Tuesday, December 29, 2015

showing off my new wood print and metal print

I've been itching to try the new wood prints and metal prints from Heritage Makers, and this past fall we had some family photos taken, so I jumped at the chance!  (Actually, I'd done a metal print as a gift before, which is fantastic, only I don't get to keep what I give away as gifts!)  I'm so excited to show you my new prints!

You can find available dimensions and prices at www.heritagemakers.com/jenniferwise by clicking "products" then "home decor."

I decided not to put any artwork on this--no buttons or swirlies or words, but just the photo itself.  When you make one, do anything you want!  

The surfaces of both the wood print and the metal print are different than, say, scrapbook pages, canvases, or storybooks.  So there is a different sheen, and the colors are a little more vibrant.

From this angle, you can see that this is just a natural wood plaque. It's made with Maple veneer with low gloss clear matte coating.

It also has pre-drilled keyholes on the back so it's ready to hang.

Of course, you can do anything with these wood prints.  Like this:

You can find available dimensions and prices at www.heritagemakers.com/jenniferwise by clicking "products" then "home decor."
 Gee, how can you tell it's glossy metal?  ;)  ...Sorry about the glare.  As you can see, with the metal print, I did decide to use some of the fantastic (included!!!) Heritage Makers art, so there's a background "paper" and some word art down at the bottom left.  I really liked how it turned out.

This is the back.  There are a couple of options you can add on when you submit your metal print for publishing.  One is this metal easel you can see here taped to the back of the metal print.  (This is obviously before I took off the easel and adhered it to the back of the print.)  Another optional add-on is a mounting block.  They're each a few dollars and, again, are optional.  I've used the metal easel in both of the prints I've ordered, and I like them.

Of course, you can do anything with metal prints.  Like this:
(The one above is a French Line metal print--they are available in Bracket shape as well, or just the traditional rectangle or square with rounded corners.)
Aren't these sweet and fun home decor??  They would make a great gift for parents or grandparents, too.  Which one would YOU like to try??

Make yours at www.heritagemakers.com/jenniferwise by first opening your account and then either creating your own from scratch or using a template.  Contact me (see the "contact me" button above?) if you have any questions!

Friday, December 18, 2015

you've gotta try this: "car" magnets

I have been hoping Heritage Makers would come out with car magnets for a couple of years now, so I was thrilled when they did this fall!  In fact, I'm pretty sure I had e-mailed them a suggestion (which they are always looking for) to start making car magnets, so "thrilled" really is the right word.

I made THREE!  You've got to see these.  They are so great.

First and foremost, I made one for my business because I always want more of that!  :)

Here's the screen shot of the preview.  I was pretty excited about this!

And here it is in real life!  I LOVE it!  It just stands out so much more than the usual car magnets you see. 

You can see here the size.  That yellow ruler shows 12" tall.  It's 18" wide.  It's a nice, substantial magnet.  And, of course, completely customizable!!  MY FAVORITE.
I have used this magnet on my car, and I may or may not have driven 80mph while it was on my car, and it stuck like glue.  Yet, it's easy to take off, too.  This magnet is everything I hoped for, truly!

I also wanted to do another design.  So I went for a weekly family planner for the fridge.
I LOVE this on my fridge.  I hadn't seen any of the available Heritage Makers templates with photos on them, so I thought I'd give it a shot.  Be aware if you want to put photos on a magnet, the surface isn't super conducive to clarity on photos.  They weren't terrible, but they are definitely not as sharp as they would be on a different surface.  They look a little like they do when you print on fabric, such as the {brag bags} and {messenger bag}.  I will also say that I am pretty much a perfectionist, so I notice everything.  ;)

Here's a tip, too.  The dry-erase marker on this car magnet surface comes off easily if you wipe it off within about a day.   But this is something I leave on for a week, of course.  If you use water and a paper towel, it does come off with some elbow grease, but if you want something that works like a *charm*, use {white board cleaner}.  Works like a charm, I tell you.

Okay, the last magnet I made is also intended for the fridge and a dry-erase marker--it's a menu planner.  I love this one, too!

And in case you'd like to see the back:

Remember, these are big magnets--12x18.  So there are a lot of possibilities.  Click here to see the specs, including pricing.

What kind of magnet would YOU like to make?   It's easy!  Start at www.heritagemakers.com/jenniferwise and login (or open your account), then click "products" then "home and office" and scroll down to the magnet.  Double-click and you're ready!  It's a great way to boost your business, and they make great at-home products and fabulous gifts, too!

This video tutorial I made walks you right through making your own car magnet!

Friday, December 11, 2015

*pop-out* Christmas cards might be the coolest thing ever

Remember a few weeks ago I told you about my grand plan for awesome Christmas greetings this year?  (If you missed it, it's right here.)

Well, my creations have now come in the mail, and I could not be happier with them.  I've done labels and flyers as Christmas greetings before, so I knew I would love those, but I was UBER impressed with the pop-out Christmas cardsCheck this out!!

In my previous post, I showed you the preview--a screen shot of what my pop-out card looked like when I was done designing it. 

Now here's what they look like in real life.

Front of the card:

The back is green, as you saw in the preview.  Here I've "popped-out" the center part of a card so you can see what the ornament part looks like.

And there's a hole to thread string or ribbon through so you can hang the ornament on your tree!

A card and a gift in one!  I LOVE these!!

Remember, there are 4 different shapes for the pop-out cards: brace, circle (mine), snowflake, and tapered.  You can see them all by clicking here.

Ready to make your own?  You can use a template or design your own!  If you don't already have one, open your Heritage Makers account at www.heritagemakers.com/jenniferwise and then you're all ready to give some COOL pop-out cards!

Friday, December 4, 2015

How do you find the MONEY for memory-keeping?

This is a continuation of last week's post which talked about finding TIME for memory-keeping.

The results of my recent poll here on my blog (asking for the biggest obstacle to preserving photos & their memories) had MONEY coming in second.  38% of my poll-takers said money is their biggest obstacle to memory-keeping.

On Pinterest, a hashtag I often use is #icanhelp.  It's one of the things I love most about what I do!  I really LOVE helping people preserve their photos and memories because they are irreplaceable.

First shoes = $15
First day of school clothes = $30
First bicycle = $75
Photos and memories of those events preserved so they can be easily accessed and loved = PRICELESS

So let's brainstorm some ways to take out the money obstacle!  

Let's start with how many things cost $30.  Here's what my brainstorming comes up with:

  • 2 tickets to a movie + popcorn
  • a just-released hardbound book (remember when Harry Potter came out?)
  • a pair of jeans
  • six 12-packs of Diet Coke/Pepsi/pick-your-poison
  • 8-10 trips to Starbucks (mmmm... peppermint hot chocolate)
  • about 1 1/2 of my favorite scented candles
  • a manicure
This is a list of things that are obviously great, right?!

You know what else costs $30?  One month of a Bronze Club HM membership (with no fee).  Here's what you get for your $30:
  • $30 worth of publishing points  (i.e. memory keeping!  If your desired book costs more than $30, just stay on Club HM another month because you can accrue publishing points--points are good for 12 months from the date of purchase!  This means you can pay for things over time!  Kinda like layaway.)
  • an extra 15% off when you check out  (so your $30 actually gets you $34.50 worth of items!)
  • free access to over 100,000 pieces of digital art and 13,000 templates
  • free upgrades (like UV coating and black end papers)
  • 10GB of photo storage
  • highest-quality memory keeping around!!  (available with the Silver and Gold levels of Club HM, too, of course) 
This graphic I posted a few months ago breaks down the price of Heritage Makers products to give you a good idea of what you're getting for your money:

So whether you decide to use your Starbucks money for memory-keeping or just use this information to understand the value that Heritage Makers is, I hope this brainstorming is helpful!

I know money is always a consideration in life, but in my years of being a Heritage Makers consultant, I've often been surprised to see what people who tell me they don't have enough money for memory-keeping end up spending their money on.  Sometimes just stopping to reconsider things can be helpful.

In other cases, when people tell me they don't have enough money for memory-keeping, they actually mean that they don't have enough money for memory-keeping.  In that case, I always suggest consultantship.  It costs $25 to become a Heritage Makers consultant.  I KNOW you know people who need to learn about simple, highest-quality memory-keeping.  Heritage Makers consultants *do not* have to be salesmen (hello, how do you think I'm doing this??).  They just have to be passionate about memory-keeping or willing to learn.  You can find more information about consultantships in the tab above called "become a consultant," or you can always contact me.  There's a tab for that, too!  With a good group of friends who are Heritage Makers under your direction (your clients), you can pay for your memory-keeping!

The great thing about any money you spend on memory-keeping is that it is an investment.  In 10 years, you won't remember the movie and popcorn you spent $30 on, and in 3 months the scented candle will have lost its scent.  But memory-keeping is actually investing in your family, creating priceless connections, raising self-esteem, and even increasing happiness.  Actual miracles can happen through memory-keeping.  Read more, including studies done on the subject, by clicking right here.

So don't let money be an obstacle to memory-keeping any longer!  #icanhelp