Friday, November 3, 2017

Gift Ideas for the Whole Family

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  Have you started thinking about gift-giving?  Whether you’re like me and started thinking about Christmas gift-giving on Halloween or you’re still weeks away from giving it a thought, I can help.  I love sharing gift ideas in November because I’m convinced it makes for a happier December.  

And, of course, these make great gifts any time of the year!

As you might guess, since this is #familyhistoryfriday, all the gift ideas here are family-related.  Today I’ll share gift ideas for the whole family, and in coming weeks I’ll share ideas for kids, teenagers, and adults.  Since they’re all family-related, though, ideas you’ll see in all of November’s #familyhistoryfriday posts can easily be gifts for the whole family, too.


Whether you are new at learning your family history or an experienced genealogist, here are some great ideas for the whole family to get to know their ancestors and see how they’re all connected.
Read about my experience making this special canvas {right here}.

Thanks to Aleah Ingram of LDS Bookstore for many of these ideas.


For family members spending holidays away from home, heart-warming gifts are especially appreciated.  Think about turning your family traditions into something you can mail.  Last year, my son stayed at college for Thanksgiving (because his break was so short, and he was coming home for a month the following week anyway).  We made him a box of “Thanksgiving dinner.”  We sent instant mashed potatoes, sticks of turkey jerky, apple pie cookies, a package of biscuit mix, etc.  I’m sure he’d be the first to tell you that it wasn’t a real Thanksgiving dinner, but he loved the box because he knew we were thinking about and loving him from far away.

Here are a few other ideas for great gifts to send family members who are away from home:

Did you have a special event in your family this year?  Do you live far away from cousins or grandparents?  Home decor is a simple way to showcase special photos or keep faraway family members close.  From gallery-wrapped canvases to metal prints and posters, creating your own home decor with family photos is a beautiful, meaningful gift.

Other gift ideas for the whole family that they can see or use every day include:

I’ve done a lot of looking and asking around to find some great family-oriented gift ideas to share with you this month on #familyhistoryfriday.  (Here’s one for history buffs:  {a book and CD of the Nativity story experienced by those in the ancient Americas})  I’m looking forward to sharing many family-oriented gifts, things (and experiences) that create connections and family interaction.  Next week’s post will have ideas for kids.  See you then.

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