it!

To digitize old media (film, slides, VHS tapes, etc.), you'll want the Forever Box.  Here's a quick overview:

And here are more details:

Forever is the whole package, making it easy for you to complete those 5 steps to change your good photo intentions into an actual photo-memory book you can hold and share, but it's also a dream for permanent, private, guaranteed photo/video storage and for rescuing old memories from outdated media and saving them as well! 

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