"I didn't become a Photo & Story Treasures consultant because I was looking for a job, a side gig, or even a hobby.  I did it because it matters.  More than a decade later, I'm still doing it because it matters.  I'm not a networking queen or a direct sales guru.  I'm a person-to-person person."    ~Jennifer Wise

You'll find contact information below, then keep reading to learn more about Jennifer and how she can help you find the best way to do what you already want to do:  preserve your photos, memories, and stories in a do-able, heirloom-quality way.

Jennifer Wise
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Everyone has a story!  What's yours?
Don't let your babies grow up to be jpegs!

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Photo & Story Treasures is a little company aimed at getting photos out of the cloud and your memories out of your head and into your hands where they belong.  Photo & Story Treasures is the brainchild (or, more correctly, the heartchild) of Jennifer Wise who has been preserving memories and photos for as long as she can remember and has been helping others do it since 2005.  (Get to know her more below.)  

More than "scrapbooking," Photo & Story Treasures is focused on telling the story behind the photos, the self-care benefits of recording your life experiences, and the scientifically-shown effects (including increased self-esteem and belonging) that family stories have on kids.  Photo & Story Treasures recommends only companies who provide heirloom-quality products and guaranteed photo privacy.  

Initial consultation: free
Questions along the way:  free
Access to video tutorials:  free
Additional work, including previewing your projects or making your projects for you:  $35/hour 
PDF versions of a project I make for you using Forever:  $10


For most of her life, Jennifer Wise has known how important photos and memories are for the heart and soul.  As a testament to this, Jennifer, a die-hard introvert, signed on as a Heritage Makers consultant in 2005 without having ever used the product before and without being particularly inclined to the social selling platform--both of which were completely out of character for her.  The high-quality digital storybooks (and later scrap pages) were something she couldn't pass up sharing because she knew it would make "scrapbooking" available to people who weren't otherwise memory-keepers.

Since then, Jennifer has poured her passion for the power of story, photos, and memories into online and in-person classes, workshops, about 400 blog posts (on multiple blogs), and more than 30 tutorial and educational videos on her YouTube channel.  She is serious about inspiring people to reach higher and take advantage of what memory-keeping can really offer:  higher self-esteem, a greater sense of purpose and belonging, lower stress, and much more.


As society has changed since 2005, Jennifer now finds herself also learning and then writing (and creating video tutorials) about photo organization, time management tips, and why it really is important to get pictures out of digital form.  Her motto is "Don't let your babies grow up to be jpegs," and she is known to often say, "Digital photo storage is a backup, not a goal."

Jennifer created Photo & Story Treasures in 2021 and at the same time added a company called Forever to her business offerings.  Forever and Heritage Makers have important similarities (heirloom-quality products and private photo storage), but because they also have some differences, she felt that it would be beneficial to the clients she serves to provide them with additional options, all of which are head-and-shoulders above anything else around.  She retired from Heritage Makers in 2022 prior to its transition to YPhoto.

Jennifer is a wife, mom, sister, daughter, and friend.  She loves the beach, shells, rain, sunshine, chocolate, laughing, pithy quotes, holidays, words, and really good Mexican food.  She holds a B.A. degree in Humanities-English literature from Brigham Young University and a M.A. in Teaching American Sign Language from the University of Northern Colorado.  Right after graduating with her undergrad degree, she spent a year and a half as a volunteer missionary.  She works part-time as an ASL instructor and part time as an interpreter.  She continues to volunteer in various capacities at church and 24/7 as a full-time mom.  (Yep, even when the kids are grown.)  Jennifer is addicted to traveling, which she attributes to having lived in seven states, three countries, and a U.S. territory over her lifetime.  Her deepest desire is to make a difference, which fuels her work.

You can get to know Jennifer more at these podcasts, videos, and interviews