how to get started

Here are five simple steps to turn your good ideas into an actual product!  (Even if you're a "skimmer," be sure you read every detail.  Then you'll have all the information you need.)

1.  Go to and click "sign up" at the upper right to open your free Heritage Makers account where your photos and projects will be stored.

2.  Click "products" to decide which kind of product you want (or contact me for ideas & helps).  You can see product specs as well as pricing options here.  It's good to get an idea of how much your project will cost (do you need multiple copies?) so that you will know how to get the best price for your needs.

3.  To get the best price (wholesale), and to get free Premier art or template access, you'll want to join the free program called HM Club.  (Video explanation at the bottom of this page, if you prefer.)  With HM Club, you purchase publishing points (like credits or Heritage Makers Dollars) to use for any Heritage Makers item you like.  HM Club is $50 for 60 publishing points (so it's like getting $10 free!).  The publishing points don't expire for 2 years if you want to use some of them later.  To join HM Club, go back to your account at my website (in step #1) and click "my account," then sign up on the right.  HM Club renews each month, but if you don't want it to, go back into "my account" and set it not to renew.  You can add HM Club to your account as often as you need it.  For more details of all the HM Club perks, click hereIf you choose not to join HM Club, you'll have access to the smaller Basic Art Collection and Basic Templates.  You will probably want to check the "Basic" box in the template gallery, or the "hide Premier" box in the Art Collection tab in Studio (where you edit your project).  This will just allow you to not have to sift through the many hundreds of Premier Art pieces and Templates.

4.  If you choose to join HM Club, e-mail me at to let me know you did.  I have a gift for all new Club HM members, too--it's a helpful brochure I've made with important information and tips--so I'll put it in the mail ASAP.

5.  Now you're ready to start your project.  You'll want to upload pictures first, then open a project (either creating your own from scratch or using a fully-editable template).  If you need some directions on doing this, you can watch the Intro to Heritage Makers video I made by clicking right here.  This walks you through the basics of getting started on a project.

ADDITIONAL HELPS:  If you'd like some more thorough, detailed tutorials, here are two I've made for you.

Remember the "contact me" tab--I am happy to help with any questions!

I also offer to proofread or look over your first project before you submit it for publishing!  Just ask!

I'm happy to proofread additional projects, if you like, too, and I can even create projects (or even part of a project) for you as well.  Pricing information is below.

initial consultation and learning about Heritage Makers:  free
questions along the way:  free
previewing your first project (if desired):  free
additional services such as previewing additional projects or creating projects for you:  $35/hour (with the exception of the Personal Photo Manager Program)