Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Why taking photos increases happiness!

I just read a great article, and when I first came across it, I knew I would be nodding all the way through it.  I was right--she is SPOT ON.  This is a must-read, so take just a few minutes over at:

Why Taking Photos Increases our Happiness by Kristen Duke

So take photos!  

Then publish them in storybooks so you and your family & friends have TACTILE access to them.  

Photos left in digital form essentially have a "DOA" toe tag!  It's true.  There are so many reasons that PUBLISHING your photos matters--read about them here.

Believe it or not, photos and journaling (what I would call memory-keeping) are used in therapy and have been shown to increase happiness and relaxation!  (See more benefits here.)

Increased happiness?  Increased relaxation?  Increased self-esteem?  Improved memory?  

Who doesn't want THAT?!  :)

Get started preserving your photos and memories right now, right here!  There are 3 different options so you can find which one fits you best, but they're all heirloom-quality products with a photo privacy guarantee.  So you can't lose!  

Start increasing your happiness right now!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

let your passion be a career

Back in 2005, I was approached by a couple of friends of mine (separately) who had come across this brand new company called Heritage Makers where you could write your own hardbound books, complete with photos and stories.  At the time, telling life stories or love stories or adoption stories was the main idea, and as the idea of personal publishing blossomed quickly, people were quickly seeing how they could print all their digital photos this way.  

Both of my friends had joined Heritage Makers as consultants.  I had just had my third baby, and I was definitely not looking for a job.  But I just couldn't turn it down.  Photos and journals and history and connections are so important.  I can call them my passion.  

So when I came across this beautiful, easy avenue for photos, journals, history, and connections to be a part of everyone's life, I couldn't say no.

That said, I'd never been a fan of direct marketing.  I'm really introverted and a little shy and I HATE pressure.  So for ME to say a whole-hearted YES to Heritage Makers like I did is really saying something.

Over the past ten years, though, I've seen some great benefits to direct marketing, and I've learned that I can do no-pressure direct marketing MY WAY, even as an introvert, and actually have a lot of fun doing it.  

The secret?  My passion.

That's a compilation of what I've learned in the last month or so as I've researched direct marketing (after having worked it for ten years).  Isn't it interesting?

What's your passion?  Photos?  Life's stories?  Scrapbooks?  Crafting?  Connections?  Family history?  Personal history and writing/journaling?  Helping raise children's self-esteem?  Then you'd make a great memory-keeping consultant, and I'd love to mentor you on my team.  

UPDATE 2022:  In October 2021, I decided to add Forever to Heritage Makers under my Photo & Story Treasures umbrella.  Here's why memory-keeping consultants are so needed, and all the great things about being a Forever Ambassador (consultant).

I love Heritage Makers, but one thing I think is especially great for sharing memory-keeping as a business is that instead of just one program/platform, Forever actually has THREE ways to preserve photos and memories--an "easy button" platform, a quick and simple pre-designed templates, and an awesome digital scrapbooking platform (software program).  

I love this because there's something for everyone at Forever! (And, TBH, the business model is better!)

Everyone takes photos, everyone needs something beautiful, high-quality, and AMAZING to do with their photos, so everyone needs a memory-keeping consultant!  

Be one.  It's fantastic.

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