Tuesday, December 29, 2015

showing off my new wood print and metal print

I've been itching to try the new wood prints and metal prints from Heritage Makers, and this past fall we had some family photos taken, so I jumped at the chance!  (Actually, I'd done a metal print as a gift before, which is fantastic, only I don't get to keep what I give away as gifts!)  I'm so excited to show you my new prints!

You can find available dimensions and prices at www.heritagemakers.com/jenniferwise by clicking "products" then "home decor."

I decided not to put any artwork on this--no buttons or swirlies or words, but just the photo itself.  When you make one, do anything you want!  

The surfaces of both the wood print and the metal print are different than, say, scrapbook pages, canvases, or storybooks.  So there is a different sheen, and the colors are a little more vibrant.

From this angle, you can see that this is just a natural wood plaque. It's made with Maple veneer with low gloss clear matte coating.

It also has pre-drilled keyholes on the back so it's ready to hang.

Of course, you can do anything with these wood prints.  Like this:

You can find available dimensions and prices at www.heritagemakers.com/jenniferwise by clicking "products" then "home decor."
 Gee, how can you tell it's glossy metal?  ;)  ...Sorry about the glare.  As you can see, with the metal print, I did decide to use some of the fantastic (included!!!) Heritage Makers art, so there's a background "paper" and some word art down at the bottom left.  I really liked how it turned out.

This is the back.  There are a couple of options you can add on when you submit your metal print for publishing.  One is this metal easel you can see here taped to the back of the metal print.  (This is obviously before I took off the easel and adhered it to the back of the print.)  Another optional add-on is a mounting block.  They're each a few dollars and, again, are optional.  I've used the metal easel in both of the prints I've ordered, and I like them.

Of course, you can do anything with metal prints.  Like this:
(The one above is a French Line metal print--they are available in Bracket shape as well, or just the traditional rectangle or square with rounded corners.)
Aren't these sweet and fun home decor??  They would make a great gift for parents or grandparents, too.  Which one would YOU like to try??

Make yours at www.heritagemakers.com/jenniferwise by first opening your account and then either creating your own from scratch or using a template.  Contact me (see the "contact me" button above?) if you have any questions!

Friday, December 4, 2015

How do you find the MONEY for memory-keeping?

This is a continuation of last week's post which talked about finding TIME for memory-keeping.

The results of my recent poll here on my blog (asking for the biggest obstacle to preserving photos & their memories) had MONEY coming in second.  38% of my poll-takers said money is their biggest obstacle to memory-keeping.

On Pinterest, a hashtag I often use is #icanhelp.  It's one of the things I love most about what I do!  I really LOVE helping people preserve their photos and memories because they are irreplaceable.

First shoes = $15
First day of school clothes = $30
First bicycle = $75
Photos and memories of those events preserved so they can be easily accessed and loved = PRICELESS

So let's brainstorm some ways to take out the money obstacle!  

Let's start with how many things cost $30.  Here's what my brainstorming comes up with:

  • 2 tickets to a movie + popcorn
  • a just-released hardbound book (remember when Harry Potter came out?)
  • a pair of jeans
  • six 12-packs of Diet Coke/Pepsi/pick-your-poison
  • 8-10 trips to Starbucks (mmmm... peppermint hot chocolate)
  • about 1 1/2 of my favorite scented candles
  • a manicure
This is a list of things that are obviously great, right?!

You know what else costs $30?  One month of a Bronze Club HM membership (with no fee).  Here's what you get for your $30:
  • $30 worth of publishing points  (i.e. memory keeping!  If your desired book costs more than $30, just stay on Club HM another month because you can accrue publishing points--points are good for 12 months from the date of purchase!  This means you can pay for things over time!  Kinda like layaway.)
  • an extra 15% off when you check out  (so your $30 actually gets you $34.50 worth of items!)
  • free access to over 100,000 pieces of digital art and 13,000 templates
  • free upgrades (like UV coating and black end papers)
  • 10GB of photo storage
  • highest-quality memory keeping around!!  (available with the Silver and Gold levels of Club HM, too, of course) 
This graphic I posted a few months ago breaks down the price of Heritage Makers products to give you a good idea of what you're getting for your money:

So whether you decide to use your Starbucks money for memory-keeping or just use this information to understand the value that Heritage Makers is, I hope this brainstorming is helpful!

I know money is always a consideration in life, but in my years of being a Heritage Makers consultant, I've often been surprised to see what people who tell me they don't have enough money for memory-keeping end up spending their money on.  Sometimes just stopping to reconsider things can be helpful.

In other cases, when people tell me they don't have enough money for memory-keeping, they actually mean that they don't have enough money for memory-keeping.  In that case, I always suggest consultantship.  It costs $25 to become a Heritage Makers consultant.  I KNOW you know people who need to learn about simple, highest-quality memory-keeping.  Heritage Makers consultants *do not* have to be salesmen (hello, how do you think I'm doing this??).  They just have to be passionate about memory-keeping or willing to learn.  You can find more information about consultantships in the tab above called "become a consultant," or you can always contact me.  There's a tab for that, too!  With a good group of friends who are Heritage Makers under your direction (your clients), you can pay for your memory-keeping!

The great thing about any money you spend on memory-keeping is that it is an investment.  In 10 years, you won't remember the movie and popcorn you spent $30 on, and in 3 months the scented candle will have lost its scent.  But memory-keeping is actually investing in your family, creating priceless connections, raising self-esteem, and even increasing happiness.  Actual miracles can happen through memory-keeping.  Read more, including studies done on the subject, by clicking right here.

So don't let money be an obstacle to memory-keeping any longer!  #icanhelp

Friday, November 27, 2015

How do you find TIME for memory-keeping?

I ran a poll here on the blog for about six weeks, asking what the biggest obstacle is to preserving photos and the memories that go with them.

61% of you said TIME
38% of you said MONEY
And, wouldn't you know, 0% said INTEREST.

A hashtag I often use is #icanhelp.  It's one of the things I love most about what I do!  So let's see how I can help you today!  You have the interest in preserving your photos & their memories, so let's get you the time.  (We'll talk about money next time.)

First off, it's important to remember that nobody ever "finds" time for anything.  We don't often have 6 extra hours or 2 extra days with nothing to do.  We MAKE time for everything we do.  I attended a women's conference back a thousand years ago when I was in college.  One of the things that was said was:

"If we didn't have too much to do, we wouldn't know 
what was important."  -Jeanne Innoyue

Don't read on too fast here.  Think about that statement.  We are meant to prioritize.  And it's hard, I know.  I am SO there.  But when we have to prioritize, we learn more about what is really important.  So let your photos and their memories be important, because you already know they are.

Remember this graphic I posted a few months ago?

One of the things that stuck out to me the most when I did the research for this graphic is that we would have 5 more hours a week if we just stayed away from Facebook.  (approximately)  Or how many more hours if we didn't watch so much TV?  Now, I'm not saying that you should give up Facebook or TV, but what if you just cut your time in half?  Or what if you just took 2 days off from Facebook or TV or sports?   

And how about that 90 Minutes For Life idea?  What if you just spent 15 minutes a day with your photos and their memories?  I must say, too, that once you get in the habit, it's easy to keep doing.  Enlist help if you need to!  Find a memory-keeping buddy who needs time to scrapbook (or storybook) just like you do and report to each other.  Find a family member who can work with you.  Or I can be your "accountability partner."  There are lots of ways we could "work together," even from far away.  I'll tell you about two of them in a minute. 

I know a great gal who is a business coach.  One of her fabulous tips that she repeats a lot is:

"If it takes more than 15 minutes, it should be on your calendar."  

I can't even tell you how quickly my calendar fills up.  I'm (mostly) a SAHM (a complete misnomer because I'm not home that much!), and usually when someone asks me if I can do something next week, it's already full.  So I can tell you that this tip is absolutely true.  I LOVE memory-keeping, and it is SO EASY with Heritage Makers, and I could happily spend hours and hours doing it.  But when my calendar gets full and I have a memory-keeping project I really need to get done, I put it on my calendar.  Thursday afternoon I am spending two hours on this book, period.  Then I just don't schedule things over it!  It's how I prioritize.  I have too much to do, just like you, so this is how I make sure the important things get done:  calendar it!

How many of the ideas I've gone over so far sound good to you?  Which ones would especially work for you?

I have ten more tips for simple steps to memory-keeping {right here}, too.  See which of them help you the most.  

One of the best things I do to make sure my memory-keeping gets done is I work with other people.  I do several different things.  I set up "digi-crops" at a local restaurant (we all bring laptops and work), and I also host some online "digi-crops" where we all sit at our computers and work together, checking in with each other and posting what we are working on.  Whatever you do, when you work with someone else, it's easier to get things done because you've committed to another person that you'll be working at the time you've reserved on your calendar. 

If you're not really sure how a digi-crop works or how it could help you, I explain it right here "in person."  :)
(If you would like to be a part of my digi-crops, whether you're local or not, contact me and I'll set you up!  My contact information is at the "contact me" tab in purple above.)

Don't forget:  I offer Scrapbooking For Hire, too!  The details are in the purple "Scrapbooking For Hire" tab above--this is just one option.

Which of these ideas and tips will YOU use to MAKE time for memory-keeping?  

Be a Heritage MAKER, not a Photo Keeper.

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Friday, November 13, 2015

gift ideas under $25

 With Heritage Makers you can give some really cool gifts without breaking the bank.  If fact, they're so cool that people won't realize they were as "budget-friendly" as they were!  (Be sure to look at the "Club HM" tab above so you'll get the best prices--for free!  Pricing shown in my list below reflects Club HM discounts.)  Remember, all these templates are available for you to use, or you can create your own.  Templates are fully editable, too, so you can customize them however you want.

Here are 5 super neat-o gift ideas!

#1  Playing Cards
54 cards with a high-gloss finish and rounded corners (and it's only 50 cents per additional card if you want to add some)

Family Matching Game

Regular playing card deck with family members' pictures

#2 Flip Books
$11-$13 for the 3.5x5.75 size, or $13-$16 for the 6x6 size
10 double-sided pages (thicker than in our Storybooks) with rounded corners, a wire binding, and protective plastic covers

(click here to scroll through all the pages:  http://www.heritagemakers.com/gallery/#/t/2955)

Special books for kids
(click here to see all the pages:  http://www.heritagemakers.com/gallery/#/t/121170)

#3 Ornaments
White coated aluminum with two fully-customizable sides.  Various shapes available.  3x3.

#4 Prints for the home
$3 (yup, $3!!!)
11x14 print on archival-quality 100-lb. coverstock paper

(frame and use a dry-erase marker on the glass!)

 (calendar personalized with photos!)
 (subway art print for January home decor; personalize with your name at the bottom)
(or even use as a placemat!!  Free UV coating on request is just one more Club HM perk)

#5 "Car" Magnet
12x18 car magnet (not just for the car!!) 

family weekly planner for the fridge (could personalize with a photo, too)
These are just five ideas--there are a lot more in the Heritage Makers template gallery!  Check them out at www.heritagemakers.com/jenniferwise then clicking "template gallery" in the upper right, then the blue "browse the gallery" button.  You'll be amazed.  You'll also be the best gift-giver in the family!

Friday, November 6, 2015

Christmas cards & letters MADE EASY!

It's that time of year!  Such a fun time to send and receive greetings to and from loved ones. 

Let me help you ENJOY December!  Get in your Heritage Makers account NOW (or open one at www.heritagemakers.com/jenniferwise) and get those cards or letters done in a snap so they're ready to go out before the busy-ness hits later on. 

Here's a tutorial video I just recorded to help you.  Here's what you'll learn:
  1. First I talk about CREATIVE, UNIQUE, LESS EXPENSIVE alternatives to Christmas cards.  
  2. I show you how to save time by using a pre-designed template (which is still fully customizable, so you can change anything you want!)  
  3. I show you how to order your cards, as well as use the "direct ship" option so your cards go directly to your recipients and you don't have to lick an envelope or buy stamps!  
  4. Last, I show you how to make a card from scratch if you prefer that method. 
You will LOVE card/letter-giving with Heritage Makers!!  Grab a snack and learn a lot in a short amount of time right here, then scroll down to see some examples and prices of cards and UNIQUE cards/greetings!

FLYERS ($13-$14 for a pack of 30 single-sided, or $19-22 if they're double-sided)
I love these for really special family Christmas letters.  You can get really clever, too!

template 95539
template 114391

TRI-FOLD BROCHURES ($14-$16, double sided, for a pack of 20)
These may just be my favorite Christmas greeting.  They are made of a thick cardstock-like paper, so you can fold them in three (they are already scored), tape it closed on the edges, and just write an address on one panel of the brochure, stick a stamp on it, and you're done.

Here's the front or inside:
and the back or outside (notice the panel on the right that folds onto the front where you can write an address):
template 96503

This is actually my own tri-fold card that I sent last year at the left, with some matching notepads at the right which I made to write individual notes to put inside some of the cards. 
 Here's the card (well, tri-fold brochure) when it's open.
And here's the card closed.  I used those cute nativity stamps (digital art) from one of the Heritage Makers art collections and left room for an actual USPS stamp.  But as you can see, no need for return address labels--just put it right on there.  And I left an area the size of a mailing label so I could print out people's names/addresses.  The card IS the envelope!  How fun, right??

Before I show you some traditional cards, you must know that Heritage Makers offers discounts on orders of cards over 25.  This is great for Christmas as well as weddings, retirement parties, or whatever!  Be sure to check out the total savings from the Large Order Discounts--they're in the tab above called "discounts."

These are the traditional type (folded cards), available in 5x7 or 4x6 or 5x5.  Envelopes are included. (FYI: The 5x5 size is the only size that can't be direct-shipped due to restrictions from the postal service.)  Here you're just seeing the fronts.

I think this next one is cute because it's to a grandchild from grandparents and just has her name with some of Heritage Makers' digital art instead of the traditional family photo.  There's SO MUCH you can do with Heritage Makers!!  I love the possibilities.
Here's the preview of this last card so you can see the thumbnails of each of the four panels of the card.  Remember, this is a template (100586) but it's still fully editable.  http://www.heritagemakers.com/gallery/#/t/100586

And now the last group of options for Christmas greetings.

These are a little lower in price than traditional greeting cards, but they obviously have half the panels (surfaces) since invitations are two-sided and postcards are one-sided.   I sent postcards instead of regular cards a few years ago, and I thought it was a pretty clever way to save on postage!

Invitations like these come in 4x6 and 5x7.  They come with envelopes.

 Here's a preview of this last one so you can see the other side:  http://www.heritagemakers.com/gallery/#/t/47242

Postcards are only available in the 5x7 size and don't include envelopes.  Instead, they are printed on the back with traditional postcard stuff (place for the address, etc.)
 OR!  How about a postcard from Santa!  This is one of two styles in the Template Gallery, or you could create your own style.

Photo Cards are 82-93 cents but also qualify for that Large Order Discount I mentioned earlier!  Photo cards are 4x8 and come with envelopes.  And look at how much more interesting and PERSONAL they can be--so much more so than your average ones from the nearest drugstore!

Those are all the Christmas greeting options I can think of!  You sure have a lot to choose from, right?  Contact me if you need any advice or help, and be sure you share this post with someone you know who would love it!

Gotta run...  I have some super cool ideas for my own Christmas greetings this year!