Tuesday, July 25, 2017

make your own tri-fold brochures ~ business or personal

We've been having a lot of fun with these Tri-Fold Brochures lately! 

These are nice thick paper--thick enough to fold up and tape shut and put a stamp on and mail!--and both sides are completely customizable. I love how much information I can fit on them!

I normally use these to send as thank-yous to clients, but I've actually used them for Christmas cards as well.

They would also be great for showing your favorite products--like making your own mini catalog of sorts! Tri-Fold Brochures are also perfect for price lists and packages you offer. They come in a pack of 20 for around $15-$16.

Like all Heritage Makers products, there is no limit to amount or placement of text, photos, or digital art (thousands of pieces included!!)

If this looks like just product you had in mind, {get started creating right here}.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

How to Catch Up on Preserving Photos: the two-in-one plan

Back when we only took two rolls of 36 pictures each year, catching up on preserving them wasn't even a thing.  These days, though, we can take 36 pictures in a day.  And if they sit as jpeg files for weeks and months at a time...  Well.  You do the math.

If you do {make time} for memory-keeping and you get all the photos from 2010 preserved, that's fantastic and worth celebrating!  But while you were preserving those photos, you probably took just as many more.

So how on earth do we CATCH UP?  How do we make progress instead of just holding steady?

The answer?  THE TWO-IN-ONE PLAN!

First, choose one year's worth of photos to focus on.  If that alone is overwhelming, you probably want to sort your photos.  You may have EXTRA photos that are weighing you down, or you just may need to choose your favorites.  I wrote some tips and helps {at this article} for you if you need them.  Be realistic about how much time you have to preserve your photos and then plan accordingly.  If you can set aside 1 hour a week or 4 hours a month, then preserving 100 photos a week might not be the right move for you--you may need to choose your favorite 10.

Second, dedicate some time to preserving your photos and memories.  This is a really important step.  It's not just going to happen, even if you wish it would.  (To quote Dr. Phil, "How's that been workin' out for ya?")  If you need some help making time, click the "need TIME?" tab in red above.  There are some great articles and suggestions there for setting aside time for preserving your photos.

Third, follow the Two-in-One Plan.  It's pretty simple.  Once you've chosen which year's photos you are going to preserve first, and set aside enough time each week or month to do it, follow this plan:
  • month 1:  Preserve photos and memories from January and February.
  • month 2:  Preserve photos and memories from March and April.
  • month 3:  Preserve photos and memories from May and June.
  • month 4:  Preserve photos and memories from July and August.
  • month 5:  Preserve photos and memories from September and October.
  • month 6:  Preserve photos and memories from November and December.
  • repeat
See how that's two-in-one?  If you do the Two-in-One Plan for six months and then repeat with another year's worth of photos, you've preserved TWO YEARS' worth of photos in one year!  That's PROGRESS, my friend!

And that's the goal.

Find some great memory-keeping methods at the "3 Memory-Keeping Options" tab in red above.  There are some simple solutions that will make actually DOING the Two-in-One plan not just doable, but fun and even {addicting}!  It's pretty easy to be a successful memory-keeper when you have a system that keeps you coming back for more!  :)

Heard someone complain recently about being behind on preserving their photos?  Share this Two-in-One Plan with her/him, or on social media using the tabs below.  I love sharing doable solutions for memory-keeping with one more person every day.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

making time for memory-keeping

I've posted several ways to {make more time} for memory-keeping, but if you're serious about it, here's a great way to make your goal into reality.

I host an online Digi-Crop four times a year.  (My next one is on Thursday!)  We "meet" at a Facebook event and work individually from our own computers at home to make progress on our memory-keeping (or other Heritage Makers projects).  You can certainly work on paper scrapbooking, too, if that's your preference.  We post screen shots of what we're working on and celebrate our progress.  And you can join from anywhere in the country!

It's really just a gift of TIME.  If you struggle to find time, you'll need to make it!  These are great opportunities to work on your memory-keeping goals and make some progress because these events GO ON YOUR CALENDAR!  That can be very helpful in making your goals into reality.

These events happen in my Heritage Makers Facebook group, which you can join by clicking here:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/315067088563826/

Definitely invite friends!  I'm passionate about helping people {turn files into real photos} and really make a difference since memory-keeping {creates connections within families}, {builds self-esteem in kids}, and even {lowers stress}.  

The four Digi-Crops are seasonal--there's a Spring one around May, a Summer one around July, a Fall one around September, and a Winter one around February.  Joining the Facebook group will get you automatic invitations.

Before your first Digi-Crop, you'll want to follow the instructions in the "how to get started" tab at the upper right here on this blog.  Unless you already have a memory-keeping system you like and use, you'll want to create your Heritage Makers account, upload your photos into your account, and be ready to create at the Digi-Crop.  There are tutorial videos at that link as well, but you'll be able to ask questions and brainstorm at the Digi-Crop, too.

Hope to see you there!  Let's change lives one photo at a time.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Christmas in July: DIY Christmas countdown using Nifty Gifties

I admit it--most of my clever ideas come from someone else.  And I loved this one, so I went to work!

I love that you can write messages or instructions or activities in each of these cute little cards.  I also love that all these cards are made from a kit, so they're SUPER EASY to make.

Here's what you need to make this Christmas countdown:
  • The Holiday Nifty Gifties card kit.  Order it at www.heritagemakers.com/jenniferwise by clicking "products" then "Anthology."  It's $49 and makes 75 total cards!  Since you need 24 for this project, you can make one of these to keep and one to give away!  Or you can make one countdown and 51 additional cards for gift-giving!  The cards will take about a week to get to you (give or take) after you place the order.
  • A display board.  I bought mine in the craft section of Walmart for $10, but they'll be at any craft store or you can create your own from repurposed wood if you prefer.  My board is 16x12.
  • Twine--but this is included in the Holiday Nifty Gifties card-making kit.
  • Mini clips.  I bought a pack of 70 at Walmart for $4.
  • a hot glue gun 
  • number stickers (optional--you can always just write numbers on the envelopes)
  • (suggested) an easel to display your completed advent
And here's what you do:

Stretch 3 lengths of twine across the board and hot glue the twine to the back of the board.  (I used a big glob of hot glue to keep it secure.)  You want to pull the twine TIGHT across the board, because the cards are going to weigh it down.

Make the cards.  They come with instructions and everything is pre-cut, so it's really easy.  I actually timed it, and even the most complicated cards take 3 minutes.  The super simple ones I timed at 30 seconds.  :)  Here are just a couple of examples:

If I did this again, I would probably stick with the smaller cards (not the Matchbox style, the first photo above) or else get a little bigger board.  They're pretty cramped on the board, but I like it anyway.  :)

Attach the cards to the twine with the clips.
I actually started at the bottom and worked backwards so that if there was any overlap (and there was obviously a lot since I used the bigger cards), the cards that get opened first would be on the top.
I would also suggest that you put the numbers on last, just so you can see how everything will hang.  I did cut these numbers with my Cricut and the Cricut vinyl you can buy, but I also made another countdown where I just wrote the numbers on with a black sharpie.  I think both look fine.

AND THAT'S IT!!  Don't forget to place messages or activities or whatever you like inside the cards!

And this is a fun #giftidea too!

I have two of these Christmas Countdown boards pre-made.  If you're interested in purchasing one, just {contact me}!