Friday, July 22, 2016

I'm on the cover of a magazine!!!

In the immortal words of Mike Wazowski:
"I'm on the cover of a magazine!"

But guess what!  It's a magazine I MADE!

This is a Heritage Makers product!  I'm serious.

I made this magazine for advertising and promotional purposes.  Yes, I did go get a real photo shoot for it, but the magazine itself is just interviews by/with myself and full-page ads that I put together on my own.  I have to admit, I got quite a kick out of myself while I was making it.  :)

That article is about how my personality doesn't really fit the stereotypical "network marketing" gig and how I developed my own groove for sharing Heritage Makers my way.  And, of course, the full page ad.

And this article is about how I got started with Heritage Makers way back in 2005.

And, yup, a full page ad about the online and in-person classes I teach to introduce Heritage Makers to people and help them get started being the heroes of their families (instead of letting their babies grow up to be jpegs).  Themed events, online, in person...  you name it.  And hosts can earn free publishing, too!  Win-win.

Now this is obviously an amazing, clever, and fun idea for advertising, but you can make any Heritage Makers product into anything you want!  I've seen a "family reunion roundup" magazine which shows the schedule for the reunion, photos and updates on each family, etc.  I've seen a 50th wedding anniversary magazine which is a lot like this one I've made--made to look like a real magazine highlighting someone--only specifically about the couple.  I've seen magazines with family history stories.  The possibilities are endless!!  I was talking recently with an event planner about using magazines for family reunions, class reunions, or military reunions to create a reunion directory.  Isn't that cool!?!?

Magazines are actually called "8.5x11 Booklets," so when you make your own, that's what you're looking for.  At about $10, the price really can't be beat!

Head on over to and click "template gallery" at the upper right to see some samples of magazines.  (You'll have to select "8.5x11 booklet" at the left under "home & office" to narrow it down.  Or do a search for "reunion" and you'll see several come up.)

Then let me help you get started!  {Here are five steps to getting started, video tutorials included.}

I'd love to hear the cool idea YOU have for your magazine.  I've got some video tutorials to help you on your way if you need them, and I'm always just an e-mail or call/text away.

Who's next??  Who gets to be the next one ON THE COVER OF A MAGAZINE!!??