Tuesday, February 27, 2018

The Life-Changing Power in Family Stories

Many parents are looking for ways to bring their families closer, to connect, and to create strengthening bonds.  One simple but powerful way to do this is through family stories.

There is life-changing power in family stories!  Telling and recording your family's stories allows you (and especially your children) to develop a stronger sense of self, purpose, and belonging.  Family stories have been shown to raise self-esteem in kids, too!

I have written about four ways to create connections using family stories, and one idea for finding family stories.  See which ones can benefit your family:

{Making Connections Using Family Stories}
{Healing From Grief Through Family Stories}
{Preserving Celebrations with Family Stories}
{Building Self-Esteem through Family Stories and Personal Messages}
{Telling Family Stories Using Keepsakes


Tuesday, February 20, 2018

How Creativity and Hobbies Make a Healthier You

"Health" trends and crazes today seem to focus on things like clean eating, keto, and paleo, or kettlebells, marathons, and spin class.  Health goes beyond the physical, however, and it's easy to overlook the health and wellness of the heart and soul.  Today we'll look at two ways to improve your health--hobbies and creativity--and a great way to incorporate both in a meaningful, lasting way.

You've probably been hit with a sickness during a stressful time.  According to {Dr. Chris Gilbert}, this is--as you may have already guessed--no coincidence.  She says a full 80% of visits to a primary care physician can be traced to emotional issues.  Aside from stress, this is due in large part to keeping emotions contained instead of expressing them or cognitively working through them (which, by the way, I'm the queen of).

Dr. Gilbert takes emotional expression even further!  She says, "When internal emotions are externalized as art, ... inner conflicts that suppressed these emotions are lessened, and physiological stress responses —such as chronic over-secretion of cortisol and adrenaline — are greatly reduced.” 

Think about that!  Creativity contributes to health and well-being in very real ways.  You can find a great list of ways to creatively express your emotions at BayArt's lovely article, {"How Creativity Can Help You Be Healthier."}

My friend Lori at Choosing Wisdom wrote recently about why {picking up new hobbies} is so good for you.  She explained that there are two kinds of stress:  bad stress (we all know what that is) and good stress called eustress which is the rush of excitement and joy when we're engaged in something new.  As Lori says, "Hobbies provide a break with a purpose.  ...When we get complacent in our routines, we are neglecting to challenge our brains."  She refers to research on the mental benefits of having hobbies, including lower depression, and the physical benefits, including lower blood pressure and cortisol.  So hobbies help with the bad stress, and with the good stress, too!

Many people have the mistaken belief that they are not creative.  In reality, though, {trying something new stimulates the brain}, so creativity is increased!  And literally, by definition, if you create something, you are creative.  If you have an idea, create a plan, make a cake, build a fence, take a photo, you are creating something.  As {Dina Tibbs} said, "As humans, we are, by our very nature, creative.  Our entire lives are nothing but creations."

Let me encourage you to start a creative hobby that will contribute to your physical health and the health of your heart and soul WHILE AT THE SAME TIME providing {lasting benefits to your loved ones}, such as an increased ability to cope, a decrease in stress and depression, and a greater sense of gratitude, purpose, and belonging.  Start memory-keeping.  Start preserving your photos and the stories that go with them in a tactile way--a book or page that can be seen, held, and loved.

Preserving photos in print and writing down your memories and experiences is cathartic and grounding, but it also gives you the benefits of creativity (creating something) and a hobby that I just mentioned.  In addition, recording your own stories and the stories of your family has been {shown to influence children in profound ways}.

The best way I know to preserve photos and memories and stories is in digital storybooks and scrap pages by Heritage Makers.  There are lots of available templates (which are still completely editable--nothing is locked in place).  To me, creating a quality product is the most important thing, followed closely by the Heirloom Assurance guarantee (if anything happens to my books/scrap pages, I can get a replacement copy at half price).  You can get started at the {"How to Get Started"} tab at the top of this page in red.

Physical health is important, but don't forget how much your heart and soul contribute to your physical well-being, too.  Start your new creative hobby, memory-keeping, today, and find out just how good for you it is!


Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Business Products Class using Heritage Makers personal publishing

Heritage Makers is perfect for preserving a family story or a personal story or a life story.  I love it for digital scrapbooking.  I've given impressive gifts and thank-yous.  I could list lots of other ways I've used and loved Heritage Makers.

For the last few years I've also been using it to make business products in a cost-effective but stand-out way.  The last few months I've been teaching others how to do the same, from loyalty punch cards to car magnets and bags. 

This class introduces you to a handful of the business products you can make using Heritage Makers.  My favorite thing about this class is how impressed the attendees are.  That's so much fun!  This is a great way to get noticed, especially for direct sales and network marketing, too.

It's just 40 minutes long, and it's a GREAT investment in your business!  Enjoy and share!

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Dear Burned-Out Scrapbooker,

Dear Burned-Out Scrapbooker,

I know.  You're just so busy now.  You know how important your photos are.  You want your kids to have their memories.  You know how good it is for your own heart and soul to take the time to sit down with your life experiences and make something beautiful out of them.  But things have changed and you just don't have the time any more.

To make matters worse, you feel guilty that those pictures are just sitting there.  Waiting.

SOME DAY.  Some day you are going to get back to it, get caught up.  Why can't they come up with something simple and quick?  Why can't there be a faster way to make sweet records of photos and memories?  It's so important!

Welcome to the day your dreams come true.  

Are you a die-hard paper scrapbooker, or do you think you'd like to transition to being a digital scrapbooker?  Either way, I can help!   

Have you seen the paper scrapbooking kits from Anthology DIY by Lisa Bearnson?  The 2-page spreads are almost already done for you!  Just put the layouts together (everything is included!) and then add pictures and journaling.

There are several different kits to choose from.  

Find more at {this link} by clicking "products" at the upper right, then "Anthology DIY."  Scroll down to see "Kits."

While you're there, you might see {Pocket Pages}, too.  Those are even simpler and will be the fastest paper method for preserving your photos!  

They store so beautifully, too!  You don't need more space in your paper totes--everything goes inside the magnetic-closure case that looks like a book.  Just put it on a bookshelf!

If you're trying to phase out of paper and make the switch to digital, you need to see the Digital Scrap Pages from Heritage Makers.

This video shows just how quickly Heritage Makers Digital Scrap Pages come together--from someone who has been doing it for 10 years and is always caught up on digital scrapbooking!  Digital Scrap Pages come together quickly because Heritage Makers has a "copy page" feature so you can copy entire pages with the click of a button, then just change out photos and text without having to re-build each page!

This also means you can make multiple pages for multiple kids with just the click of a button!

Your multi-media scrapbooks will alternate as you use up papers, stickers, etc.--some will be digital pages and some will be traditional pages.  It's a great way to use up what you already have as you make the transition to digital. 

If you'd prefer leaving paper behind altogether and begin scrapbooking and memory-keeping just digitally, a Family Yearbook from Heritage Makers will make catching up a snap!

This article, {One Solution to Too Many Photos:  A Family Yearbook} explains the organization of Yearbooks, why Heritage Makers' Yearbooks are head-and-shoulders above the rest, and even gives a detailed plan for how to catch up preserving photos if you're behind!

Oh, burned-out scrapbooker, you're one of my favorite people.  You know the value of what you're creating for your family.  I especially love helping YOU find easier ways to do it because you already know it's one of the best things you can do.  

With Love and Well-Wishes,


Friday, February 2, 2018

February #friyay!

Welcome to our second #friyay, where we find out from actual users why Heritage Makers is fantastic.  Today's #friyay comes from a dear friend, Casey, who was one of my first Heritage Makers clients back in 2005.  She has created some beautiful gifts for her family using Heritage Makers hardbound books over the years.  She has a knack for focusing on what's meaningful and lasting, and she shares it generously.