Friday, March 25, 2016

how the Heritage Makers design guide will give you the best product

There are a lot of safeguards in place to make sure you get the best from your Heritage Makers project.  One great one is called the Design Guide.  It'll automatically be there when you open your project.  You can turn the Design Guide off and on using this button.
The Design Guide is in little bubbles around your project and points out what the various lines and shaded areas mean.  See?

These bubbles are different for different projects.  The nice wall canvases, for example, have a lot more of that shaded gray area around them because the canvas wraps around the wood frame.  But the Design Guide makes sure you're on the road to success in any project you make.  You can see several examples and explanations of the fantastic Design Guide in this blog post by the Heritage Makers home team:

And don't forget that as your Personal Publishing Consultant & Storybooking Coach, I'm here to answer questions, too.  PLUS, I offer to preview your first project (at no charge) to make sure you are getting what you think you're getting.  My goal is to have 100% happy clients! 

Don't have a Heritage Makers account yet?  Solve that by clicking "sign up" right here:

Friday, March 18, 2016

preserving family history (family stories) NOW

I just read a beautiful article about family history.  Maybe you don't think of yourself as a family historian, maybe you don't research ancestors, but preserving photos and memories (you could call them the stories behind the photos) really is family history.  As I've mentioned before, when children connect with their family, they feel a sense of belonging and purpose.  Connections like these are very good for the hearts and souls of both children and adults.
This article is a must-read.  It will give you some perspective on memory-keeping or scrapbooking, with inspiring gems like this:
  • Our stories bind together the past and present, give a glimpse of the soul, and help our children master the art of listening. {What Children Gain When You Open Up}
  • Bruce Feiler, author of The Secrets of Happy Families, asserts that “knowing more about family history is the single biggest predictor of a child’s emotional well-being.” 

Read this inspiring article, "The Role YOU Can Play in Family History Right Now" by Rebecca Cooper at Simple As That here:

Memory-keeping, family history, scrapbooking...  Whatever you call it, it has great potential to do immeasurable good and truly impact those around us.  Take the knowledge and inspiration you gain from Rebecca's article and get started on heirloom-quality memory-keeping with Heritage Makers.  #thereispowerinphotos

 I love helping people begin this fantastic journey, helping people find a memory-keeping method that works for them.  I believe that you MUST find something that works for you or it's easy to neglect this important contribution you can make. I like listening to needs and coming up with solutions. I like giving people options that satisfy them.  From photo organization to time management to actual products, I have a lot of experience and a lot of ideas, and I CAN HELP!!  For me, #digitalscrapbookingiseasiest but I have simplified paper scrapbooking options as well.  My contact information is in the tab above, so let me help you do something meaningful!

You can get an excellent introduction to Heritage Makers as well as several ideas for successful memory-keeping by watching my class here:

These stories are for NOW.

Monday, March 14, 2016

TIP: layering objects (so easy!)

Whether you're creating your book/project from scratch or using one of Heritage Makers' 13,000+ templates, you'll want to know how to layer things--put a frame on top of a photo, put an embellishment on top of a frame, etc. 

These little buttons at the bottom of the tool box (at the left of your editing window) do the trick.  
When you mouse-over them, they will say "send to back," "send backward," "bring forward," and "bring to front."

These buttons are shown in action in this video tutorial--it's covered in 90 seconds right here:

Isn't working in Heritage Makers FUN!?!?

Friday, March 11, 2016

the best kind of retail therapy

I have a friend who is a therapist who uses memory-keeping in her practice.  Did you know "scrapbooking" (memory-keeping) is therapeutic?  Did you know that the act of looking at photos and combining them with their stories (our memories) actually has a healing effect?  Memory-keeping is so much more than doing something with your photos, doing something cute, or wanting to pass something on to the next generation and the next.  It's actually GOOD FOR YOU.  It's therapeutic. 
 Reflecting on your own life is cathartic and can bring many great memories to the forefront.  (That's one benefit I find in memory-keeping--we tend to just take pictures of the good stuff, so that's what we tend to remember.)

But equally cathartic and therapeutic is honoring those who have passed on.  One shared experience all of us have as human beings is loss.  We have all lost someone dear (or will).  Preserving that life story is priceless.  It can help connect generations, but it can also be a healing experience as you put the tribute book together.

I haven't experienced the heartbreak of losing a child, but I know people who have, and I know how a storybook has helped to keep those precious little ones close.  I know it can be meaningful for both parents and siblings to have a keepsake of the sweet angel relationship, no matter how brief.
FYI:  Heritage Makers has teamed up with Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep, an organization helping families facing early infant loss, by donating an 8x8 storybook.  If you know anyone with this need, more information can be found here:  I am a Heritage Makers NILMDTS volunteer, so I can make books for these families.
So storybooks from Heritage Makers (photos + plenty of room to record the stories/memories) really are the best kind of retail therapy because memory-keeping is literally therapeutic.  If you know anyone who could use a personal pick-me-up, or a child who could use a self-esteem boost, or someone who has experienced a loss, please send them my way.  Heritage Makers' storybooks can truly be life-changing.  

Friday, March 4, 2016

how to always get high-quality photos

Did you know Heritage Makers has a built-in system for making sure your photos print at the highest quality?  

Isn't that awesome?!?!?

When you click on any item in your Heritage Makers project--a photo, an embellishment, a background--it will have a border around it.

(Seriously--how cute is that???  Don't you love that TONS of digital art is included with the Heritage Makers program???)

The border around your photo or element is the key to high-quality results.  This rocking horse has a green border around it, so that means it will print at highest quality.  If I were to enlarge it, it would eventually have a yellow border around it.  That means it has lost some quality (resolution).  It might appear a little fuzzy when printed.  I will say that I have printed small photos in the past that had yellow borders because they were the only photos I had, and I will also say that I thought they turned out fine.  However, keep enlarging and the border will turn orange and eventually red.  I do not recommend printing anything at orange or red.

And speaking of printing....  Did you know that Heritage Makers isn't just about the software or the artwork?  You don't actually print Heritage Makers pages or items yourself.  You submit them for publishing on Heritage Makers' quarter-of-a-million-dollar printing press!!  Everything is printed on highest-quality materials and shipped to your door.  Heritage Makers is all about the product and delivering the finest, heirloom-quality products available.  One more reason Heritage Makers is the best!

And now you know the border color system!  Now you're guaranteed to have the best quality photos you can get!  Of course, Heritage Makers can't improve on the original quality of the photo--if it was blurry, it will still be blurry--but you have a built-in way to make sure your photos and digital elements are the best they can be!  Go Heritage Makers!!