how to catch up on your photos

What To Do When You Have So Many Pictures That You Don't Know What To Do☺

Below are listed several articles, tips, and steps to follow for catching up on your photos when you haven't preserved them for a while.  Click around and find some inspiration that works for you.

{When Photo Overload Becomes Photo Overwhelm} is an article designed to take the overwhelming part out of memory-keeping, with some specific steps and suggestions.

Try these ideas and organizational tips from my Ten-Step Escape Plan so you can get out from under that mountain of photos forever. {introduction}
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{step 2}
{step 3}
{step 4}
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{step 6}
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{step 10}

This article provides you with a {Two-in-One Plan} to catch up on preserving your photos while you're still taking more photos and making more memories every day. 

The {Year in a Snap Plan} has steps laid out for how to preserve two years' worth of photos and memories in 12 months so that you can catch up (similar to the Two-In-One Plan) along with four memory-keeping options, preserved both digitally and physically (paper).