Tuesday, May 27, 2014

why photo organization is more important than you think

This post was updated 2022.

Have you ever thought about this?

Taking photos and then doing nothing with them actually disconnects us from the memories that we wanted to preserve when we took the photos!!

If organizing your photos is overwhelming, let me help!  Getting a handle on them is the first step to doing something with them.  Learn from my 3-part series, "Photo Organization and Preservation" and then tell me in the comments one or two things that were the most eye-opening.

Part 1:  Organizing and Decluttering, and their Surprising Benefits

Part 2:  Solutions for Storing and Preserving your Photos (and why they're not the same thing!)

Part 3:  Strategies for Consistency

Once they're organized, they're ready to slide into beautiful templates (or create your own design!!) where you can also tell the stories that belong to your photos.  

This is the INTERACTION with photos that we need!

I love the easy photo organization options from Forever.  Here's a quick overview--you'll see why I love it:

You can't choose anything better to do with your time (or money) than preserving your own memories, the traditions of your family, and your heritage!  And it actually has a lot of personal benefits, too, so it's truly self-care!

Here are two quick ideas for you to stop just amassing photos and start making something meaningful from them.

#1 Pick a memory-keeping solution you will love and do.  These three are fantastic options because they're all heirloom-quality products from a company with a photo privacy promise, so you can just pick the option you like best without worrying about quality or privacy.

#2  Work with a friend!  I host online events all the time to help people set aside time on their calendars to make sure their good intentions become reality!  You're welcome to join any of my events--most of them all free and all of them are fabulous.  Click here to see what events I have coming up.  

Or, if you prefer to put together your own group (whether in-person or online), you can always take advantage of Referral Rewards to get everyone started!

So there's really no time like the present.  We all need what photos and memories can do for us.  It starts with organization.  The videos and resources I've shared here can help.  Just remember that it ends with this:

and most likely something like this

and definitely this

Once your photos are organized, they're ready to preserve, and you can get started right here.

You might think you're too busy or too overwhelmed to organize your photos, but figuring it out matters.  It matters to your heart and soul.

Who DOESN'T need photo organization tips?  
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