Thursday, April 27, 2017

creative labels for weddings, save-the-date, favors, and more

One of my favorite things about Heritage Makers products is that they are fully customizable--COMPLETELY customizable!  So you can get very clever and creative with the products, and you can easily create something unique, special, and fun.

Heritage Makers offers two sizes of address labels, and the larger sizes can be trimmed a little to fit nicely around lip balm, of all things!  Believe it or not, they make memorable and adorable favors, gifts, and save-the-date items.

I love that you can put photos on them, and there's so much darling digital art (flowers, backgrounds, swirlies, word art) available to use right within the Heritage Makers program.  You can match wedding colors or school colors or whatever you want.  It makes these fun and PERSONAL!


  1.  Click the "how to get started" tab in red (along the top of this page) to open your free Heritage Makers account.  You'll learn all about uploading photos to your account, using Heritage Makers, etc.
  2. Once logged in, click "template gallery" and search "wedding labels" to find the large address labels that are already measured to fit around lip balm.  Even templates are fully customizable, so you can change anything you want within the template.  One "Save the Date" shown here is at:  You can certainly choose whichever style you want, just be sure the product is called Large Address Label and has two designs per label with dotted lines so you know they're intended to wrap around lip balms.
  3. Customize your label as desired.  Contact me if you have any questions.  If you need help using a template, {this video} is for you. 
  4. Submit the labels for printing.  These are nice, sticky labels, too!  They'll arrive at your door in 7-10 business days.
  5. Cut the labels on the dotted lines and wrap around the lip balms.
This is what my printed labels looked like--you can see that I did two different styles on each label.
(FYI:  I do also hire out to create projects for people who prefer that option.)
I made some other lip balm labels as a gift that just had a simple quote.  You can really do anything with these!
Who knew lip balm could be so exciting?!  ;)

Have fun with this clever idea!  These are so unique for any special occasion!

Monday, April 24, 2017

make a record of your heirlooms

Do you have any heirlooms in your home?  I don't mean a Stradivarius or anything fancy or expensive--I mean your grandmother's handkerchief or a tablecloth that belonged to your great-grandparents.  Is there anything that you now own that was previously owned by an ancestor?  Have you made a record of it yet?
I'm so glad I did!!  It's so important to make sure you know what makes those heirlooms special while you still have access to the people who know their stories.

You can read about my experience with this wonderful book here:

You can definitely tell your own stories in a Heritage Makers storybook, but you can tell the stories of anything!  Like The Stories of Our Heirlooms.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

iPhone Photo Tips

Our home office creates some great tutorial videos, and I love the new series coming out this year!! These are 5 minute tips, and this first one is about how to take better photos with your iPhone. I learned quite a few good ones here! Enjoy!

Monday, April 17, 2017

learn digital memory-keeping and scrapbooking

My next free online webinar (class) is coming up!  It's just 40 minutes and you'll come away knowing how to solve your photo problems with the best digital memory-keeping around!  Finding a fun and even ADDICTIVE tool for preserving photos and memories makes memory-keeping not just do-able but enjoyable.

This particular class will have a mystery host!  That means ONE attendee will get the rewards of the group order we'll take at the end of the class.  You certainly don't have to order anything at the class, but it will be an easy opportunity to GET STARTED with your memory-keeping and not put it off any more!

So, invite some friends to help toward the group order and then cross your fingers that you'll be The One!


#1  I use Zoom for my meetings and webinars, so in order for YOU to attend this free webinar, you need to have Zoom downloaded to your computer.  It's free and no-hassle.  You can download Zoom at this link:  (top blue button).  Be sure you download Zoom ahead of time so that you're ready to go when the webinar starts.

#2  In order to keep the webinar short for everyone, I leave it to individual attendees to explore what interests them at their own convenience before the webinar. 
  • If you'd like to see Heritage Makers in action (what it's like to use the software), watch this little 15-minute video: 
  • If you'd like to see all the pricing on all the products Heritage Makers offers, go to and click "products" at the upper right.  You can explore to your heart's content, whether you are interested in storybooks or digital scrapbooking pages or home decor or photo gifts.
It's time to stop letting memory-keeping be something you MEAN to do, and start letting it be something you LOVE TO DO.  See you on the 28th!

Thursday, April 13, 2017

the benefits of memory-keeping or scrapbooking

Did you know some therapists use memory-keeping or scrapbooking in their practices?  There are actual, therapeutic, scientifically-proven benefits to preserving your photos and memories.  Here are a few:

Every time I think about this list, I think, "Sign me up!"  Who doesn't want this?  Who doesn't want this for their kids?  Right??  Who wouldn't benefit from the grounding, centering effect memory-keeping has?  Who doesn't need perspective and a sense of purpose and belonging?

My husband has been doing a kind of big home project around our house recently.  He told me that my oldest son's room took him longer than expected because when he went to move a bookshelf, he took all the scrapbooks I'd made off the shelf to make the bookshelf easier to move.  He opened one of the scrapbooks and got stuck.  :)  He sat there looking through scrapbooks, reminiscing, and having a really enjoyable time.  He said it was a really great experience.

And that's what memory-keeping does.  It brings back good memories, warms the heart, and makes life happy.

And, in fact, it can make all the difference to a child!  The first part of {this article} refers to studies that have been done on the enormous impact knowing family stories (we might call them "memories") has on kids.  And {this article} explains why preserving your own story is good for YOU, too!

Haven't started yet?  The "how to get started" button in the tabs above is for you!  #icanhelp

Monday, April 10, 2017

Five BEST-EVER Mother's Day gift ideas

Need some fantastic gift ideas for Mother's Day??  Here are FIVE!  These are really varied ideas, so check them all out and see which one sounds the best for YOUR mom, grandma, or the special woman in your life.


I think this is one of the most heartfelt, meaningful gifts you can give!  I've just made a video tutorial that walks you through making one of these sweet books, from seeing all the pages in each one so you can decide which one you want to personalizing and ordering.  Heritage Makers is a drag-n-drop system, so if you already have the hang of it, you might be able to fast-forward through the middle.  :)  But if you need all the helps, they're there!

These are so much fun!

You're seeing the BACKS of the decks of playing cards here.  They come together a little faster than the books because you are really just changing 1-4 photos and a few words.  I've created a video tutorial to show you how to make any of one these sets right here:

Chocolates are a pretty good go-to gift, but these are especially sweet.
 These chocolates are made beautiful using Heritage Makers address labels.

I have a few sets on hand (25 chocolates for $6+shipping) if you like, but if you prefer to PERSONALIZE them, I've got you covered.
These Mother's Day labels are template 107148.  This video tutorial shows you step-by-step how to make labels for chocolates.  You can create your own message on the labels, or even add a picture! 

These cute little double-sided business cards are great for most moms and are especially sweet when given by little ones.  The giver can fill in the goods & services offered.  They're inexpensive and a step above coupons written on notebook paper.  ;) 

You can have these printed by following the steps in the "how to get started" tab and going to the template gallery.  In the search field, type in "143825" to bring up this template.  You'll get a set of 50.

I also have some of these on hand, so if you'd like a set of 10 for $3 (+shipping), use the "contact me" tab.

Your first question is probably:  What's a gift bucket?  It's basically a super cute (& personalized, if you want) container for you to fill with goodies that your mom would love, from lotions to chocolate to diet soda or whatever SHE would like.
Crafting with Heritage Makers is so much fun because you can essentially make your own scrapbook paper AND there are about a grazillion templates you can use if you'd rather not design anything at all.

Here's a tutorial on how to make these cute gift buckets, with some additional ideas for gift bucket possibilities, too.

What would YOUR mom or grandma love?  Happy Mother's Day!

Friday, April 7, 2017

catch up on your photos: step 10

Step TEN of the Ten-Step Escape Plan:

Now you're ready to BE a memory-keeper!  

(Did you miss the other Escape Plan Steps?  Click the "how to catch up on your photos" tab in red along the top.)

Monday, April 3, 2017

What is family history, and why does it matter?

When my father-in-law was in his 20s, he felt an irresistable urge to learn more about his family history.  He's 70+ now and has made some amazing progress and wonderful discoveries into where his family comes from.

He's not alone.  Interest in family history or genealogy has surged in the last century, and we have helps like never before.  My grandmother, whose grandparents are in that sweet photo above, did genealogy research the old-fashioned way--through books in the library, discovering a third-cousin somewhere in Missouri, and exchanging handwritten letters.  Microfilm changed her life, but today there are websites such as and that make research and connections much easier.  There are even {family history centers} scattered throughout the country.  Search "genealogy blogs" in Google and there are a plethora!

Earlier this year, I was thrilled to be asked to be a regular contributor on a brand new website called Evolve: live.grow.give.  This uplifting blog focuses on inspiration, developing talents, and learning something new.  The blog owner asked me to write each week about family history--not just family history in the past, but family history (you could call them family stories) in the present.

I really like to delve in deep into what "family history" means TO US today!  It's more than just walking around a cemetery looking for names and dates.  I write more about the WHY.  Why does knowing your family history make a difference?  What can you do if you can't find out more about family history than you already know?  How does knowing family history affect children?  What difference does it make?  How does it benefit you personally?

And I want to show more ways to preserve your family stories than pedigree charts alone.  There are so many ways to make connections and so many possibilities for your story, so WHY NOT find something that fits your needs and works for you.  So that's another major focus I have on Evolve.

You can find #familyhistoryfriday each week at

 Two days after my first post at, I got an e-mail from the person who runs the Newsroom at FamilySearch.  He wanted to share my posts from Evolve in the {FamilySearch Newsroom}, which, of course, I was thrilled to accept.  

The FamilySearch Newsroom is another great resource for family history.  There are articles and blogs from many different resources.  The Newsroom is at

If you haven't started creating your family stories yet, whether from generations past or from your own life today, here's an article to get you started:  {Creating Family Stories}.

And if you're not sure what family history has to do with your everyday life, this article can help:  {What Does My Everyday Life Have to do with Family History?}

Make connections!