Thursday, March 19, 2020

How to Connect to Your Own Heart - an online retreat!

Today's world is so fast-paced that many people feel pulled in multiple directions--most of the time.

Does that describe you?  

Despite the idea that social media connects us, the common ills of our day are loneliness, stress, depression, and lowered self-esteem.

Unfortunately, what we lose most often these days is ourselves.

This has been on my heart and mind for a while, so I have been working on a solution--a small thing we can do to rediscover and connect with ourselves.  And today I'm so happy to introduce a new online retreat I'll be offering called "Connect to Your Heart through Your Photos and Your Stories."

In "Connect to Your Heart," you will learn the power of your photos and your stories (as shown in studies, actually!) and how to use these simple tools to increase your own peace, contentment, gratitude, happiness, and even relaxation.  Connecting with yourself has a grounding effect that can help you in your goals and everyday life.

Each of the four sessions will be part learning (information) and part practice (telling your story and connecting with your heart using your photos) as you create a beautiful heirloom-quality hardbound book about yourself.

It's a retreat like no other!

In fact, you can choose your own place of retreat during each of the four sessions.  What would be a retreat for you--a place you could go for an hour to be with yourself?  Retreat to your bedroom with your laptop.  Retreat to your favorite wifi-friendly cafe.  Retreat to a restaurant with friends.  Or retreat to your local library (I love the quiet there!), or even your kitchen table.

Here's what Connect to Your Own Heart is--in 1 minute:

Here's what you need to know about this wonderful online retreat:
  • "Connect to Your Heart" will be held via Zoom for four 1  1/2-hour sessions.
  • Cost for the 4-week retreat is just $45! 
  • Cost for the 8x8 hardbound book you'll be creating is $30+shipping and not included in the price of the retreat.  Payment for the book and shipping will be made at the end of the retreat.
  • Minimum number of people required to hold the retreat is 5; maximum number is 10.
Choose from the daytime Connect to Your Heart Retreat or the evening one:
  • 10:00-11:30am* on Fridays May 8-29
  • 7:00-8:30pm* on Tuesdays May 5-26
The Zoom sessions will be recorded and emailed to you if you need to miss a session.  (*And times shown are Mountain Time.)
You'll make a 21-page hardbound 8x8 book just like this.

To secure your spot in the Connect to Your Heart Retreat, the $45 payment must be received by May 1.  Email to request payment information and to specify whether you will be attending the daytime retreat or the evening retreat.  I'll reply to give you instructions on payment options, and then I'll use your email to send you the Zoom link to join the four Connect to Your Heart Retreat sessions.

And as a bonus:  Everyone who completes payment by April 20 will receive a swag bag in the mail!  That's right--I'll send you a little Connect to Your Heart gift bag.  So why not register a little early?!

Remember that each retreat (daytime/evening) is limited to only ten people, so don't delay.  

You need this.  You know you do.  I know you need it, too--because every one of us needs to find the power and peace that comes from connecting with ourselves.

Come see what a difference connecting with your own heart can make!

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