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12 (Days of) Christmas gift ideas - part 2

How fun are those ideas I posted last week?!  I love them!  Today we're continuing our 12 (Days of) Christmas gift ideas.  Whether you need 12 Christmas ideas or 2, there are some really unique gift ideas here that you're going to love!

Remember that instructions for order and editing everything you see here will be included at the bottom of this post.

Day 7:  Single-Serve Cake Recipes
This is another fun idea (like Day 4 from last week) for a sweet treat to be eaten later.  This playing card deck has instructions for 10 different kinds of single-serve cakes using boxed cake mix and a few simple ingredients.

Once you receive the playing card deck, you can take one of each recipe, punch a hole in the corner, and tie together with ribbon.  Give with a box of cake mix if you like!  One playing card deck makes enough for 5 of 10 recipes plus instructions.  A playing card deck is about $17.  (TEMPLATE 85477)

I have to tell you, I LOVE this gift idea, so I decided to give this as gifts to girlfriends this year.  I used this template and switched out the backgrounds and digital art for something I liked better.  (I LOVE that about Heritage Makers!  And all the digital art is included!!!)  I changed the fonts, too.  These photos of MY Quick Cakes gives you a better idea of what this gift will look like after you order then assemble them.

They come in a plastic case.

Deal out the cards!  :D  (Put one of each recipe in each pile.)
The backs of all the cards will say "Quick Cakes," but the fronts are all different.  I put the "Helpful Hints" card as the front by turning it over.  (You'll see that better in the next picture.) Punch holes in the corners and put a ring or ribbon (or both) through the holes.
(See?  Here's the little bundle opened.  So the front card shows Quick Cakes on the front and Helpful Hints on the back.)
Now I've flipped a few more "pages."  You can see all the cards say "Quick Cakes" on the back, with different recipes on the front.  
I think these are SO ADORABLE.
(By the way, if you'd like to get these already completed, I have a few for sale in My Heritage Makers Shop.  They're $6.)

I also made a VIDEO TUTORIAL about making these Quick Cakes cards, step by step!  These cards were featured at Gabbing Ginger, so you can {check out the video over there}.

Day 8:  We WHISK you a Merry KISSmas
Have you seen this cute idea before?  You fill a whisk with Hershey Kisses--just separate the wires and put the chocolates inside.  We WHISK you a Merry KISSmas!  These tags are just the thing:

These are made from a 12x12 scrap page.  (TEMPLATE 99434)  You'll cut them out after you order them, then attach to a whisk.  Scrap pages are $4.28 each.  ***BE AWARE that this template includes three total scrap pages--one scrap page with instructions and two that look like this.  If you want just one page of these tags and no instructions page, you can open the project for editing, click "manage pages" at the upper right, then delete the pages you don't want.

Day 9:  Gift Labels from Santa
Who do you know who would be excited to receive gift labels signed by Santa?

This would be a gift to parents, of course, who would have fun using them for their own gift-giving!  Labels come in a set of 54 for around $3.  (TEMPLATE 71825)

Day 10:  Candle Wraps
Wrap a Christmas-scented candle with your own message.

These are made from a 12x12 scrap page.  I have used these candle wraps before with the optional UV coating to give them a slick, finished look, and it makes them a little sturdier, too.  Great as a guest thank-you, but change the message to give Christmas wishes.  Cut out from the scrap page and tie around a candle with ribbon.  This size scrap page is around $4 and includes 2 wraps.  (TEMPLATE 69181)

Day 11:  "Be Merry" Gingerbread Table Runner
This adorable table runner is made from a playing card deck!  Just order the deck, then punch holes with a mini hole punch and tie with ribbon.  The "Be Merry" message will stand up accordion-style.

And it stores flat, too!  A playing card deck is about $17-$18, and one deck makes 5 sets of "Be Merry" table toppers.  (TEMPLATE 46003)

(By the way, if you'd like to get these already completed, I have one for sale in My Heritage Makers Shop for $8.  I also have two of these in the shop that I've punched and tied as banners instead of table decor, also for $8.  You can see a photo at the link.)

Day 12:  Christmas Subway Print
Made from a simple 11x14 print, this subway art poster highlights all the joys of Christmas and can be displayed year after year.  Personalize with the recipient's name or leave blank.  (TEMPLATE 135452)
Or choose this one from Luke 2  (TEMPLATE 90895)

11x14 prints are $5.85, and you could include a frame with your gift if you like. 

Did you find something you loved?  Whether or not you are looking for 12 gifts or 1, I hope you found something unique and fun.  That's one of my favorite things about Heritage Makers gift-giving!

Some of these items can be ordered as-is (like the gingerbread "Be Merry" table runner), and some you'll need to alter so you can take off the name personalization and make it your own (like the subway print).  Either way, here's what you'll need to do:
  1.  Open a Heritage Makers account {here}.  (A Heritage Makers account is free--you're just paying for whatever you publish/order.)
  2.  Once you have an account, click "template gallery" at the upper right and type the template number in the search bar.  Click "personalize," which moves a copy of that template into your Heritage Makers account.
  3.  From here, you can personalize as desired.  (Heritage Makers is a drag & drop format, much like Photoshop, Canva, or Publisher.  If you would like a tutorial on using the Heritage Makers platform, Studio, {a quick one is here} or a {more detailed one is here}.    
  4.  Once you've personalized your project (or not, depending on your project), you'll click the "ready to publish" button at the upper left.  This closes the project for editing and moves it to your "my completed projects" section of your account.  From there you can place it in your shopping cart.  Allow about 7-14 days for delivery.
Happy gift-giving!

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