Friday, April 29, 2016

a basic video introduction to Heritage Makers in less than 15 minutes!

Whether you are looking for easy memory-keeping, higher-quality digital scrapbooking than you're currently getting, fun digital crafting & DIY ideas, a special way to commemorate something wonderful, a way to increase self-esteem, unique & personal gift ideas, or stand-out business supplies, YOU HAVE COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE!  This video will give you a basic introduction to a powerful tool called Heritage Makers in less than 15 minutes! If you have more questions, come back to this blog and explore, and/or just contact me directly (contact info in red tab above).  ENJOY and share this *amazing* thing!

Monday, April 25, 2016

the one blog you really need

I've been a Heritage Makers consultant for OVER 11 YEARS now!  I started this blog about 7 years ago as my foray into the social media world.  Well, at least as far as my business was concerned.  :)

Since then, it has really become more of a stash of knowledge and inspiration from which clients, potential clients, and visitors can draw.

Here are some of the questions answered on this blog:
  • What is Heritage Makers?
  • What can I do with Heritage Makers and how will it benefit me?
  • What makes Heritage Makers better than online photobooks?
  • What perks do I get with Heritage Makers that I can't get anywhere else?
  • What kinds of products can I make with Heritage Makers?
  • How can I host a Heritage Makers class, and what are the benefits?
  • How can I get the best Heritage Makers price?
  • What if I am looking for something special for a specific event?
  • What kinds of gifts can I make with Heritage Makers?
  • What kind of business products do you have that will make my business stand out?
  • Can I get some tips on memory-keeping, photo organization, and time management?
  • What are the scientific benefits of memory-keeping?
  • How does preserving photos and memories affect children?
  • How can I live without Heritage Makers?

(That last one is a trick question.  You can't.)

So if you have a photo, if you have a loved one, if you want to do something invaluable, look around this blog by clicking the tabs in red above or the labels at the bottom of posts or scroll down to see the blog archive and click around to find what interests you.   

Then DO YOURSELF A FAVOR and subscribe by e-mail so you don't miss anything!  

What's better than free inspiration, pointers, and information about something absolutely priceless to people you love?! 

Friday, April 22, 2016

best ever BOARD BOOKS!!!

Guess what came out this week!!  Board Books by Heritage Makers!

We had board books awhile back but they had to be discontinued [insert long explanation here about our awesome printing press and printing times], and now they are BACK!!!  

These board books are SO AMAZING for kids!  You can really do some heartfelt and important things.

 I love this book--showing a child why they are a VIP to their mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, aunt, etc.  So sweet.

These board books lay flat, have 21 thick (1/32") pages (but are expandable to 30) and are 6.25"x6.25".

Make your own at  Digital art is included, using the Heritage Makers Studio program is free, your Heritage Makers account is free, and you get the best price and most digital art through the free Club HM program (see tab above).  Do something TODAY that has a real impact on someone you love!  

Follow the simple steps at the "how to get started" tab in red at the top of this blog.  

Monday, April 18, 2016

"Sign-It" Cardmaking KITS!!

I don't know why I'm so surprised at how much I'm enjoying the card kits from the new Anthology by Lisa Bearnson line.  Maybe because I've loved the simplicity of making digital cards with Heritage Makers for several years.  

...But maybe that explains it!  The Anthology line is designed for busy people.  The KITS are just that--kits.  Everything is already cut out, punched, etc.  There are even "recipe cards" that show you an example of a finished product if you want to do it that way.

When I got the "Sign It" Card Kit, I had seen pictures and I knew they were *ADORABLE* but still...  Opening that box is like Christmas, I swear.

Here are all the pieces included with this kit.  Cards, envelopes, papers, pop-up adhesive squares, die cuts, and chipboard pieces.  Everything matches, everything fits, everything is cut.   It's all ready to go.

This kit has chalkboard-looking papers with greetings.  Each one is different in this 20-card kit.  And they couldn't be cuter.

If you can stick things together, you can make the most darling cards from this kit. 

I tried a few without the banner pieces, just to mix it up a little.  You can't do this wrong.

And THEN!!!  Are you ready for this?  The cards stand up like sandwich board displays.  So these cute greetings can be displayed on a mantle or shelf!

Write your greeting inside...

...and someone is in for a treat!!

The Sign-It Card Kit from Anthology by Lisa Bearnson has everything you need to make 20 cards and comes in an adorable box for you to keep the completed cards in as you mail them out to lucky recipients. 

This one is going to one of my dearest friends whose birthday is this week!

This kit is $49, so that's $2.49 a card.  Similar in price (or a little better!) than a store-bought card, but way better, don't you think?!?!?  You can order this kit by going to and clicking "products" then "Anthology by Lisa Bearnson."

And while you're there, you might want to just peruse some of the other Anthology products (whether scrapbooking, scrapbooking kits, pocket scrapbooking, pocket scrapbooking kits, home decor, cardmaking) because a VERY COOL THING to do is get free shipping by signing up for autoship.  With autoship, you can choose something new to get sent to you each month (and there are new items coming out each month, too) and you get free shipping to boot!  You sign up for autoship at a different website, so just ask for more details (contact info in red above) and I'll get you taken care of.

Happy creating!  #makesomethingmeaningful #getcrafty

Friday, April 15, 2016

magnetic vision board

The car magnets from Heritage Makers have been out for about six months now.  I made a car magnet for my business first, and then I tried a couple more fun things--a family planner for the week (to go on your fridge) and a weekly meal planner (also for the fridge).  ICYMI, you can see those {here}.

I recently got another idea.  What about making your yearly vision board /dream board / goals on a car magnet??  It would stick nicely on a file cabinet or fridge.  And because you can use a dry erase marker on the car magnets, it would be something you could re-use year after year!

I left spaces for writing and spaces for you to tape up pictures of your vision if you prefer visual reminders.  Or you can write in those frames instead.  Your vision board is ALL ABOUT YOU.

If you've never made a vision board before, here are some pointers for getting started:
But remember--your vision board is YOUR goals, YOUR dreams, YOUR desires to be all you can be.  So take suggestions, but make it YOU.

Car magnets are less than $25.  They would make great co-worker gifts or gifts for teenagers or parents, etc.  

I created this car magnet myself in my Heritage Makers account.  I submitted it to be in the template gallery, but I haven't heard back yet about whether or not it has been accepted.  So if you would like to use this vision board and it's not accessible in the template gallery, just shoot me an e-mail (contact information in the tab above) and ask me to transfer this project from my Heritage Makers account to yours.  It's SUPER simple!

Go!  Dream!

Monday, April 11, 2016

get caught up on your photos

I will admit that I am never more than about 2-3 months behind on preserving my photos in Heritage Makers digital scrap pages.  (Other people use the hardbound books.  I love that there are OPTIONS!)  Photos and memory-keeping aren't a burden to me.  If you asked me why and how I keep up on my photos so well, this is what I would tell you:
  • Heritage Makers is dang easy.  Everything is online.  It's really no effort because there are no "supplies"--it's as easy as checking e-mail.  I can do memory keeping for an hour or for 15 minutes here and there, which adds up!  
  • Templates are free and make things go quickly.  If I want to take creative time to design something myself, I can, but if the goal is to just GET IT DONE, templates are a huge time-saver.
  • I enjoy it.  It's quiet time.  Creating something meaningful is peaceful to me.  
  • I set aside the time.  You never "find" time.  You make it.  I set aside personal time, but I also host Scrapbook Days in my home and invite friends.  I also have online Digi-Crops for my Heritage Makers clients from all over the country where we "meet" at a specified time to work on our individual computers and share what we're working on.
  • I get the best prices by using Club HM.  It's free to use and I get a 25% off discount at check-out.   Um, hello.  Win-win.  (see the Club HM tab in red for details)  Getting the best price is  high priority, of course, but one of the freebies with Club HM is that I have a Premier account which gives me access to 100,000+ pieces of digital art and 13,000+ templates, so it's just easier to get exactly what I want all the time, which makes memory-keeping FUN!
  • I don't use every photo I ever take.  If you take a lot of photos, I highly recommend just choosing your favorites.  It is okay to not use a photo you've takenYou can't be so knee-deep in photos that it precludes you from enjoying ANY of them!  
 Join me and get caught up on your photos!  Open your free Heritage Makers account at, then join Club HM to get yourself some Publishing Points, lots of additional perks and templates, and a discount when you check out.  If you want to join my Digi-Crops, e-mail me at and I'll be sure to invite you.  

Let's rock this.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Who lives in your memory?

There are people who live in your memory who don't live in the memories of younger generations.  A grandfather, a special aunt, a parent.  What do you know about those people that you want to make sure lives on and isn't forgotten?  How can you make sure the people below you in the family tree know about the people above you?

All my grandparents are gone.  My mom's mom was a genealogist.  She was hilarious, resourceful, and a hard worker.  She knew every plant native to Oregon and would point them out on our drives to the coast.  My mom's dad reminds me of my youngest son.  He was quiet but hilarious and had the best laugh.  He was stalwart and someone I always looked up to. 

My dad's mom had a beautiful singing voice and played the piano and the violin.  She was quick to serve.  She was a widow for 31 years, and I think one of the grandest unspoken things that I knew about her was how very much she loved my grandpa.  My dad's dad died two days after my 6th birthday.  He was only 65.  I always wish I'd had more time with him to know him better, but he was with me when I caught my first (and only) fish, and he loved sports and would play with me.

These are the people who live in my memory.  They don't live in my children's memories.  That makes me {the bridge}.

I am pleased to share a beautiful poem today (with permission) by Colleen G. Brown Pasquale over at Leaves & Branches called "Suppose You Were the Only One" that will inspire you to do something with what you know.  It's here:

I'm all about solutions!  No use feeling inspired without something to DO about it.

The people in your memory can be shared when you put them in a Heritage Makers storybook!  

Here's one possibility:
(full page-by-page preview here:

Here's another possibility:
(and the page-by-page preview:

There's no time like RIGHT NOW to preserve your what you know and remember!  Be that bridge.  It makes a difference.  In fact, {studies show} that the single biggest predictor of a child's well-being is their knowledge of their family stories.  It creates a sense of belonging and even makes kids more resilient.

So don't let who you remember and what you know only live in your head.  Make a record of it!  It will be priceless to you and to generations.  

Open your free Heritage Makers account at  See the "how to get started" tab above, and contact me via the "contact me" tab if you need ANYTHING!  It's my job to instruct, inspire, and help.  And I love my job. #icanhelp

Monday, April 4, 2016

What makes a "storybook" different than a "photobook"?

You've probably seen digital photobooks around lately.  Several companies offer ways to put your photos into a book.  You might think that's what Heritage Makers is for when you see this blog or my website with photos like this:
But, trust me--you'll never hear me call a Heritage Makers book a "photobook."  And why not?  What's the difference?

A few years ago I was teaching a Heritage Makers class (read more about that here) and a gal in attendance told me that she had just barely finished a photo book.  She went on a once-in-a-lifetime trip and took lots of pictures and was so excited to share them.  BUT, she said, the company she used for her photo book didn't leave much room at all for text, so she wasn't able to put the details of her adventure in the book.  She told me she was frustrated because here she'd gone on this fabulous trip, spent time and money on this photo book, and yet every time she showed it to someone, she had to narrate it.  She had to actually sit down with the person and explain all the photos on all the pages.

On the other hand, a Heritage Makers book is NOT a photo book.  It's a storybook.  You can put as much text in a Heritage Makers book as you want--anywhere you want on a page.  You have complete flexibility.  You aren't limited on photos, either, so you can have it all.

photos + text/story = memories

Tell your story at  Open your free account, and use the "contact me" tab (in red) above if you have any questions!  Follow the five steps to get started by clicking here.

Friday, April 1, 2016

PERSONAL chocolate?!

Okay, my friends.  I just made some new favors using Heritage Makers address labels.  They turned out so amazingly cute & impressive.  I LOVE that you can do so many creative things with Heritage Makers products.  I mean, address labels are just address labels, right?

Mmmm......  Not necessarily.

Address labels are wedding favors, Valentine gifts, advertising opportunities, birthday favors or gifts, graduation party favors, baby shower favors, Mothers Day or Fathers Day gifts.

Are you thinking of a different idea?  They can be THAT, too!!
Labels come in a set of 54 and are peel-n-stick.  They stick very well to things, too.  These are not your average print-at-home Avery labels.  Plus, these have possibilities!!  Add names and photos and dates and special messages.   Design your own or adjust a template.  You can have so much fun with these!!

And they look like you special-ordered them from Hershey.  :)

$3 for labels and $3 for a bag of Hershey Nuggets.  Not bad for knocking somebody's socks off!

Here's how to make yours!  (Or, I can make them with your design, set of 54, for $10+shipping.)

"I found you through Pinterest as I was looking for swag ideas for an upcoming reader's retreat (where readers meet authors.)  I used your video tutorial to make labels for the Hershey Nugget candies out of address labels, and I was thrilled with the results.  I made nine different designs, each with a photo of one of my book covers, my name, and my website address.  Thanks to your video, it was easy to design and order the labels."  -Jan