what makes Heritage Makers the best

When I started as a Heritage Makers consultant in 2005, nobody asked me this question! EVER!  That's because nobody had ever seen a personalized hardbound book before!  It was UNIQUE.  Now versions of the Heritage Makers idea are popping up everywhere, and digital scrapbooking is becoming popular, so now people want to know:

What's the difference between Heritage Makers and other seemingly similar options?

I have never used anything but Heritage Makers, but I actually get a lot of feedback from my clients.  Here are TEN (the number keeps growing!) things my clients have told me over the years that makes Heritage Makers better than anything they've seen before:

The company started with the goal to preserve the stories of our lives in heirloom-quality products--the kind you can pass down to the next generation.  Everything is printed on high-quality papers that are acid-free and lignin-free, and the hardbound books have a library binding with metal stitching (not glue).  I have several clients who came to Heritage Makers after trying something else that didn't last very long.  Quality is a big deal at Heritage Makers.  We're not out to offer a product or make a sale--we aim to offer heritage.  (Eventually, Heritage Makers added a few soft-bound books to our lineup, and those use a binding method superior to glue called the PUR method--click there if you want to find out more about it--that won't yellow or crack, causing pages to fall out.  Quality is the name of the game with Heritage Makers.)

Projects in your account are yours and don't get deleted after a certain period of time.  They stay in your account indefinitely (unless YOU delete them), as long as you maintain an active account.  (A Heritage Makers account is considered active when used once every 18 months.  So create a meaningful and impressive gift or preserve your cherished photos and memories with a family photo-story yearbook once a year, and you'll always have an active account.)  Plus, every project you make with Heritage Makers is protected by Heirloom Assurance--if anything happens to your project, you can get a replacement copy at half price!!  (That means my job isn't saving people from burning buildings--it's saving people from having to run INTO burning buildings after their photos!)  Heirloom Assurance is personally very important to me!

You can add photos and text anywhere on a page.  You are not limited at all.  You can add pages to books up to 99.  Every page and both covers are COMPLETELY CUSTOMIZABLE.  What I hear most is that Heritage Makers is just MORE PERSONAL.  Most people tell me that what they've seen previously (other companies) only gives you a few templates to choose from, and then you plug in your photos where it tells you to, and text or captioning wherever it allows.  Heritage Makers actually began with the idea that every photo has a story behind it (hence, our term "storybooking")--so you will never be limited with amount of text or text placement with Heritage Makers!!  There are also a lot more WAYS to publish your photos with Heritage Makers than your average photo place--hardbound books in 7 sizes, a softbound book, a magazine, business supplies, wirebound books (think cookbooks or planners), individual scrapbook pages in 3 sizes (including double-sided), metal prints, canvases, invitations, cards, business products, etc.  

Templates, in my opinion, are what make Heritage Makers FOR EVERYBODY!!  There are people who "hate scrapbooking," "love scrapbooking," "aren't creative," "love creating," "don't know what to do with all the digital pictures on my camera" ...  and Heritage Makers is perfect for all of those people!!  So if you don't like designing, or if you are short on time, you can just go in and find one of our 13,000+ templates that fits your needs.  Even templates are COMPLETELY CUSTOMIZABLE, so you're never limited.  Add more pictures, remove an embellishment, change a background paper, etc.  You can see exactly what I'm talking about if you go to www.heritagemakers.com/jenniferwise and click "Template Gallery" at the upper right.  It's awesome!  It's like sitting down with 1,000 people and saying, "So!  Show me what you've made with Heritage Makers lately!"

First of all, it's included, not something you have to purchase or download.  Second, Heritage Makers gives you access to an unparalleled art collection!  There are trendy pieces, classic pieces, seasonal and event pieces, and much more. New collections are being added all the time, and the latest addition is in a video in the right sidebar.  200,000+ pieces of digital art are available for you to use as much as you want!  (I call it "all-you-can-eat" art!)  The Basic Collection is free for all Heritage Makers users, and the Premier Collection is free for Club HM members (which is awesome because Club HM is just pre-paying for your published items and getting a little free--so every penny goes toward books and other products, and then you get the enormous Premier Art Collection free).  You may also purchase Premier access if you prefer.

Nothing extra.  You don't upload/update anything on your computer.  You don't download (or buy) software, digital art pieces, or anything at all--EVERYTHING you need is right in your Heritage Makers account.  You don't spend extra money on anything.  Every penny you spend gets you an actual product.

All you need to work on your Heritage Makers projects is a computer (ANY computer!) with internet access!  Your photos, projects in progress, art--everything is in your private account.  Work on a project for just 15 minutes over your lunch break, or at your in-laws' house, or on your laptop while you're waiting for kids at swimming lessons.  The convenience can't be beat!!

Heritage Makers reserves NO rights to your photos.  (Imagine my surprise when a client told me that this is not true with all "photobook" companies--some retain rights to your photos to use as they wish!  Read this scary article for more details on companies using your photos.)  Your photos are stored in full resolution in your Heritage Makers account.  This gives you digital photo storage in addition to the printed storage you are getting when you make a Heritage Makers product.  Because photos are stored in full resolution, you can download them back to your computer or hard drive at any time and retain the original quality.  (I was also surprised when another client told me that some "photobook" companies actually charge a fee for you to download your own photos!)  You are really storing your photos TWO WAYS when you use Heritage Makers (with an optional third method), so click here to learn the details.  It's the ultimate in photo security, but also in project security.

Heritage Makers is committed to not skimping on quality while retaining competitive prices.  HM Club gives you the best prices, most perks, and $10 free publishing every month you're on it.  Best of all, it's FREE to join!  Get all the details here.  Allow Club HM to renew month after month, and you can save up Publishing Points (they're like Heritage Makers dollars) to spread out the cost of publishing a larger or more expensive item, or multiple copies of something.  HM Club started in early 2012, and I've been on it every month since!  It's the best way to use the best publishing system around, Heritage Makers.

The benefits of having a real-life person to consult any time is very valuable!  From just asking basic questions to bouncing ideas off of, a consultant (ME!) can help you have a fabulous Heritage Makers experience every time.  Your consultant is your go-to person--not customer service on the other side of the world.  (And if you're curious, we do have customer service, but it's here in the U.S.)  Here's my contact information.
Heritage Makers REALLY IS better than anything you've seen!!  It's AMAZING.