benefits of memory-keeping

Did you know memory-keeping (preserving photos with their memories) is GOOD FOR YOU?

Find out exactly what I mean at the ebook at the bottom of this page, "The Secret Ingredient to Self-Care and Wellness."   But for now, let's look at the many benefits of memory-keeping.

Memory-keeping is so much more than crafty scrapbooking. Here's what memory-keeping actually does for you!

These days there is unfortunately quite a lot of disconnect, loneliness, self-esteem struggles, and a host of other mental health challenges.  Social media is one thing that has been shown in many studies to take quite a toll on our mental health.  Interestingly, something as simple as memory-keeping can be {The Antidote to the Emotional Toll of Social Media}--click to read more.  You'll also find stunning research about connections at {Preserving and Sharing Family Stories through Storybooks}.

Knowing family stories has a tremendous effect on children.  It increases self-esteem and a sense of belonging.  It helps kids develop resilience and coping skills, as well as increased empathy.  You can see the astounding research findings at {Creating Family Stories}.  

In fact, here's another great perk of giving kids their own pictures and stories:
"On vacation, my mom showed my son his birthday book I created with Heritage Makers.  He read it over and over during the whole vacation.  He was delighted.  Best thing:  I got an 11-year-old to put down his screen!"  -E. McBeth

There's much more.  Memory-keeping also:

Studies have even shown that recalling happy memories increases happiness in the present!  So if you want to BE HAPPIER, make some time to sit down and do some memory-keeping.  It's something incredibly good for you that benefits other people at the very same time!  Get the facts at {How Photos and Memories Increase Happiness and Relaxation}.

(Click the "How Photos and Memories Increase Happiness and Relaxation"
link above for the stats on this!)

Memory-keeping reduces stress!  It has a grounding, centering effect.  Read more at {"Know Thyself"} as well as the link above about relaxation.

Preserving your photos and memories in something you can hold and share actually improves your memory!  Instead of taking the pictures and forgetting about them, preserving them helps you connect with yourself and make sense of your life experiences.  Read more at {The Importance of Memories to Personal Growth} because the resources and quotes there are astounding, things you probably never realized about memories.  In fact, photos and memories can even enhance the cognitive capacity of those with Alzheimer's and dementia, something called {Reminiscence Therapy}.   

What's more, some therapists use memory-keeping in their practices because of its therapeutic benefits, including healing and coping.  Don't just take my word for it--{here's what Photo Therapist Judy Weiser has to say}.  And here is my own personal experience of how {stories helped me heal from grief} after my mom's passing.  It can help kids a lot, too, so don't miss {How Knowing Family Stories Helps Kids Cope}.

It's true.  Knowing family stories and how they fit into their family narrative provides perspective, appreciation, and gratitude.  Read more here: {How Family Stories Combat Teenage Entitlement}.

Seems like a pretty bold statement, right?  Preserving your photos and memories "creates perspective and power"?  It absolutely does.  Read how, including some expert advice, at {Why Every Human Heart Needs His or Her Story}.

Those are some staggering reasons to be a memory-keeper.  I've told that story right here at my (free) ebook.  It's a 40-minute read that will blow you away.  

ebook The Secret Ingredient by JWiseHeritageMakers

You can also read an unsolicited review of the book right here:

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Who knew there was way more to preserving photos and memories than just an item on your to-do list?  Start now so you can get all these benefits, then share this with someone you know who could use all these same benefits, too.