Friday, November 29, 2013

new business options 2013

Well!!!  We have had a lot going on at Heritage Makers this year!

Heritage Makers has been around since about 2003, the first company of its kind.  In early 2013, Heritage Makers was approached by a successful, publicly-held company called Youngevity.  Youngevity is a "wellness" company, offering health products, vitamins, mineral makeup, essential oils, candles, long-term-storage food, and many other items!  Youngevity saw a merger with Heritage Makers as the ability to bring a "wellness for the heart and soul" to their "wellness for the body and mind" company.  Their goal is to become the equivalent of WHOLE WELLNESS.  They focus on finding the best of the best, and Heritage Makers came out on top of all the online publishing companies out there.

You may have already read what makes Heritage Makers different from other online digital publishing companies, and all those reasons are why I love using Heritage Makers as a client, and why I adore being a consultant for Heritage Makers!

If you're looking for some extra income (a little or a lot!), Heritage Makers is a FUN, MEANINGFUL way to earn it!  Everyone takes photos, and everyone needs to do something great with their digital photos.  Heritage Makers is SO personal!!  This is one of the aspects of Heritage Makers that is equally true on the business side.  One of my favorite things  is that you do YOUR business YOUR way.  There are no minimum sales requirements, no making your job fit around your life or your personality--just opportunities to grow and earn the way you want to!  It's SO flexible!  And you'll have me as your upline leader to help you along the way whenever you have a question.  It's SO much fun!!

Now you have the option of adding Youngevity to your business, too!  If you love Heritage Makers and that's all you want to share, go right ahead!  OR, share the Youngevity products with your clients, too!  You can have a great diversity in your business offerings if you choose, or you can just stick with your favorite aspect if you prefer.

For more information on Heritage Makers as a business (or Youngevity, too), shoot me an e-mail at  

2015 Update:  Since the Youngevity acquisition, I have tried a few products.  I am a Heritage Maker at heart, but I find I have enjoyed some of the Youngevity products as well.  
  • I LOVE the PureWorks line.  They are antibacterial foams, soaps, and lotions, and what I love most about them is that they don't have alcohol so they don't dry your skin!!  Most antibacterials do.  In fact, the FDA actually classifies these products as first aid antiseptics--they actually heal and soften your skin, in addition to killing germs.  My other favorite thing about the PureWorks line is that while regular antibacterials kill the germs that are already on your skin, PureWorks is effective (killing germs) for 4 hours AFTER you put it on your hands!
  • I'm not into makeup, but I really LOVE the powder foundation.  The coverage is great and it's good for your skin.  There aren't chemicals, animal byproducts, and other ickkies that you find in other makeups.
  • I also really like the GoFoods line.  It's high-quality foods that will store long-term.  I like the soups and the whey milk (best powdered milk I've ever tried--so great to have on hand in a pinch or in an emergency).  I personally also really like the almond granola and the au gratin potatoes, too. 
By the way, if you want to try any of these products, or others under the Youngevity umbrella, you can do so at   All Heritage Makers consultants get their own Youngevity website, too!  :)  Just click "products" or "store" to shop.  If you do Youngevity's "Autoship" deal, you get something shipped to you every month and SHIPPING IS FREE!!!  You can change what gets shipped to you each month if you want to try different things, and you can cancel your Autoship any time by calling Youngevity's customer service at 1.800.982.3189. 

Friday, November 22, 2013

How to Make a Card with Heritage Makers in FIVE Minutes!

Just in time for the holidays!!  This fantastic new video walks you through STEP BY STEP--you can make a card in Heritage Makers in FIVE minutes!!!  If you don't have a Heritage Makers account yet, open one (it's free) at

Enjoy this GREAT video!!  And your IMPRESSIVE Heritage Makers cards.

By the way, I'm assuming they were trying to keep the video at five minutes, so they didn't have time to mention that you can opt to have the cards shipped FOR you!  It's called "direct ship," and you get the envelopes stuffed for you, and postage paid.  If you want more details, shoot me an e-mail at  Also, this card shown in the video is a two-sided invitation, but there are lots of other styles to choose from, including the traditional greeting card that opens, postcards, 4x8 single-sided photo cards, etc.

Also, please know:  on the website ( you can scroll down to the bottom and click any of the links under "products" to get more information, including pricing.  But please DON'T pay attention to the full/retail price.  Nobody ever pays full price.  :)  There are some discounted pricing options (Bronze, Silver, or Gold plus Premier art as mentioned in the video FREE) PLUS monthly discounts that save you an extra 10%.  The great thing about cards, though, is that instead of the discounted pricing plus the monthly 10% off, you get 20% off if you order more than 25 cards!!  It automatically comes off your total at check out.  Sweet.  (Again, feel free to e-mail me for details--I can definitely get you the best deal.  There's lots of free and discounted stuff to be had!)

And remember that EVERYTHING is 100% CUSTOMIZABLE with Heritage Makers--even templates--so you have no restrictions on what you want to do!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

DIY Christmas advent calendar by Heritage Makers

Today I'm going to show you how to make this cute thing.  This is an advent calendar (countdown to Christmas) with activities behind each of the windows which open.  You can see the two at the bottom left are open.  There are activities like "string popcorn for the Christmas tree" and "watch a favorite Christmas movie" and "take a blanket or food to a shelter" and "drink hot chocolate"--but because these pages are printed using Heritage Makers, you can change any of the activities you want before you submit it for publishing.

The total cost for this project is about $9.  And it doesn't take long to make!

Okay, here's what you need for this cute advent calendar:
  • Heritage Makers template 36277.  First, if you don't have a Heritage Makers account, open one (they're free) at  Just click the "template gallery" link at the upper right, then type 36277 into the search field.  (This is a Premier template, meaning it was made using Premier art.  But you will want to buy these pages using discounted publishing points instead of cash so you're getting the best price, and a Premier account comes free with discounted publishing points, anyway!  Just shoot me an e-mail at for info on how to do that.)
  • one 12x12 tile   The one I used is called a "vinyl composition tile" and it says "commercial floor tile" on the box.  These are available at home improvement stores.  You can also use a ceramic tile--it really could be anything, it just needs to be 12"x12" and not bendable.  
  • an Xacto knife  (as well as some cardboard or something that will keep you from cutting up your table)
  • permanent double-sided tape (The directions given on this project's pages say to use Tacky Glue, but I've done it both ways, and the double-sided tape doesn't wrinkle like the Tacky Glue does.  Go with the double-sided tape.)

STEP 1:  get the beautiful part
Login to your Heritage Makers account and click "template gallery" at the upper right.  Search for 36277.  Place the template into your account by doing a search for it in the Template Gallery.  Once you find it, click on it.  Then click "personalize."  This template was made from the Premier Art collection, so you'll need Premier Art access.  The easiest way to get that is through Club HM because it's free AND you get the best price on everything you publish with Heritage Makers.  Click here for Club HM information.  

Once it's copied over to you account, you can also change things in the design if you like--change the activities to fit your preferences, etc.  Or just leave it as-is.  This project is make from two 12x12 scrapbook pages, which are 6 publishing points (or $6 retail, but $4-$4.50 if you have Club HM discounted publishing points).  You can actually get the "lite" option on scrap pages which save you a couple of dollars per page, but I prefer the heavy (regular) version just to keep it sturdier while you're opening and closing those cute little windows every year.   I'm in Club HM, which means I get discounted publishing points deposited into my account each month to use however I want, so I'm actually saving 33%.  This print cost me $4.  If you've been to the post office, you know shipping isn't cheap--so what I did was save this print until I was ordering other things, and I ordered them at the same time to save on shipping.  I always do that. 

Preview your project with the "preview" button to see how it will print, then submit it for publishing. 

STEP 2:  adhere the page with the activities (the one shown on top here) onto the tile
Find the Heritage Makers page with 24 activities on it (the one with instructions in black printed at the top).  Just put double-sided tape on the back of the page and line it up nicely on top of the tile.  Press down.

STEP 3:  cut the windows on the other page so they'll open
Using an Xacto knife (and something underneath to protect your table), cut the TOP AND BOTTOM of the windows, and cut DOWN THE CENTER.  DO NOT CUT THE SIDES.  Or you will be sad.

STEP 4:  fold the windows open using a straight edge
I just used a little wooden block, but you could use a ruler--just fold open the windows, pressing against your straight edge.  Leave the windows open.

STEP 5:  adhere the open-windows page to the page on the tile
I tore off 1-2" pieces of double-sided tape and cut them (with scissors) in thirds (in strips), then placed them around each window and door.  Taping all the way around each window and the door is important so it's strong when you open and shut the windows in the future.
If you look REALLY closely, you can see my strips of tape around the windows.  Trust me, they're there. 

Once it's all taped around the windows and door as well as around the edge of the page, just place this page on top of the page that's on the tile.  Press down to make the tape stick.

And you're done!!  Super cute, super fun, super fast!  (super cheap gift!)  Enjoy!!  Only 48 days until Christmas!  :)