Monday, July 10, 2023

Ten Tips for Happy Memory-Keeping

Photos are intended to make us happy.  Have you ever thought about that?  Happiness is the purpose of photos.  I've experienced it.  I get to see my grandpa again.  I get to see my chubby-cheeked little ones (who are all off at college/work now) again.  

Unfortunately, this photos=happiness fact has been lost on us.

When I talk to people about their photos, there's often some overwhelm about managing them, organizing them, preserving them in print, preserving them digitally, and sometimes even knowing where they are (cloud? phone? computer?).  There can even be guilt.  

But the purpose of photos is to make us happy.

Working with your photos in any way is memory-keeping.  And memory-keeping is a happy thing!  You can read about the (quite stunning, actually) benefits of memory-keeping right here, and then I want to share with you Ten Tips for Happy Memory-Keeping.

Not memory-keeping that feels like a burden.

Not memory-keeping that makes you feel guilty.

Happy memory-keeping!

It's really do-able!  So let's get started.  See which of these ten tips are the ones you need the most.

This video tutorial shows how to use an easy template that people love!

I really don't have a favorite tip, but this might be one of them because I've seen what a HUGE difference templates make in people's ability to love their memory-keeping when they preserve photos in pages. 

NOTE:  I am a Forever affiliate (a decision I made because I love it so much), so you will find affiliate links in this post, from which I earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no extra cost to you.

And #3 is doable, I promise.  It helps like nothing else!  

Here's the link to the Photo Organization playlist with lots of tutorials and ideas.

Some people work better alone, but some people really need a village!  This can be SO helpful, both in-person or online!

This "Our Community & Events" tab shows the Photo Rodeo dates and link.

A mindset shift can really make a difference, too!  Looking at the benefits of interacting with your photos can help you prioritize making time for them.

If you didn't read about the benefits of memory-keeping above,
now is a good time.  It's pretty amazing information!

I highly recommend Tip #6, particularly to anyone who just doesn't know where to start.  It helps immensely!

This tip, #7, is the big one for me.  It's why I have been "caught up" preserving my photos and memories--consistently--for about two decades.  

I've seen tip #8 make a big difference in people's abilities to accomplish their memory-keeping goals.

In fact, I highly recommend that you take a few minutes to see the different options here because there's something for everyone.  Choose whichever one looks good to you!

I honestly think Tip #9 is a bigger deal than most people realize.

And, last but certainly not least, is Tip #10.  

Which of these tips is your favorite, and which one will make the biggest difference to you right now as you implement it?  Tell me in the comments below.

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