benefits of memory-keeping

Did you know memory-keeping (preserving photos with their memories) is GOOD FOR YOU?

Find out exactly what I mean at the ebook at the bottom of this page, "The Secret Ingredient to Self-Care and Wellness."  It's a 40-minute read that will blow you away.

Memory-keeping reduces stress!  It has a grounding, centering effect.  In fact, some therapists use memory-keeping in their practices because of its therapeutic benefits, including healing and coping.  Don't just take my word for it--{here's what Photo Therapist Judy Weiser has to say}.  And here is a personal experience of how {stories help heal from grief}.

Knowing family stories has a tremendous effect on children.  It increases self-esteem and a sense of belonging.  It strengthens (and sometimes even creates!) family connections.

Studies have even shown that recalling happy memories increases happiness in the present!  So if you want to BE HAPPIER, make some time to sit down and do some memory-keeping.  It's something incredibly good for you that benefits other people at the very same time!

These days there is unfortunately quite a lot of disconnect, loneliness, self-esteem struggles, and a host of other mental health challenges.  Social media is one thing that has been shown in many studies to take quite a toll on our mental health.  Interestingly, something as simple as memory-keeping can be {the antidote to the emotional toll of social media}, so don't miss that article linked there! 

Here are a few blog posts that go a little deeper into the benefits of memory-keeping and preserving family photos and stories:

And this one is for real!  Guess what has been statistically proven to make you happier than chocolate?!  Find out at my guest post, {The Best Thing You Can Do For Your Kids}.

There are some staggering reasons to be a memory-keeper.  I've told that story right here at my ebook.

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