Friday, December 4, 2015

How to find MONEY for Memory-Keeping

This is a continuation of the previous week's post which talked about finding TIME for memory-keeping.  This post was updated in 2022.

The results of my recent poll here on my blog (asking for the biggest obstacle to preserving photos & their memories) had MONEY coming in second.  38% of my poll-takers said money is their biggest obstacle to memory-keeping.

On Pinterest, a hashtag I often use is #icanhelp.  It's one of the things I love most about what I do!  I really LOVE helping people preserve their photos and memories because they are irreplaceable.   

First shoes = $20
First day of school clothes = $40
First bicycle = $100
Photos and memories of those events preserved so they can be easily accessed and loved = PRICELESS

So let's brainstorm some ways to take out the money obstacle so you can preserve those priceless photos and memories!  

Let's start with how many things cost $25.  Here's what my brainstorming comes up with:
  • 2 tickets to a movie without popcorn
  • a just-released hardbound book 
  • almost a pair of jeans
  • 3 or 4 12-packs of Diet Coke/Pepsi/pick-your-poison
  • 5-ish trips to Starbucks (mmmm... peppermint hot chocolate)
  • one of my favorite scented candles
  • a manicure
This is a list of things that are obviously great, right?!

You know what else costs $25?  

One month of Forever Club (which is free to join, and you can quit/re-join any time).  Here's what you get for your $25:
  • 5% off Forever products and services (so, technically, your $25 actually gets you more than $25 worth!)
  • $25 to spend on Forever products  (i.e. memory keeping!  If your desired book/item costs more than $25, just stay on Club another month because your Forever Club Dollars never expire.  This means you can save up over time to purchase larger items!)
  • highest-quality memory-keeping around!!  
  • guaranteed photo privacy (not the case with most online photo companies)
  • one more perk with photo storage--I'll explain that below.
Or use your $25 towards Forever services like the Forever Box (digitizing VHS tapes, etc.) or Forever Storage (for photo, video, audio, and PDF files, guaranteed for your lifetime + 100 years) or for Artisan (digital scrapbooking software).

If you do purchase permanent Forever Storage and you're a Club member for 3 consecutive months, you get additional storage free!  (I do this, and even though I'm taking more pictures, I don't think I'll ever have to buy more photo storage ever again!)  The $25 Club gives you 1/2 GB every 3 months, the $50 Club gives you 1 GB every 3 months (and on up), but you can also combine Clubs (like if $75/month is your sweet spot, join both $25 and $50, and the you'll get 1 1/2 GB of free storage every 3 months).

I hope this brainstorming is helpful.  I know money is always a consideration in life, but in my years of being a Photo & Story Treasures consultant, I've often been surprised to see what people who tell me they don't have enough money for memory-keeping end up spending their money on.  Sometimes just stopping to reconsider things can be helpful.

There are two other ways to save money on Forever products & services, too!  Deals (sales) and Referral Rewards:

I recommend those three savings methods to everyone!

One other option is to not *save* money for memory-keeping, but instead *make* money for memory-keeping.   

Trust me, you DO NOT have to be a salesman (hello, how do you think *I'm doing this?? ha) to be a memory-keeping consultant.  You just have to be passionate about memory-keeping (or willing to learn).  My consultant team (Team Wise at Forever) is a really low-pressure place to be.  I'm just here to help.  Learn more about making memory-keeping your business (side gig or full-time work) here.

*Here's my story of being an introvert in an extroverted direct-sales world.

The great thing about any money you spend on memory-keeping is that it is an investment.  

In 10 years, you won't remember the movie you spent $25 on, and in 3 months the scented candle will have lost its scent.  But memory-keeping is actually investing in your family, creating priceless connections, raising self-esteem, and even increasing happiness.  

Actual miracles can happen through memory-keeping.  Read more, including studies done on the subject, by clicking right here.

So don't let money be an obstacle to memory-keeping any longer!  Use the 3 (or 4) savings methods mentioned here, then get started at this link.

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