Friday, October 30, 2015

Fast, Fun Friday!

Here are some FAST and fun Heritage Makers project ideas!  These are things you can either just publish (order) as-is, or just add a few photos or change a little text and publish right away.  These are fun home decor items, greeting cards, and gift ideas.  Enjoy!  Take advantage of that little "contact me" tab in red above if you have any questions.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Your Gift-Giving Publishing Plan

Believe it or not, fall is in full swing!  That means it's the perfect time to start publishing for holiday gifts!   Raise of hands--who would like to give amazing gifts without the hassle of going to the store???  How great would that be??  Well, you're in luck!  Here's how:

First, let's get organized in three steps:
  1. Make a list of family members and friends you'd like to give gifts to.  Dream big!  Heritage Makers means you can give something really special.  Club HM means you don't have to pay for it all at once!!
  2. Go to and either click "products" at the upper right or "template gallery" (then "browse the gallery" in blue) to get ideas for something those special people on your gift list would really enjoy.  I'll give you some ideas in a bit.  You'll find pricing information at "products," so you can keep track of how many Publishing Points you'll need.  Remember, by pre-purchasing Publishing Points through the free Club HM program, you get access to all Heritage Makers templates and an additional 15-25% off at checkout while you're a member of Club HM.  Club HM details are in the red tab above.
  3. Check out the Holiday Hits publishing specials so you can save even more!!  Publishing specials save you AN ADDITIONAL 10% when you publish a specific item during a specified time.  You can see the current Holiday Hits at the red tab above that says "save an extra 10%"  Holiday Hits change weekly in November & December!
  4. Login to your account, click "my account" and click "publishing points" to see how many publishing points you already have and when they expire.  If you don't have an account, open one at  If you don't have publishing points or need more to complete your holiday publishing, join Club HM for as many months as you'll need.  My contact info is at the "contact me" tab above if you have questions.
Short on time to actually MAKE many projects for gift-giving?  Here are some FUN AND FAST ideas!

This is a personalized Night Before Christmas book.  Add the names of the children (or do one book for each child), pictures of your house, pictures of the kids, etc.  Most of the work is already done for you, so you're just tweaking a few things.  You can see all the pages of the book here:

OR what about the new coasters?  They come in a set of 4, and you can make them all different, or just use this template as-is to get these 4

There are a lot of options for metal prints and wood prints and 11x14 prints suitable for framing.  You could personalize one (such as with a photo or name), or you could order some of these pre-designed home decor options:

You can make a family cookbook, or just use the recipes from a cookbook in our template gallery!  Who doesn't like new recipes?!  This would be a great one because you would only need to take the name off the front and the year off the back.  Easy peasy.
Plus, it's a little 6x6 square wirebound flip book, which is only $13-$14.  What a cool gift!  Here's the preview so you can see all the recipes:

What about the NEW car magnets??  Not just for cars any more!  :)  What about this family calendar for everyone on your list?  Just personalize with the name, change the background if desired, and you're done!  Great on the fridge.  You could even add a family photo!  These are only $21-$24.  You can use a dry-erase marker on it!

Hopefully at least one of these fun ideas jumped out at you as the perfect thing for your gift recipients.  But if there wasn't something *just right*, please contact me (my info is at the "contact me" tab in red above) and I'll brainstorm with you!  I've been using Heritage Makers for almost 11 years, so I have a lot of ideas and suggestions, and I'd be thrilled to help you!  

Plus, when you follow this publishing plan and order all your gifts during the November publishing specials, you can relax in December!!  Now THAT'S a great idea!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

NEW PRODUCTS this fall!

I love how Heritage Makers always releases their new products in the fall, just in time for holiday gift-giving!  So many really great things have just come out!  Are you ready??

WOW!!  These are stunning.   Don't forget--these are just examples.  You can create your own or use a template (which is still 100% editable), so let your imagination be the limit!

Here is the 8x10 (landscape or portrait).  Isn't this SO sweet??

This is the 10x10.  I love this one.

And this is the 11x14, also available in landscape or portrait orientation (horizontal or vertical).
Price tag on the wood prints really depends on size but also on your Club HM level (see Club HM tab above in red).  They range from $41-$73 if you're a Club HM member (which is without a fee!),
or a little higher if you don't pre-purchase publishing points with Club HM. 

I am so excited about this!!!  I have wanted this for a long time!  You can certainly promote your business this way, but look at what else you can do with these 12x18 magnets!

So, first, with Heritage Makers art, you can really make your business stand out on your car magnet!  You can even upload your own logo (in JPEG or PNG).  You could put your business photo on it, too!!  I can't wait to make mine!
As excited as I am about using this for my business, I just love this next idea!!  This would be SO GREAT for gifts for my whole family!  This is a family planner to put on your fridge!  The coating on the top lets you use dry-erase markers on it!  SO COOL.
Again, you can make it however you want (if you don't want pink, or want to change the font, or put a family photo on it, or whatever).  Heritage Makers lets you make it 100% YOURS!  No limits to art, photos, or text.

Price tag on the magnets is $21.90-$24.82, depending on your Club HM level (see Club HM tab above in red), or a little higher if you don't pre-purchase publishing points with Club HM. 

These are super fun.  What an awesome gift idea, too!  They have a cork backing and a hard top surface that repels water.  Coasters come in a set of 4, and you can design them yourself (or use a pre-designed template).  They are FULLY personalize-able!  (Is that a word?)  ;)

This one is kind of Instagram style.

And this one is obviously from wedding photos.  So cute for an anniversary gift or first Christmas!
Price tag on the coasters is $31.67-$35.89, depending on your Club HM level (see Club HM tab above in red), or a little higher if you don't pre-purchase publishing points with Club HM.

The smaller, slimmer notepads came out a year or two ago, but these are bigger at 5.5x8.5.  These would be great for business (add your logo and maybe your headshot?), but they'd made such cute gifts for grandparents with photos of grandkids on them.  They come in a set of four, and you can make each one different.

Price tag on the notepads is $31.50-$35.70, depending on your Club HM level (see Club HM tab above in red), or a little higher if you don't pre-purchase publishing points with Club HM.

These are all the new digital products from Heritage Makers this fall.  I LOVE the gift ideas I'm getting!

But there's more!

If you're a paper crafter (or you know and love a paper crafter), there are new products from Our Memories For Life and Anthology, which would also make great gifts.  You can just order these at by clicking "products" and then either "Our Memories For Life" or "Anthology," then finding your item.

POCKET PUNCHES by Our Memories For Life
These store flat!
 and this is how they look punched
Price tag on the punches is $15 each (or 15 Publishing Points, if you have those), which is the wholesale price once you've opened an account at

OCTOBER STAMP SET by Anthology by Lisa Bearnson
Aren't these darling?  Don't forget, these are only available while supplies last!  These stamps include fall, Halloween, and Christmas stamps.
Price tag on the October Stamp Set is $24 (or 24 Publishing Points, if you have those), which is the wholesale price once you've opened an account at

CHRISTMAS WISHES PAPER KIT by Anthology by Lisa Bearnson
This cute kit comes with 20 pieces of cardstock paper, Bakers twine (red, green, pink, teal), stickers, die cuts, chipboard alphabet letters, and more.  See complete description here:
Price tag on the Christmas Wishes Paper Kit is $42 (or 42 Publishing Points, if you have those), which is the wholesale price once you've opened an account at

So whether you love digitally creating home decor, business supplies, and gifts, or you love paper crafting and scrapbooking, you're sure to fall in love with at least one of these fun new products!

Friday, October 2, 2015

I'm not a salesperson

"I'm just not a salesperson."

I've said it.  It's such a habit I still say it.  So what makes me think I can work in a direct-sales business for the last 10+ years?

Because I AM a salesperson.  We all are.
  • You ate at a great restaurant and posted about it on Facebook, telling your friends they HAD TO go try it.  Sold!
  • You read a great book and recommended it to a neighbor who ordered it from right away.  Sold!
  • You saw a new movie and called your sister to tell her she and her family would love it.  They see it the same weekend.  Sold!
  • You found a great service in your local community that you know moms would love so you tell your friends and they all start using it.  Sold!
  • You find a cost-effective, time-saving way to scrapbook your pictures.  You tell your friends about it and why you love it.  They're hooked.  Sold!
  • You start a social scrapbooking group to help you and those friends make time to work on your photo projects.  Your friends invite friends.  Sold!
What's the problem with all these sales?  Your friends are all happy.  So what's the problem?  You're not the one making money.  The restaurant is, the bookstore is, the movie theater is...

As a "non-salesperson" myself, I know from experience that all you have to do to have a successful, fun, enjoyable business is love what you're doing.  In truth, a salesperson is simply "one whose job involves promoting or selling commercial products." (   We naturally promote products and things that we enjoy and love 
So think about this:  You need a photo solution, and so does everyone you know.

How does no minimum sales requirement sound?  How does a one-time sign-up fee with no renewal sound?  Set your own hours and your own goals.  Your business, your way. 
You can have 1, 2, or 3 focuses as a consultant on Team Wise.*  You can become a Heritage Makers, Our Memories For Life, or Anthology by Lisa Bearnson consultant-distributor--or choose all three.  Which option would suit you best? 

Is digital scrapbooking (or simplified scrapbooking) your thing?  Become a Heritage Makers consultant.  Heritage Makers is the highest quality product on the market with a budget-friendly payment plan and complete flexibility in design.  It's a one-time $25 to sign up as a consultant, and this includes your website.  Or go big to jump start your business and get the Heritage Makers CEO Pak for $499 (which makes you CEO Qualified and eligible for bonuses), which includes:
  • Five Heritage Makers Idea Books
  • One Heritage Makers carry-all bag
  • Gold Club HM ("autoship" set up to renew the following month; being on Gold Club gives you a rank to earn highest commission)

Is traditional paper scrapbooking your thing?  Become an Our Memories For Life distributor. 
Started by Creative Memories co-founder Rhonda Anderson, Our Memories For Life offers paper collections, pens, tape runners, border makers, trimmers, coversets, journaling cards, etc.  It's a one-time $25 to sign up as a consultant, and this includes your website.  Or go big to jump start your business and get the Heritage Makers CEO Pak for $499 (see above).  You can use the 500 publishing points you get in this Pak to buy any Our Memories For Life products you like!  {See them here}

Is simplified, fast paper scrapbooking your thing?  Become an Anthology by Lisa Bearnson distributor.  Lisa Bearnson is well-known in the memory-keeping field (and is our Memory-Keeping Ambassador over all three of these lines).  Anthology is the first time she has designed a line of her own, and it's intended for the busy memory-keeper.  It's a one-time $25 to sign up as a consultant, and this includes your website.  Or go big to jump-start your business and get the Anthology CEO kit for $499 (which makes you CEO Qualified and eligible for bonuses), which includes:
  • Youngevity CEO Training Materials
  • Anthology CEO Layout Kit 
  • Anthology Make & Shake Card Kit 
  • Anthology Lemon Squeezy Pocket Scrapbooking Kit 
  • Youngevity Business Builder Kit
  • Anthology Red 6 x 8 Stamp Collector Album with ten 4 x 6 sheet protectors and tabbed cards
  • Anthology CEO Stamp Sets featuring two 4 x 6 stamp sets: Party Monster and Celebrate
  • Anthology Aqua 12 x 12 Album with five sheet protectors (color may be substituted)
  • Anthology Tropical Textured Cardstock Pack, 30 sheets (collection may be substituted)
  • Pillow Box Punch Board (may be substituted)
  • 125 Digital SVG Cut & Print Files featuring exclusive Anthology artwork (provided within 30 days of purchase)
  • Anthology Shoulder Bag

*Actually, you have many more than just the 3 options listed when you join my team.  You also have the option to represent any of the other lines of our parent company--it's a very diverse company focusing on wellness of body, mind, and soul.  You can see all the possibilities at  by clicking the "products" tab.

The process for signing up to become a consultant-distributor will depend on which line you are most interested in, so contact me and let me know (though you can represent as many lines as you want) and I'll get you going.  My contact information is in the "contact me" tab above in red.

Being a consultant or distributor never needs to feel like a sales position.  It just needs to be fun.  You just need to love what you're doing.  Join me and start making some money from something you love!