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In today's digital age, we take lots and lots of digital photos--so many that actually doing something with them can be overwhelming and even seem impossible.  But photos that aren't interacted with are forgotten.  The memories behind them fade.  Photos need to be seen, held, and loved, not just amassed. 

Here are some helpful tips I've created (and seen people have success with!) over almost two decades as a memory-keeping consultant and coach:
Find 10 Tips for Happy Memory-Keeping (not guilt-ridden memory-keeping or overwhelmed memory-keeping) by clicking this image:

Click here for tips on scrapbooking faster.  Or look at this great Yearbook option for quick and easy memory-keeping:

Getting started can be the biggest step, and once you have started, it can be quite helpful to have some strategies for consistency.  In fact, I've seen this time and again as THE KEY to people truly enjoying and keeping caught up preserving their photos and memories.  Find my 10 Strategies for Consistency here:

We tend to think of time as a scarce commodity.  Here are some new perspectives: