Thursday, June 28, 2018

Overcoming the Memory-Keeping Obstacles of Time and Money

I've been a memory-keeping consultant and storybooking coach for over 13 years now, and I've talked to a lot of people who WANT to preserve their photos and memories, tell their family's stories, and create connections between generations using family history and stories.  I've found that the two biggest obstacles to achieving these goals are TIME and MONEY.

 (If you haven't been here before, memory-keeping means preserving your photos WITH your memories, not just throwing photos in a book.)

Last August I ran a series of articles on finding time and money for memory-keeping for a blog I am a contributor for.  I'd love to share them with you today!  You'll learn:
Leave a comment and tell me what struck you in these articles, what made you stop and think, "I could do that!" 


Thursday, June 21, 2018

How to Create a High-Quality Family Pedigree Fan Chart Canvas

I am a huge fan of family history and learning about my ancestors.  I am blessed to have ancestors who were also serious about genealogy, so I get to read a lot of what they already learned.  It's amazing!  The sense of belonging is palpable.

Last November I wrote an article about family-themed gift ideas for a blog I'm a regular contributor for called Evolve.  I kinda spent way too much time looking out for great ideas, and as part of my search for super cool gifts I reached out to several Facebook groups I'm in to see what I could learn.  You can see all the neat {gift ideas for the whole family} here.  There are a lot of great suggestions there!

I honestly wrote the blog post for my readers--I wasn't really thinking of trying one of those sweet ideas for myself.  But then {Family Tree Prints} offered me a lovely deal as thanks for sharing their business in the article.  So I went on to the Family Tree Prints website and created my own pedigree chart using their software.

I hadn't necessarily been on the lookout for creating my own family pedigree fan chart because I create so many family and ancestor things using Heritage Makers -- I've made {storybooks of my ancestors} and {collected stories of my ancestors who were pioneers} and written {my mom's life storybook} after she passed away.  I make 4-generation pedigree books for each of my kids on their 12th birthday so they can see their connection to their parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents. I've got things on my wall and things on my shelf that show our family connections and heritage.

However, I didn't have a pedigree chart on my wall!  I was so excited to try out Family Tree Prints' website and software and see what I could do.  I chose a template where I could fill in my pedigree chart as well as my husband's.  Then I downloaded the large, high-quality JPEG file.

Family Tree Prints offers the software and templates, but choosing how to print the file is up to you.  OF COURSE I wanted to try it using a {Heritage Makers canvas}!  Family Tree Prints told me that they don't usually recommend canvases, only prints (like from Costco) because the fonts don't usually look very good on a canvas.  I knew it was a risk (and I'm not usually very risky), but I went for it.

I could not believe how beautiful it was when I got it back in the mail from Heritage Makers! *swoon*

These are actual photos of my family pedigree fan chart canvas hanging on my wall, but they really don't do it justice.

(So, of course, I emailed Family Tree Prints right away to let them know that their pedigree fan charts look wicked amazing on Heritage Makers canvases!)

There are about 7 different sizes of canvases offered by {Heritage Makers}, but you'd probably want a square one for this pedigree print.  You can choose from 8x8, 12x12, and 20x20.  I went for the big 20x20 and it is beautiful!  As far as using Family Tree Prints to create your jpeg file, they offer lots of styles and colors.  I chose the 4 generation pedigree for both my husband and me (the complete circle), but there are lots of other options as well.

This video {walks you through creating a canvas with Heritage Makers}.  Be sure you check out the {best price information}, too.  

What a great way to SEE your family connections every day!

This would make a very special birthday, Christmas, or anniversary gift, so Pin it and save for later!

Thursday, June 14, 2018

How to Make Yourself Stand Out

Do you know anyone else who does what you do?  Are you the ONLY consultant, the ONLY advisor, or the ONLY company rep?  Probably not.  If your potential customers are meeting multiple Pampered Chef ladies or multiple social media advisors, what will make you different?  What will make them remember YOU and forget all the others?

I LOVE handing people something like this

It makes me different.  It makes me memorable.  It makes me impressive.

(shown:  tri-fold brochures, notepads, and a playing card deck used for thank yous)

Generally speaking, we are on information overload.  Everything in the world is on the internet.  You could literally spend an entire day finding out what friends are up to via social media, googling information relating to your hobby, and finding out how to install your own shower head from a YouTube video.  There's so much available information!

But how many personal touches?

You may have a great website, a great social media strategy, and great marketing tools.  But what is helping people remember YOU?  What is that special touch that makes you different?

I love these little objects I've created using Heritage Makers because in many ways they feel like a gift.  Getting something like this in the mail or at a booth is so different from just getting an e-mail or an invitation to something on Facebook.  It's a SOMETHING to set me apart and make me memorable.

Learn how to make yourself stand out! This Business Products Class shows you lots of impressive possibilities!  They're all DIY using your own private Heritage Makers account, so you'll get exactly what you want.  Small quantities and no need to pay a designer* keeps your car magnets, notepads, business cards, etc. affordable, too!  Get ready to be amazed right here:

*Thousands of pre-designed (yet still fully editable) templates are available in the Heritage Makers template gallery.  If you prefer, you can hire out the work of creating your project--just {contact me}.

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Thursday, June 7, 2018

Honest Review of "The Secret Ingredient to Self-Care and Wellness"

Remember when I gave away three copies of {"The Secret Ingredient to Self-Care and Wellness"}?  One of the first people to snap one up was Amy from Needed in the Home.  She told me she was really excited to read it because she really wanted to learn more about what pictures and memories really do for you and find out some helps and tips to get going preserving them again.

Amy enjoyed the booklet so much that she wrote a product review for it!  I loved finding out how my book was received, what she learned from it, and what really helped her look at things a little differently so that she can now DO things a little differently.

This was a totally unsolicited, uncompensated review, so it is very honest and right from Amy's heart.  Here are a few of my favorite things from the review:

"This little book is a must read for moms of the digital age, like me, who feel powerless and too overwhelmed to do anything about the years of photos stuck in digital storage." 

"Her book shows me that physical, tangible photographs are so important for children's wellness and self-esteem."

"After reading this booklet, I do not feel ashamed, or depressed, or too overwhelmed to tackle this great task.  On the other hand, after reading, I feel inspired and empowered to pick up where I left off and take care of my photos.  She gives a practical structure of how this time can be scheduled into your routine.  In the past, I thought I was 'being selfish' to want that time to 'do photos,' but now I can see that it is actually needed as a part of self-care and wellness."

Read Amy's full review here:

"I highly recommend reading this booklet.  It will change the life of your family for the better and is needed in the home!" ~Amy at Needed in the Home

UPDATE:  There's now an e-version!  Read the ebook right here:

ebook The Secret Ingredient by JWiseHeritageMakers


Friday, June 1, 2018

It's a beautiful #friyay night!

It's #friyay once again--our monthly feature where we hear from actual Heritage Makers users what they think about Heritage Makers.  This month's #friyay comes from Alena, a dear friend of mine, who has some kind words about my own passion, my own WHY of being a Heritage Makers consultant and helping people get their stories told and photos preserved.