Thursday, December 12, 2019

How the Best Way to Appreciate Life is through Memory-Keeping

When people ask, "So, what do you do?" I generally have a hard time answering.  I try to focus so much on individual needs that I end up doing a variety of things that fall well outside the basic "Photo & Story Treasures consultant" description.

I was asked this "So, what do you do?" question recently, and since my answer wasn't planned, I've thought about it a lot since it came out of my mouth.  Here's what I said:

I teach (free) classes on the importance of our photos and memories and then provide strategies and solutions to make high-quality memory-keeping doable.  It's less about "scrapbooking" and more about appreciating and cherishing life.

In the 14 1/2 years I've been sharing the Heritage Makers vision ("Everyone has a story.  Tell yours."), I've been met with surprising responses when I mention that one of the methods of telling your story is digital scrapbooking.  There are lots of methods, by the way:  {the Yearbook method}, {digital storybooking},  etc.  The word "scrapbooking," though, seems to get the most reaction.  People tend to either love it or hate it.  And people tend to mistakenly believe the {myth that if they don't scrapbook then they can't preserve their memories}.

So let me say this again.

Preserving photos and memories is less about scrapbooking and more about appreciating and cherishing life.

See "how to get started" for even more options!

Doesn't it seem like depression, anxiety, fear of missing out, and a lack of real connection are prevalent these days?  

So doesn't it follow that happiness, security, joy, gratitude, and connection are needed right now more than ever?  

The good news is that these things are closer than we realize!

Let me be so bold as to suggest that the best way to appreciate your life is through memory-keeping.

Research going back over 25 years has concluded the following amazing (and very hopeful!) facts:
So don't you think it's time?  Don't you think it's time to stop worrying about "scrapbooking" or "not scrapbooking" and just be a memory-keeper?  Photos and memories do so many good things for us--so many things we NEED!  They aren't just "nice"--they're necessities.

{Memory-keeping} is nothing more than sitting down with your photos and memories--your life experience--and putting words to them.  It's organizing the things that happen in such a way that you can develop perspective and gratitude.  It's seeing {long-gone moments and long-gone faces in order to remember and appreciate}.

If I could share anything with you, it would be that!  So I've created this video for you to help you appreciate life, increase your happiness, make connections, and lower your stress.  I talk about WHY memory-keeping is so important, what it can really do for you, and how to actually DO THIS--how to make it a real, consistent part of your life.

(And because it's recorded, you can stop, start, and replay as needed!)

2021 UPDATE:  In addition to Heritage Makers, Forever is another high-quality option for preserving photos and memories, with a bigger variety of options so you can find what works for you, including digitizing and scanning along with permanent photo storage.  

I'll end here with two personal examples.  

In 2012, my brother and sister-in-law were finally expecting a baby after years of trying, waiting, and trying new (expensive) options.  When my baby nephew died halfway through the pregnancy, the grief was unlike anything any of our family members had ever felt.  I couldn't do anything for them, so I made them a book.  (I discussed my experience {here} if you'd like to read it.)

Looking through pictures that were taken at the hospital 2,000 miles away from me helped me "be there."  Writing down the little miracles that happened along the way that my family had told me about over the phone helped me tell this little boy's story in a really beautiful way.  We grieved, yes, but putting those things to paper helped us through the grief AND helped us recognize blessings we might otherwise have missed.  And now that baby boy's 6-year-old sister gets to read about the big brother she never got to meet.  He is real to her, and it has created a connection for her.

Example 2:  Mostly, though, life is great!  There are birthdays and graduations, new jobs and old friends.  I take pictures of all these things.  Because I don't let them sit on my phone or camera and forget about them, I get to re-live them!  I get to re-love them!  Experiences and sweet times don't fade and disappear.  I put pictures and memories in {digital scrap pages} and in {digital storybooks}.  That's how they stay in my memory and in my heart.  Good times are always close by.

So scroll back up and be sure to watch this video I made for you:  Why It's Time to be a Memory-Keeper!  From my heart to yours.

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