Tuesday, May 27, 2014

the purpose of Heritage Makers!

This is so true.  Taking photos and then doing nothing with them actually disconnects us from the memories that we wanted to preserve when we took the photos!!

If organizing your photos is overwhelming, let me help!  Getting a handle on them is the first step to doing something with them.  Once they're organized, they're ready to slide into beautiful Heritage Makers templates (or create your own design!!) where you can also tell the stories that belong to your photos.  This is the INTERACTION with photos that's quoted above.  (And I can help with that, too!!)

The whole idea behind Heritage Makers is to preserve HERITAGE and get it into the hands of your family, which is where it belongs.  You can't choose anything better to do with your time (or money) than preserving your own memories, the traditions of your family, and your heritage!